Apple in court-recommended talks with Chinese iPad trademark challenger Proview

“Apple and a Chinese company have started talks to try and resolve an ongoing legal dispute over the iPad trademark, according to a lawyer involved in the case,” Michael Kan reports for IDG News Service. “Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer representing the Chinese company Proview, said on Friday the talks were happening, but declined to offer details.”

“The legal dispute between Apple and Proview is still being deliberated by the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province,” Kan reports. “But earlier this week, the court recommended that both Apple and Proview find a way to mediate the dispute, according to a court spokesman.”

Kan reports, “Apple claims to have bought the iPad trademarks from Proview in 2009. But Proview contends that no such sale was made. Earlier this year, a Proview representative said the company wanted Apple to pay US$400 million for the iPad trademarks for China… Apple could not be immediately reached for comment. The company’s new iPad has not yet gone on sale in China. Analysts said this delay could be linked to the challenge from Proview, but Apple declined to comment.”

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  1. China is losing tons in tax revenue as grey market iPads fill the void. If they wait too long, they could stand to lose a fortune and have nothing to show for it but a pissed off Apple that helps employ at least tens of thousands of Chinese workers.

  2. The Chinese government is walking a fine tight rope, on one side wanting to uphold the rule of law, and on the other side wanting to be pro-Chinese.

    A negotiated settlement would make the government very happy, because it would be seen as supportive of the rule of law, while not turning its back on Chinese (no matter how corrupt or inefficient) industry.

  3. That talking is over. The court case is over. ProSpew lost last June. If China, Criminal Nation, was sane or actually had any interest in ‘justice’, this would have ENDED last June.

    HEY STUPID CRIMINAL CHINA: Stop enabling Proview and get busy REFORMING YOURSELF! I can smell the stench of government sanctioned crime from here!! How much did Proview pay your justices to keep this roadkill rolling?

    Lordy, what a stench.

  4. Not sure what you mean GT. A negotiated settlement only seems best since it would allow the Government to take NO action, with no need to set any precedent.

    Ruling in favor of the soon to be dead regardless ProView isn’t very pro china, either people or industry. Ruling against DCW ProView would be a pro for China industry and people. The industry would be the many production lines fueled by Apple, and giving the people the iDevices they want at a fair, non-black market smuggled price.

    Flush Proview once and for all.

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