HTC tells U.K. Court its Android smartphones don’t infringe Apple patents

“HTC Corp. told a London court that the use in its smartphones of touchscreen technology, including the ‘slide-to-unlock’ icon, doesn’t infringe Apple Inc. patents,” Kit Chellel reports for Bloomberg.

“HTC is disputing four Apple patents on zooming in and scrolling between photos, multiple touches on the same screen, unlocking phones, and the use of various alphabets in sending text messages,” Chellel reports. “If HTC wins the London case and invalidates Apple’s patents, it could use the U.K. judgment to help prove during the German trial that it isn’t infringing Apple’s European patents. The German injunctions would ‘have a serious impact on HTC’s business in Europe,’ its lawyers said in written arguments for the London trial… HTC reported first-quarter net income on April 6 that plunged 70 percent from a year earlier to NT$4.46 billion ($150 million) amid competition with Apple…”

Chellel reports, “HTC is “attacking the validity of four patents,” Apple’s lawyer Simon Thorley told the London court this morning. “We say it is clear the inventions make the requisite contributions,” to the field. The trial is scheduled to last until May 4.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s very simple: If you wish to avoid “serious impact” on your business, don’t steal IP.

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  1. These trials need to — either validate the concept of patents. or invalidate the idea. Cause this whole patent for breathing is good,,,, patent for “insert huge scientific name here” is bad and invalid… is just getting stupid.

    Just a thought.


  2. Yeah right, and the pope makes a great babysitter? Apple has well over 200 patents on the iPhone, the original 2007 model at that. There has been several new ones since then. If it has multi-touch, it infringes. No keyboard? Infringes. Accelerometer & proximity sensor? Infringes. Case closed.

    1. ‘Progressive Socialists’? Did you just make that up? Because I’ve never heard our right-of-centre Conservative government called that before. Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’, the previous government, on the other hand…
      But then, Americans know bugger-all about what happens outside the borders of their own country; world news in the LA Times consisting of exactly one page out of a newspaper that would take a week to read, and weighs about the same as a MacBook Air.

  3. Why do the Fandroids think that what other companies invent,
    they should get to use free? This doesn’t really doesn’t make any sense! I also see them just want free apps,free phones…..

  4. The whole Android culture is based on free, free, free

    They are giving the phones away for “free” with a contract, HTC and others are getting use of Apple IP for “free” and the Android app market is loaded with “free” apps that vend other apps for free. Amazon even has a rival app store for Androids that offers a (normally not free) app for free each day.

    When I switched from Android to iPhone and iPad, I was amazed at how apps I used to get for free nwt came at a small cost.

    1. Also, as much as 75% of Android apps are pirated. The entire android platform is infested with free-loaders and people who claim open is great, while they happily steal developers’ work without paying them a dime….

      Android is for cheapskates, hackers, and those geeks that torrent EVERYTHING. It’s a platform for thieves, created by thieves…

      iOS is the platform for people with integrity, and the people who pay for software they use, and aren’t ridiculously tight with their money. iOS users also tend to have more class.

      Keep it classy, everyone.

  5. I simply don’t know how they couldn’t see that Android is a direct copy of iOS. All they have to do is show the earlier phones before the iPhone and after. The Android phones were a copy of Blackberry phones, the iPhone rebooted the industry and they immediately copied Apple then. The multitouch, zoom, etc. You can clearly look at the patents and look at Android and see the copy. Why are they so blind!!

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