SanDisk smackdown highlights Apple’s and Samsung’s smartphone industry dominance

“Shares of SanDisk (SNDK) are getting smacked down today after the flash-memory giant preannounced lousy first-quarter results,” Michael Comeau reports for Minyanville.

“SanDisk now expects to report first-quarter revenues of $1.2 billion versus prior guidance of $1.3 to $1.35 billion, and consensus of $1.3 billion,” Comeau reports. “Additionally, gross margins are now expected to come in below the 39% to 42% range to which the company guided on January 25.”

“And keep in mind, that guidance SanDisk issued back in January in conjunction with its fourth-quarter results was disappointing itself — so SanDisk is now on a bit of a losing streak,” Comeau reports. “Back then, SanDisk noted that some OEM customers weren’t ordering as much as expected. Yesterday it echoed that revelation in its press release by attributing the current weakness to ‘weaker than expected price and demand.'”

Comeau reports, “Translation: We don’t do enough business with Samsung and Apple.”

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    1. Wow. That’s a real trip down memory lane. Those were the days, when iPod competitors wasted millions of dollars on ever more desperate campaigns to take down iPod and iTunes.


  1. OK, so SanDisk screwed with Apple, so what? This has nothing to do with that.

    Unlike other companies that lost a cubic-metric-buttload of cash, and made no profit (there are alot of those) SanDisk made profit. Why are they being punished?

    If Apple fell slightly short of WallStreet predictions and got bitch slapped like SanDisk is getting today we would be enraged. This is just another glaring example of what is wrong with the system. SanDisk is producing and profitable. Yet they are being punished, while the idiot expert anal-istas can say anything they want, harming investors and companies, with no accountablility or consequence.

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