Walmart: iPhone sale was a ‘pricing error’

“Walmart just responded to 9to5Mac’s inquiry and said the retail chain ‘experienced a pricing error in limited stores’ yesterday,” Élyse Betters reports for 9to5Mac.

“The company spokesperson said the issue has been addressed and normal prices are now in effect: 16GB iPhone 4S for $188, iPhone 4 for $88, and iPhone 3GS for $0.97.,” Betters reports.

Betters reports, “There is speculation that this means the new iPhone is coming, but we are not ready to jump on that theory. Walmart cut prices of iPhone 4S in June of last year too. Moreover, Walmart is believed to be building an Apple Store within-a-store type of display at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations.”

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  1. Hopefully no iPhone until calendar Q4 — that time is the best one for sky-rocketing sales with help of new device.

    Samsung Galaxy 3 with its pentile display, weak optics, slow graphic/multimedia co-processor, bland design, overly huge size, destined to be lagging OS update, can not compete with iPhone 4S even though this phone would be like nine months old by the time SGS3 will be released to actual buyers.

    Significantly better integer calculations speeds and some interesting UI advancements will not help much.

  2. Maybe Walmart’s error is actually a dead giveaway to the release of the iphone 5 in late June or early July. The back pedalling by Walmart was indeed Its effort to jump ahead of its competitors in order to clear out its inventory of ip4s and ip4s’ to make room for the lucious ip5 before it launches. Apple should go back to July as its main launch day for new iphones. The iphone 4s launch was a 3 month delayed launch because of all the difficult hurdles its engineers faced with the new specs.

    I read somewhere where it said Steve and another group of his engineers were actually working on the ip5 when he ordered a halt to the work because the other group of engineers were falling way behind on the ip4s. Steve then combined the two groups, and together they were able to finish, but three months later. A July launch will set the world of iphone lovers back on the right track and bring a balance to our Apple crazed universe.

    PS: The launch of the iphone 5 will be the mother of all smartphone launches. Absolutely nothing will even come close when ip5 in released. The final numbers will be mind- blowing, earth-shattering amazing. If only Steve were here to see that day? We love you forever Steve for giving us the iphone, and ipods, and ipads, etc..

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