Windows 8 tablet freezes during demo

” There is nothing worse than your product crashing while you’re demoing it in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people,” Caleb Hicks blogs for Zagg. “Unfortunately for Microsoft, it happened yet again. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t caught on video. However, The Register reports that a new Windows 8 tablet froze during a demo of Windows 8′s new Metro user interface.”

Hicks reports, “The Microsoft exec demonstrating the tablet operating system brushed off the incident saying: ‘This is a work in progress folks, as you can see here. I think this is a good proof point that this is actually real stuff that we’re showing.'”

“I can certainly understand the ‘work in progress’ part,” Hicks writes. “Having a hiccup while demoing unreleased software doesn’t bother me. But I take issue with the second part. What does that even mean? Other stuff that people are demoing isn’t ‘real stuff?’ No. Other people rigorously test their product through all of it’s paces to make sure it’s going to work before demoing it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What do you expect? It’s Microsoft! After 30+ years, being lazy and doing things in a half-assed manner becomes ingrained.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. It is hard to get video when no iOS devices are allowed into the room.

      Keep in mind that this Windows Tablet OS is based on the same “Blue Screen” Windows OS that Microsoft is unwilling to kill off. No problem, Apple will kill it off for them soon!

  1. This guy should go into politics. He’s obviously expert at “spin” via the nice-sounding-but-entirely-unrelated-comment method.

    (And for those of you who think that I’m bashing one side or the other, I’m a conservative, registered Republican, who was thinking of someone on his own side of the aisle while typing that. But if the shoe fits…)

    1. True and if you remember the DOJ trial where Microsoft tried to show how, in real life, that removing IE would degrade Windows…. except the Prosecutor noticed a glitch in the screen and behind the judges doors Microsoft Executives admitted that the “real” images were faked images done so they could show you what “would” happen,,, if…

      Yep. Ps what was the name of that future laptop that began with c ?

      1. The two sided tablet Microsoft ‘demoed’ before iPad was announced and demoed. Microsoft’s demo was all movie and was canceled when they saw Apple’s iPad. It was just a Photoshop dream sequence.

    1. You call these bloopers????

      They are not anything near the blue screen of death and frozen screens that depict the lousy win doze software. You call a Japanese guy on stage with poor english a blooper? What’s that got to do with the OS? I think the Japanese guy was quite entertaining actually.

  2. “Real stuff:” means that they weren’t faking what you saw on the screen (the tablet equivalent to lip syncing). Of course, that would be pretty low if they had to sink to that level…

  3. That is right folks! When the demo crashes or freezes you can rest assured that we are demoing a real product here!

    (When it runs without a hitch you can go ahead and assume it is a video)

  4. Please don’t link us to ZAGG blog, their only purpose is to fill up our browsers with their cookies. Right now MDN on my iPad is showing all ZAGG advertisements.

      1. I like and use Ghostery/b> on Safari.

        I also like and use:
        Do Not Track Plus, Safari extension.
        Safari Cookies, Safari extension. But I turned it off because I moved up to the much nicer shareware version called Cookies.

        No surveillance allowed at my house. Bite me Corporate Oligarchy.

    1. Considering that some of the people who run this blog are supposed to be designers, it is a bit of a aesthetic car crash.

      Actually it’s more of multi-car pile-up: 24 ads on one page, including multiple repeats for two brands.

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