5 ways to prepare for OS X Mountain Lion

“Apple issued a third preview of OS X Mountain Lion this week, bringing the operating system formerly known as Mac OS X 10.8 another step closer to landing on our own systems,” J.R. Bookwalter reports for Mac|Life. “Eager to install it as soon as it’s released? Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for the next big cat to come down off the mountain later this summer.”

5 Ways to Prepare for OS X Mountain Lion:
• Test Drive the Messages Beta
• Bone Up on New Features
• Get Current (Be Running The Latest Version of OS X Lion)
• Clean Up Your System
• Back That Stuff Up!

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  1. Even though I haven’t seen the Beta, this can’t happen soon enough for me. Is it “fixing” the frustration many have had with Lion? I hope it materializes in the next 30 days concurrent with the release of the new MBP’s. Okay. Wishful thinking. More waiting…

      1. You are wrong.

        Formally means in accordance with the rules.

        Formerly means previously known as.

        Check your info first before criticizing others grammar.

  2. I must be getting old and crotchety but there is nothing about Mountain Lion that would make me upgrade. I guess if I tweeted, chatted or facebooked more I might find something to like but I have never found the need to “like” something from inside my PDF viewer.

    1. Probably $29.

      Apple would prefer that we upgrade for cheap rather than make money on the os sale.

      I have upgraded within a week of the new os release. Usability typically increases with each os although of course some machines get left behind.

  3. I don’t find the Lion rendition of Spaces as good as the original way. Nor do I like how to get out of Dashboard in Lion. It was perfect just the way it was. Don’t make change just for the sake of change if it’s not an improvement.

  4. Another 2 ways to prepare for ML:

    No-brainer: Boost your RAM. Whatever Apple put in there, double it.

    Harder, especially on an iMac: If your Mac only has a HD, replace it with a HD/SSD combo.

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