Apple announces 500 new jobs in Ireland

“Apple is to hire 500 people in Ireland in the latest boost to the indebted euro zone country’s multinational sector, one of the few bright spots in a struggling economy,” Conor Humphries reports for Reuters.

“The consumer electronics giant will increase the headcount at its European headquarters in the southern city of Cork over the next 18 months from 2,800 at present, a spokesman for the company said,” Humphries reports. “Bailed out by the EU/IMF in late 2010 and midway through a punishing eight-year austerity drive, Ireland has an unemployment rate of 14.3 percent, its highest since 1993 and more than three times the level of 2007.”

Humphries reports, “While workers are still being laid off as consumer spending continues to shrink, Dublin has succeeded in attracting Google and Facebook thanks to its low corporate tax rates and educated, English-speaking workforce within the eurozone.”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. … think you’d much prefer the cold shoulder in Eire vs the cold lead in the sea-swamp.
        Just remember: when an Irishman says “felt-cha” he’s saying “welcome”, not “I feel your pain – have some more”. 😉

  1. Maybe some day jobs in the manufacturing of Apple products can stay in America. Very unlikely in the near term but it’s something for Apple to shoot for. Try the distorted reality approach on that.

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