Apple at $2,000 as the Dow doubles

“You heard it here first − Apple stock could hit $2,000,” Rick Ferri writes for Forbes. “It is possible. Also, the Dow could double in the next couple of years. It IS possible. All media people should contact me directly for details because they are too sensitive to discuss here. I do television also.”

“Actually, I don’t believe that Apple stock will hit $2,000 or the Dow will double any time soon,” Ferri writes. “I made these big, bold, and outlandish predictions because someone will do it to get media attention, so that person might as well be me.”

Now that I have your attention, here is what I really have to say:

1. Don’t believe what you read or hear in the media about where a stock is going or where the market will be by a certain date. The people who make these predictions have no idea what prices will be in the future. They do it just for attention. Following their advice will probably make you poorer, not richer.

2. Stop paying ridiculously high fees for actively-managed mutual funds, investment advisors who think they can beat the market, and for model ETF portfolios that have multiple costs. It is all a waste of your money. The probability these methods will actually outperform the markets over the long-term are remote.

3. Invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of very-low cost portfolio of index funds or ETFs that match the return of the global markets. This strategy has the highest probability of meeting your financial goals.”

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        1. I’ll read that as bull MARKET : )

          I have a good feeling that Apple is going to $2000.

          May not be in 2 years mind you, but it’s going there.
          Look at Apple’s (small) share of the markets they’re in. Look at the (large) growth rates of these markets. Look at the trends happening in the developing world. And remember that Apple seems to invent whole new markets every 2-3 years.

          1. I 100% agree with you there. My question was more about whether to read the above poster’s comment as sarcastic or not 🙂

            I’m not selling any AAPL anytime soon. I’m riding it all the way to the top. It’s already payed for College and Grad school (and I’m just a sophomore in college). I aim to leave school debt free. 🙂

  1. Besides 8 shares of Apple purchases around $250, all of my investments are in extremely low-cost index funds at Vanguard. Statistics say I’ll do better than 75% of mutual funds out there. I’m perfectly happy with that. My goal isn’t to be the person who sets the curve.

    1. Yeah, but isn’t it tempting to put it all in Apple and ride the Bull for a while. (I’s do it, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even last eight seconds before I turned loose and went back to Terra Firma)

  2. Rick’s right. I had a dollar-cost-average Fidelity account for nineteen years and no one’s getting rich. However, the average RoR was 21-percent. I cashed in and bought Apple in 2003.

    The headlines have become a cesspool.

  3. Keep in mind that if a pundit makes an outrageous market prediction, they are probably doing so as a bid for publicity. If they luck out and their prediction is true, they can make a lot of money as the new market “genius” until people figure out they are just as clueless as everybody else.

  4. Kind of like setting a $270 price target on aapl going into earnings based on a made up reason that sounds good.. hmm.. like the loss of subsidies with the carriers resulting in a crash in iPhone sales…!!.. oops! Still got the attention though, eh?

  5. What a bunch of crap. I’m not sure if anyone is paying attention, but Apple shares are still about 5% lower than they were two weeks ago. Why? For no discernable reason I can see. Do you realize that Apple’s P/E has shrunk again. Why? Because Apple again beat revenue numbers but the share price didn’t climb back to where it belongs. The disconnect still exists as strongly as ever.

    So, when I say that headline is crap, I mean that even if Apple’s true worth becomes $2000 per share, in reality it will end up as half that much. Apple shareholders are still getting shafted. I honestly didn’t expect Apple to make up two weeks loss in a day, but Apple should never have lost $80 in two weeks to begin with. All along that two week period Apple estimates and price targets were being raised so something crooked was definitely going on. I’m only saying that Apple shareholders shouldn’t count on getting an even break from Wall Street no matter what some Apple bull pundit says.

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