Phillippe Starck: Apple will reveal ‘revolutionary’ product within 8 months

“Acclaimed French designer Phillippe Starck revealed in a recent interview that he has been working with Apple on a “revolutionary” new product that will be revealed within the next 8 months,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Starck revealed the information in a radio interview with France Info, as discovered by HardMac,” Hughes reports. “‘Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months,’ Starck said, according to a translation. He cited Apple’s ‘religious cult of secrecy’ for declining to divulge any further information, though he did say the new project is ‘quite revolutionary.'”

“Starck also revealed that he met regularly with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs before he passed away last October,” Hughes reports. “The designer said he would see Jobs around once a month in his Palo Alto home for seven years, and he now meets with Jobs’s widow, Laurene Powell, when he is in California.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple television? Next-gen iPhone? Something else?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s like announcing “RIM’s next product to be released will look like its predecessors and be equally crap as said predecessors”

    We all know it’s going to happen, we know its inevitable. Just tell us WHAT it is. ^.^

  2. A time machine (not the automated backup software). Unfortunately it won’t be ready for prime time until mid 2013. But future Tim will be on stage with present Tim at this years WWDC to announce it. Oh, and it will be compatible with all or your current iOS products. But in true Apple fashion future Tim will remain mum on all future products and their amazing success…which he has seen first hand thanks to his iTime.

  3. Meanwhile… deep inside a Samsung R&D lab somewhere… a ‘designer’ starts drawing circles on a piece of paper… ‘revolutionary, they say. Hmmmm…’

  4. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that if he had an NDA with Apple that does not allow him to ‘divulge any further information,’ that it would also not allow him to divulge that he has been working with Apple in the first place?

  5. Apple will (or should) buy up a major carrier, throw a few billion at it to build out 99.99% LTE (the real LTE) coverage across the US within a year. The real surprise is that it will be very very low cost to us folks who have been continuously ra_ed by the existing carriers for years. That should sell a few iPhones.

  6. If you do a little analysis you might reasonably predict where they are going. That they will do a new iPhone…a given, a new iPad (smaller form factor) a given…the Apple TV w Display…a given…what’s left? Two things…

    An audio TOOL…something that works as an interface between live performance and recording (they’ve even hinted at this previously)…

    A CAMERA (which is more likely given their previous camera entries)…which would shoot in several modes including stills, movies, shifting focus mode, possibly even a 3-D mode all at 15 megapixel or 1080p for video for under $249. I’d buy it.

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