Eleven percent of bachelors would rather have new Apple iPad than have sex

“Would you rather have a new iPad or a new partner? One in ten men have said that they would opt for the iPad – a new poll has revealed,” Tom Shepherd reports for Express.co.uk.

“The research has come from online casino RoxyPalace.com, who posed the question to bachelors on their site and found that 11 percent of them would much rather get hold of a brand new iPad than a potential new love interest,” Shepherd reports. “The same poll also showed that three percent of men said that they would happily ditch their current partner if it meant getting hold of the new gadget.”

Shepherd reports, “Women held a far more social perspective, as 84 percent answered that they would rather have a new partner than the iPad… A spokesman for RoxyPalace.com said, ‘Many women joke about becoming football widows when the season is in full swing but it seems some men are willing to take things a step further and are happy to steer clear of relationships all together to spend more time with their beloved toy.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The eleven-percenters: Perfect recruits for the U.S. Secret Service.

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    1. Agreed. The headline is misleading, it’s not simple, one-night stand sex that they’d prefer an iPad over, it’s a new relationship.

      The article, never mind MDN’s summary, doesn’t mention sex once. Sure, with a new relationship comes sex (one hopes), but there’s enough effort and money involved that getting an iPad is a lot easier… and cheaper overall, too 🙂

      1. The article, never mind MDN’s summary, doesn’t mention sex once.

        Same thing with MDN’s impossible headline that Liquid Metal was replacing Gorilla Glass on the next iPhone. Hallucinations about here today.

        LISTEN EVERYONE: Did you forget to put on your AFDBs today? (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies). Are you under the influence of an alien intelligence? Is that why MDN headlines and post threads aren’t making sense today? Are we under attack?! OMG. We’re under ATTACK!!! 😉

      2. Even worse, these are results from an poll at an online casino’s website–in other words, not a statistically valid random sampling of the general population.

        Really this is only somewhat valid for people who a) are online gamblers, b) chose to go to this site in particular, and c) chose to respond to the poll.

        Granted we can still have lots of fun with this 🙂

  1. Wow, what a piece of shit article.

    First, 11% is closer to 1 in 9 than to 1 in 10.

    Second, read this:
    “Women held a far more social perspective, as 84 percent answered that they would rather have a new partner than the iPad”
    That sentence seems to contradict itself – if 84% prefer new partner, then the other 16% of women would rather have the iPad than a new partner? In other words, MORE than the men, which is the opposite of what that same sentence asserts?

    What seems most likely is that the whole thing is a pile of nonsense by people who don’t know how to run, nor report on the results of, a survey.

  2. Wait… Only 11%? Wtf? I have sex all the time. It’s easy to scam on women and get sex- and cheap too. I’d rather have the new iPad than have sex with a half dozen new women.

    Methinks these ‘bachelors’ are that in name only. Prolly over weight or socially inept and not capable of finding new partners easily?

        1. Relationship = Continued sex (provided that you’re smooth)

          Sex could just be a one night stand… in which case, I’d take the iPad and sell it… that money could translate to several really good nights 😉

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