Apple patent describes greater magnetometer mapping accuracy for iOS devices in vehicles, aircraft and watercraft

“In 2009 we learned that Apple began researching new sophisticated in-vehicle navigation systems. Then in 2011 we further learned that they were working on ways to advance their ‘Maps + Compass’ iOS application with augmented reality,” Jack Purcher reports for patently Apple. “And before 2011 closed out, Apple acquired C3 Technologies which is likely to bring photo-realistic mapping to iOS devices in the not-too-distant future.”

Purcher reports, “Adding to this momentum we learn today that Apple has invented an advanced magnetometer application and related system. It’s designed specifically to provide iOS devices with greater mapping and navigation accuracy. And to be absolutely clear about their market focus, Apple specifically lists navigation systems for vehicles, aircraft and watercraft.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. Don’t read too much into that. When applying for patents, companies try to come up with every conceivable use for it in the original application. It’s a standard practice in patent writing. It doesn’t mean they have any interest in entering that market.

  2. Ya right rex. I suppose you said that about the iphone and ipad in 2006 as well. Na, it’s nothing. What a pile of crap. This is a market Apple is obviously aiming for to get away from Google. So this is definitely one that makes sense for Apple to adopt plain and simple. Phil Schiller laughed at the naysayers of the iPad and he said that in one of Apple’s first promo videos for the iPad. And the funny thing is, these so called naysayers are so called Apple people. What a joke.

    Thumbs up on this one.

  3. “It doesn’t mean they have any interest in entering that market.”
    You mean the market that they’ve been very successful in already?
    iPads being adopted as navigation aids in civilian and military aircraft, nautical charts and tide apps for marine use, dozens of navigation and mapping apps for walkers, cyclists, motorists, sports enthusiasts and competitors…
    Nah, why the fuck would Apple have any interest in persuing those area?

  4. Actually, Rex is right. In a patent application, if it is worth its salt, all uses and contingencies must be included to protect the filer from patent trolls who will try to find a way to breach the patent and circumvent its protection. It is the same reason it (the patent) is filed with the WIPO in addition to the country of origin. Then the patent attorney worth (his, her, their) salt will begin filing in each country that has agreed to and become a signatory to the WIPO agreements. Then, file in all of the other countries because there are people (and this may surprise you) who will go to a non-WIPO ascended country and file the patent (usually just changing names and the such) and claim it as their own. Which they will then use to mfg knock-offs and the like.

    So, no matter how Apple intends to use the patent during the life of the patent, they must file indicating every conceivable use for the technology.

    How do I know all of this? Because I have 15 patents issued and 30 pending.

    So, MonkeyMo and Rorschach, you may want to do a tad bit of research prior to castigating someone because of your lack of knowledge.


    1. What the heck does this rolling nonesense have to do with a patent that looks promising? Apple files a lot of patents, but only about a tenth get reviewed.

      The magnetometer falls inline with other apple patents regarding the advancement of “Maps + Compass”, an app that already exists and improving a magnetometer that already exists in iOS hardware.

      So your point has no bearing on the conversation and I couldn’t care less how many patents of useless things you’ve invented. This is about an Apple patent and one that has grounds for coming to be. Everything else you’re talking about is just your own puffery. Who cares?

    2. Is this one product? I’d be interested in knowing what your 15 patents cover or at least share what sort of business you do. And not to be a dick about this… i’m sincere when I say, I hope you win all 45 patents.

    3. Hmmm. I was always under the impression that patent trolls where the people who patented a bunch of ideas that they didn’t have the interest, ambition, or resources to do anything with and then just lurked under them waiting for some hapless company to infringe them.

  5. MizuInOz, did you deliberately ignore the line I quoted:
    “It doesn’t mean they have any interest in entering that market.”
    where I pointed out that that comment is utterly redundant because Apple already have significant interest in that market?
    Or are you being deliberately obtuse, just to flaunt your supposed knowledge of patent law that has no fucking relevance to the conversation.

  6. My, My, My… must have touched a cord. I didn’t ignore any comments erroneously made.

    Funny, my “useless things” that have been patented bring me a nice 7 figure annual income.

    And since both of you castigated Rex’s comments – not the article – I referred to what was said in relation to what Rex said.

    I agree with you, Rorschach, in relation to your self-quote. I am saying that it is necessary to site in a patent filing areas you “may not be interested in” just to protect your self.

    MonkeyMo – blow it… you have no idea what you are talking about!

    1. Once again MizulnOZ goes off into la la land about his 7 figure income that has not relevance to this patent application from Apple. This isn’t about glowing shoe laces for godsake, it’s about a technology that Apple already has. They’re just advancing it.

      So someone’s “Beliefs” on a patent being meaningless is a waste of air. Just paroting run of the mill anti patent sentiments doesn’t add anything to a conversation about a decent patent idea. It’s a brain dead response. Rex’s comment was up so fast that for sure he didn’t even read the damn report. It’s just plain old anti patent mindless crap.

      So stuff it yourself MizulnOZ. Who cares or believes in your $7 paycheck. Ha!

      1. Believe what you will, Mate. I sleep well every night and have no debt. How about you? I can see that the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well.

        One of my favourite retorts of Steve Jobs to some castigator was when he chided him so eloquently: (and I paraphrase) – it is one thing to castigate others but what have you personally done to change the world?


        1. In la la land you go again and now quoting Steve Jobs, sadly. Since you can’t stay on the topic, there’s no more to be said …. mate. You could go back to snorting your poppies now.

          1. Hmmm… It appears that you have a wealth of knowledge and insight into the minds of others. To the point of being able to read into things that are not spoken; such as: anti-patent sentiment; when what was said indicates that Rex may have a good knowledge of the patent process beyond a “load of crap” and you feel that no one is able to make money in today’s financial climate – let alone a figure that you may not see in a lifetime much less a year.

            I am not in La la Land – I know the patenting process quite well. My siting of the process was to illustrate why Apple may include all that is included (and, yes, I did read the article on patentlyapple). Interesting how you castigated Rex for a lack of thoroughness in his review of the article referred by MDN, when you launched your attack only four minutes after his posting.

            Why did I quote Steve Jobs? In case you are unaware – he made those remarks to someone on the net who was attacking him. So my question is MonkeyMo, what have you done – personally – to change the world?

            Calling names and diverting from the question at hand is not an accomplishment – no matter what politicians may have taught.

            I do not have a propensity to prevaricate. Don’t need to.

            Good luck to you. LUCK = Labour Under Correct Knowledge


            I know you will need to get another dig in because it appears that your need to be right is more important than you need to communicate.

            All the best.

  7. Retina displays viewing maps like what C3 Technologies can provide will be stunning.

    I believe Apple fully intends to patent and benefit on these new patents.

    There is a grander vision and well plotted path for Apples’ future which most of us can not fathom.

    Consider Apple also rendering games with this technology – and perhaps applying a specially designed chip with internal code planted at the core of iOS – further differentiating iPad from any other device.
    Apple makes and controls it soft are and hardware. Don’t underestimate the potential of this news.

  8. I wish Apple would ‘get off the pot’ and start either partnering more directly with other electronics manufacturers or branching into more product markets. Integration of Apple’s tech know-how in design and particularly function has been slow so far. I’d like to see an Apple remote for home entertainment and appliances that was just a stand-alone device (not an app on a device that has to be turned on, logged into, constantly recharged, is usually someplace less accessible than the coffee table – pants pocket, hooked to the computer, in the car, in another room, etc. – costs hundreds of dollars, is being used by someone else or for another purpose). The iPod touch and iPhone each fail on a couple of those points.
    Or how about the car stereo/nav/entertainment systems – integration with OEM’s has still been slow/half-hearted or expensive. And web-enabled home control systems exist but are still a little kludgy and limited. And finally, I’m looking forward to better integration between iOS and the Mac OS – it still doesn’t feel complete and effortless across the iTunes bridge.

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