Apple updates Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor

Yesterday evening, Apple “pushed up minor updates to Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor, components of its professional video-editing suite,” MacNN reports.

“The first two are considered small updates designed to improve stability and performance and do not introduce new features, though the Final Cut update does enhance performance of multicam syncing and editing, and adds Simplified Chinese support,” MacNN reports. “Motion gets performance improvements as well, but the update is mostly bug fixes.”

MacNN reports, “All three components are exclusively available from the Mac App Store…”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. There will be eventually. There has to be. Otherwise every time a developer releases a major upgrade, they’ll have to release and entirely new product so that they can charge for it. But then they won’t be able to charge upgrade pricing for previous customers. Something’s gotta break here, and my money is that Apple sees the light and helps out the developers.

      Here’s a great write-up about it by Wil Shipley, the founder of The Omni Group and Delicious Monster:

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