TIME Magazine on why Apple is winning: Innovation, opportunity and execution

“Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America, as Tuesday’s blowout showing affirmed,” Sam Gustin writes for TIME Magazine.

“The company says it’s sold over 365 million digital devices over the last five years — 50 million last quarter alone — and is currently averaging nearly $4 billion in monthly profit,” Gustin writes. “It has amassed $110 billion in cash. Most insanely, this could just be the beginning: Apple is exceedingly well-positioned to take advantage of several major trends in the new digital economy.”

Gustin writes, “Investors have good, fundamental reasons to be bullish about Apple — Wall Street naysayers (such as they are) notwithstanding. The company has helped define the hottest tech category — the smartphone; it’s opened the door to widespread adoption of the tablet market — with the iPad. And it’s done this, all while buoyed — and perfectly set up — for the most important economic and financial secular change of the new millennium: the emergence of the nascent, middle-class Asian consumer, fueled by rising economic growth and standards of living.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just a couple of corrections: Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in history. Period. Apple did not “help to define” the smartphone. Apple defined the smartphone. Period.

Otherwise, nice article. Recommended.

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  1. Apple didn’t define the Smartphone, they didn’t redefine it either. They just made a smartphone, as opposed to a piece of crap which is what previous smartphones had been.

      1. My point is that existing smartphones didn’t correspond with what any user actually expected or wanted. Apple may have redefined it in terms of what is now actually being made, but in all reality they just produced something that was what people actually wanted and liked to use.

  2. “Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America”
    It keeps amazing me that US media is against the most successful US company. When apple became the most valuable public company in the world, all US media was saying “most valuable US company” not “World’s most valuable” (for public trade companies)

      1. WOW

        I can not fathom how you could have watched that video and assigned the underlying beliefs in it to the current US administration. The current administration by no means has an agenda to destroy America. Nor is it trying to make America any more socialist than it already is.

        Yes America is already socialist in many ways. We all pool our resources in the form of taxes to pay for our defense. We all pay for the police, firemen, and keeping our roads pothole free.

        So it’s ok to help pay for the firemen who puts out the fire at your neighbors house. But you fail to see the morality in helping pay for your neighbors medical cost through universal healthcare.

        1. where is any of your trivial drivel even mentioned in this film? did you even watch it? I am sure I will be castigated for responding to you, but enough smoke and mirrors and diversion from the reality of the situation! America is the number one country in the world where people want to come to work and live. And it isn’t because of the health care – it is because of the opportunity to grow, do their best and create a life for their families. Why because it is the shining example of the free market.

          You may want to do a bit of reading about socialism, too; and corporatocracy because that is what Obama and his ilk are pushing upon us in a VERY big way. Do your research. Ignore mainstream media (try informationliberation dot com for a bit of fresh air) and make up your mind – rather than have it made up for you – a sign of true socialism.


          1. Hello Sir or Ma’am,

            Thank you for the comment, I always appreciate candid feedback.

            I do agree with you that America is the greatest country in the world and that people immigrate here not because of the health care but because of opportunity for a better life.

            Having said that you bring up corporatocracy and the Obama administration. Again here I agree with you, but I must add that this is not limited to Obama. Business has been extending its reach and control in government way before Obama came into office. So this is not a democrat or republican problem but an American problem that we all need to stand up against no matter who is in office.

            By the way I love capitalism, I hope to become extremely rich in the not to distant future. However looking into the future of America I see capitalism as vehicle that has led to amazing advancements and at the same time put the middle class out of work. We strive for greater efficiency in everything we do, which will undoubtedly lead to less and less jobs. When I read that Foxcon is replacing 1 million workers by 2014 with 1 million robots, by the way they only had 1.3 million workers at the time this information was released. I say the writing is on the wall. In 2070 when every new factory built uses robots almost exclusively where will we work? When the buses and trucks are all automated where will we work? What happens to America when there is no one in America who is middle class anymore to support our consumer culture.

            Before anyone rips my head, my thoughts are fluid. If you can paint a different picture for me in the future that I can understand then I am all for it. But as of right now know one has.

            1. @dogamai – thank you for your response. I agree with you in regards to corporatocracy – it is multi-sided.

              In the past, when a country was owned by corporations it was called national Socialism. As you mentioned. However, when carried to the extreme where citizens lost there rights, were spied on by those whom they believed were there protectors, scapegoated because of a certain belief or non-belief, had more than someone else because of their own efforts, it lead to a dictatorial environment – whether it was called Nazi (far right) or communist (far left) – it left the citizens in hell.

              I have lived in Europe, Asia and Australia (where I am now – prior to returning home to the US) and I can attest that social programs such that are being proposed (healthcare – no matter how you describe it) only makes the providers richer. Actual healthcare goes down the tubes. When you have a serious problem (in need of surgery), you are placed on a waiting list. You are hoping that you will make it to the other end of the list; the system is hoping you will give up.

              In regards to robots, consider that each robot that works on an assembly line needs to be serviced – this is usually by a team of people. The manufacturing facility that my company is building is prepared to have a minimum of 250 robotic systems and yet we plan to hire 2500 real people. People we plan on helping develop the skills to work with us. Why? Because it has to start somewhere and we are in a position to take that step.

              As far as politics are concerned, it isn’t about party or potentate (President in our case). It is about does YOUR representative actually represent you or his/her personal agenda (with encouragement from some shadow groups, er, lobby folks)?

              In 2070, life will be a bit different – probably very different – but some things will still be the same: people will be born, live and die.

              What we leave them as a legacy as to how they live their life is up to each of us – no matter our political affiliation.

              All the best.

        2. You’ve been brain washed dogmai.
          You swallowed the wrong pill; should have taken the blue one.
          Obama is a wall street elected government
          and those in power making the big decisions are all criminals

          The Inside Job lead to why 9/11 happened. All constructed to BLIND you on what real democracy is and live in fear. The world economy is a result of a greedy few rich Americans.
          The US of A is so corrupt and will destroy what it wishes.

          1. …which is why you guys want MITT ROMNEY to be president??? You people watch waaaaay too much Faux News.

            FWIW: you know who also blamed the “socialist / communist” president for their country’s problems, was convinced they had a monopoly on patriotism and blamed the mainstream media for misinforming the masses while simultaneously using the mainstream media to misinform the masses in the form of popular radio announcers?

            The Nazis, circa 1929. (and NO, Hitler was NOT a lefty, although he flirted with communism as a teen but abandoned it because it didn’t serve his ideological needs. The NSDAP was a conservative movement. Right wingers.)

        3. And where do you finally limit government control over your life? The Supreme Court asked the government lawyers why, then, can’t the government mandate gym memberships, burial coverage and purchase/consumption of fruit and vegetables.
          As for your fire department example, realize there is a gigantic difference between a *service* you vote to fund every budget cycle through your property taxes and a mandate that you purchase healthcare insurance coverage (you misspoke when you called it “universal healthcare” — because that is not what the new law is about; rather it is about requiring every American to carry health insurance)

        4. DOGMAI…

          the video you are commenting on starts with — IF —
          similar to an episode of WKRP where Art defends Johnny Fever on a Beatles song — Imagine — there is no heaven.

          It is not wrong to question.
          First 2010, Then 2012, posts a video that states IF I wanted America to FAIL.

          “But you fail to see the morality in helping pay for your neighbors medical cost through universal healthcare.”
          I fail to see THAT (First 2010, Then 2012) said anything but post a video… nothing of his own so HOW can you claim what his view point is – WHO are you to decide this?

      2. Every man, woman and child needs to watch this. Thank you. I am moving my business back to the US and will be employing 2500 people within 5 years. Excited and concerned at the same time.

        I wish Apple would consider robotic manufacturing in the US rather than in China. It is interesting that Samdung has manufacturing in Texas. I remember when the Mac was produced in the US by robots. Steve Jobs would give tours of the plant and as they left, he would turn out the lights. “Robots don’t need to see what they are doing”, Jobs is supposed to have said. The world’s most innovative company can also be the greatest example to American enterprise that it is profitable to manufacture in America – but only if government will support the process, rather than fight every step of the way with new roadblocks! Maybe, just maybe, some of that Innovation, opportunity and execution can come home.

        (steps off of soapbox)


        1. Those who wish to come to the US of A come not for the freedom or healthcare or democracy. They come to avoid the bombs and guns of their country and to have opportunity to get away with murder and the power of the greenback.

          The decision to move your company outside of the US of A makes you a traitor in my opinion. Wise to bring in back in 5 years – why so slow?


          Interesting SlamDung can open a profitable manufacturing plant in Texas but Apple can not. Any company who setup and used cheaper slavery to make American products is also a Traitor of the US of A.

          1. Spaceman – I formed the company while living in Australia (I am a dual national) and after fighting with the socialist government here at every turn, we decided to give it a go back in the US. I fought two tours in Vietnam, how dare you call me a traitor! (Ah, first amendment rights!)

            You call people traitors with such ease.

            We are moving our company now – it will take five years to build the staff to 2500.

            You seem to enjoy castigating and name calling. May I share with you one of my favourite quotes:

            “What have you done that is so great. Do you create anything or just criticise” – Steve Jobs.

            All the best.

      3. Wow, this is a tech blog. What the F is that doing here. MDN you need to get a handle on commenters on this site. Not being from the US it gets horribly irritating to see this ridiculous view of the American political landscape. More and more I have been noticing the comments section descending in to a right wing diatribe to try to continue the traditional message of fear and protectionism. It is completely ridiculous from an outsider looking in. And, it makes you wonder how with the protectionist ideals of the starred cow party the country exists at all.

        Not endorsing Obama but, man get a head on your shoulders. The states in the US that have the highest poverty rates, lack of health care and so on are all red states. So, in other words the people that are the worst off are the ones that vote for the machine to continue to keep the rich man up and the poor man fearing a better life. This video proves that. Kind of reminds of the fear mongering by IT defuses about changing to a mac.

  3. In an effort to appear unbiased, news outlets qualify their statements about Apple with “help to define”.
    The problem is kind of fake objectivity gives too much credit to the spineless competition.
    The incredible fact is that Apple has achieved their success all by themselves. Without the news outlet’s approval. Without the hundreds of billions of cash. All while the naysayers have incessantly denigrated the company.
    Apple just needs to keep being Apple and continue embarrassing the establishment.

    1. Fake objectivity, right. Drives me batty.

      Edison helped to invent the light bulb. Doubleday helped create baseball. Newton helped develop calculus. Michelangelo helped spiffy up the Sistine Chapel. Confucius helped establish the fortune cookie. Hell, Ugglebug helped devise the wheel. When does anyone get any real goddam credit from these weasel-worded writers? Where is Ayn Rand when you need ‘er?

  4. Take on the MDN take: “Just a couple of corrections: Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in history. Period.”

    I think, the intended take was probably: “Apple is building the most stunning financial runs in history. Period.”

  5. Apple doesn’t rest on its laurels. Take the iPhone for example. It keeps coming up with must-have feature after feature that makes it impossible to buy any other smartphone – third-party apps (not available at first), retina display, Siri to name a few. What next? Liquidmetal (hells yeah!)? Pico projection? Holographic keyboard? Back-to-back dual screen? Whatever it is, I’m in.

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