Just in time for new Macs, Intel shipping next-gen ‘Cactus Ridge’ Thunderbolt controllers

“We’ve just had confirmation that Intel is finally shipping its second generation Thunderbolt controllers, previously codenamed Cactus Ridge,” LG Nilsson reports for VR-Zone.

“The timing appears to be spot on, as rumours about Apple’s upcoming Ivy Bridge MacBook Pros have kicked off and the first of the new models are expected to be announced end of May,” Nilsson reports. “We’re expecting to see Thunderbolt support on at least the new iMac and possibly the new Mac Pro systems from Apple which might be even closer to launch than a new notebook model.”

One “aspect that makes the DSL3510 interesting is that it supports multiple internal DisplayPort inputs. What this means is that it could in theory interface with a discrete graphics card as well as the integrated graphics from an Intel CPU,” Nilsson reports. “This is likely to be the chip used by Apple in its desktop systems, whereas the more power efficient DSL3310 will end up in notebook products.”

Read more, including a comparison of Thunderbolt™ controllers, in the full article here.

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    1. Wish Apple did not decide to name iPad that way.

      And next year best they avoid that trend.
      The new(er) iPad. The new(set) iPad.
      Consumers will hate it.
      Very stupid move for Apple to do this just to be unpredictable.

      That is an example of bad product leadership no? I feel Cook does not have the same passion as the previous CEO to get us excited… new iPad – that so so lame.

      The retina screen is beautiful? Okay Cook lead us here – thats great… Resolutionary oh yeah, a great technological leap in consumer level product, but on a portable device? Better used fro my Mac Display or on home theatre? God why is my iPad better then any blue ray? Apple doesn’t even sell a movie in that quality.

      Oh now, just because it was there and Apple chose to climb that mountain you young lion pup – you. It puts the competition on a wild goose chase – challenges them to try to keep up – shows them their hdtvs ain’t so hot after all… hahaha so why should Apple bother make a iTV anyways… the resolution on them can’t match a iMac. Wait now… Wait iMACTV holy molly here it comes. Lol, no television station broadcasts in that resolution. No disc can be burnt to hold a two hour RETINA MOVIE. Apple has outdone themselves and the future of entertainment. It’s unachievable. Nope wait games can… damn graphic intense gaming will rule on an iMac Retina drive game – Sh_tttttttttt Apple shall conquer now.

      1. The name is not “The New iPad” (regardless of how many people reported it that way), it is simply the new “iPad”. Next year, the next generation will once again be introduced as the new “iPad”.

        Also, high rez screens have more uses than watching movies. The resolution impacts every visual element on the screen, so think outside the limitations of Blu-Ray and movie downloads.

  1. Or end up in the iOS devices. Much much faster than a USB and it can be used to charge the iPads. My new iPads take 7 or 8 hours to fully charge up from 0 to 5% (dead) charge at the end of the day.

  2. Does this LG guy really understand what “power efficient” means?

    DSL3310 is not “more power efficient”, it is otherwise. It has two 10 Gbit/s channels per 2.1W, comparing to four such channels per 3.4W in DSL3510 controller.

  3. I want to know when the market is going to offer Thunderbolt devices that are priced similar to existing conventional HD’s. Meanwhile, my Thunderbolt port remains DOA/

  4. Actually a USB3 port on the new Macs would be more helpful. It is shocking how few Thunderbolt peripherals are out there. And yeah Lacie is not a brand I particularly trust as I’ve had too many of their drives and disk burners die prematurely to really trust them again.

    1. Why not have both? I think Apple will.
      Thunderbolt and USB3 backward compatible, oh and don’t forget BlueTooth has advanced too.

      For all peripherals (mouse, trackpads and keyboards; bluetooth has freed up those USB ports – and for the better).

  5. http://www.macrumors.com/2012/04/12/intel-looking-toward-retina-display-pcs-by-2013/

    AND better displays too…
    Will retina apps on the an older Mac look horrible, perhaps almost unusable?

    Is this part of Apples killer iTV direction… saying look Panasonic and Sony your TVS might be 55 inches but our television are smarter and higher resolution – and BluRay suddenly looks like VHS on the new Mac screens.

    Wow – I’m blind already — so why do I need my old 72 an d96 dpi screens to now achieve 266 dpi retina quality? Ouch processor power and speeds improving but slowing down again just to show me better quality? Shucks… why can we not just have all UIs built as scalable vectors? Ha… I have no clue – perhaps like a Bezier curve a film rasterizes the mathematical curve back into bitmaps to produce an image… what the hey!!!

    AND what comes after BluRay — Xtra-ray (100 Tb Discs)?
    Doh. Yeah, silly me – no discs now — just beam it over or use the teleporter. Nah, thats too damn advanced. People are just learning the cloud. So better images and higher quality movies then just won’t work on the cloud. Plop those apps and files and old almost bluRay movies on the cloud and let it rain to us.

    Ho hummmmm, suddenly iCloud is so old fashion.
    And to think all this started when Apple decided to improve or eye sight with better quality retina graphics.

  6. Ok … I was wondering how Apple would integrate TB with PCIe graphics cards considering TB is also a mini display port. Fingers crossed this is what Apple is waiting for the new Mac Pro. Maybe HP will get on board with TB now.

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