Why it’s good news for Apple if Mac sales disappoint

“Apple might disappoint on Mac sales in next week’s earnings call, according to Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray,” Vincent Trivett writes for Minyanville. “Apple hasn’t made any major changes to the Mac lineup in over a year. This means that would-be buyers are merely waiting to avoid the risk of obsolescence.”

“Some would-be buyers are waiting for the next generation to come out, presumably with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors, which will start shipping next week,” Trivett writes. “Munster predicts that a hardware upgrade in the next quarter will send sales way up. I think it will make me jealous.”

Trivett writes, “Mac sales only represent 15% of Apple’s revenue, but sales are benefiting from the popularity of Apple’s other products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Okay, who’s currently waiting for new Macs before they upgrade?


  1. We will be buying new MacBook Airs for at least 2 employees this summer. As soon as Mountain Lion is out. Hopefully there a new version of the hardware by then too.

    1. Me too. My late 2006 15″ MBP isn’t showing it’s age, I’m just waiting for my tax refund. I’m certainly not waiting a for a new generation MBP because of a “risk of obsolescence.” My 2006 works perfectly so my daughter gets it to replace her late 2005/early 2006 MacBook from the Apple refurbished store.

    1. I bought an 8-core Mac Pro 4 years ago. Put 16GB of ram in it and a pair of 512GB drives set for RAID0 (plus 2 other drives for Time Machine & misc). I see no need to get a new one. It’s still faster than I need.

  2. I am waiting for the new MacBook Pro. Our MacBook white (first generation) is 6 years old now an ready for a replacement. Our old one will spend its golden years in our kids’ hands.

  3. “Apple hasn’t made any major changes to the Mac lineup in over a year.

    Bullshit. I’ve got last summer’s new Mac Mini sitting in front of me.

    Some would-be buyers are waiting for the next generation to come out

    Ever the case. Not revelational.

    Gene Muster ain’t no newbie. I sense an August Effect article here (aka his brain is on vacation but his editor needs an article).

    1. Someone ought to remind Munster about the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide. You shouldn’t treat it as gospel, but it is a handy was to check how long it has been since the last product refresh.

      Desktop Macs – primarily the Mac Pro and iMac – are overdue for new releases. Perhaps the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors with 22nm features and 3-D transistor technology will trigger the release of new desktop models, followed by new Macbook Pros and MBAs later in the summer.

    1. if that happens they better use that space for longer battery life so they can put Retina display. Anyways I’m waiting for a new Mac mini or a MacBook Pro and I wish SSD drives were cheaper too.

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