Fans fly to forums to signal iPad 3 Wi-Fi woes

“Apple’s iPad 3 is drawing fire for its wireless performance, with many an owner complaining about poor Wi-Fi reception. Tests performed by staff in Apple’s own stores allegedly show it too,” Caleb Cox reports for Register Hardware.

“Numerous reports on the Apple support forum highlight the hitch, claiming the New iPad has a much weaker Wi-Fi pick-up than its predecessor and other Apple devices,” Cox reports. “‘I am in a hotel with my laptop and new iPad 3. The laptop Wi-Fi reception is as strong as it gets, but the iPad only registers a weak signal. Anyone else having similar problems? Any suggestions?’ reads the first message in the thread. Pages of responses follow with other owners detailing similar setbacks.”

Cox reports, “Not all New iPads shows the problem, though. Our own Cliff Joseph, proud owner of an iPad 3, said he gets better Wi-Fi reception with his Wi-Fi only tablet. Perhaps other owners’ wireless woes occur on the 4G model.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anybody seeing problems? If so, please let us know below and tell us your iPad (2012) type (Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi+4G). We’re not seeing any issues with any of our iPad Wi-Fi+4G units.


      1. Doesn’t mean anything though. There could be a bug. I’m using a 5GHz signal from my Airport Extreme. I live in a high rise in Downtown LA and there’s about 20 additional protected networks visible with varying signal strength.

        I hope people having the problem are reporting what sort of access point/router they’re attempting to connect to (if they have the information.)

    1. I don’t think this one is FUD. They have over 686 complaints so far. Generally people say they lose signal much sooner with the new iPad, i.e. by moving over 35 feet away, vs. the old iPad which held a signal up to 75 feet away. Just a hunch, but I think this is going to turn into something. At the very least a swap out program.

      1. I saw today it’s only the WiFi models, due to lack of power or something.
        the LTE models have no issues.

        “WiFi-only third-generation iPads are the only devices affected by these issues, according to Apple. The 4G LTE models are presumably safe from these issues due to the extra network power allowed by the black rubber cut on the top of the unit.”

    1. I have the same iPad you have. Right now I can see 3 password free WiFi networks and I can get out on all 3.

      The Windows Tablet Advance Propaganda Team are obviously out in force.

  1. Have a 4g model have the problem but I feel it interference with the 4g chip. If I turn off cellular I don’t get kicked off when I’m at work. Don’t get a 4g signal at home and never get kicked off of wifi

  2. We have a first gen iPad (WiFi + 3G), third gen iPad (WiFi only), a 6 month old MacBook Air, A 1 year old MacBook Pro and a 5 year old iMac. WiFi signal strength seems to be about the same on everything (connecting through a Time Capsule and an Airport Express to extend coverage.

  3. I have the 64gb AT&T new iPad with zero wifi issues. My iPad two had zero issues same AT&T 64gb. My original iPad AT&T did have wifi issues and it was replaced.

    My new iPad does receive wifi better then my iPhone 4s.

  4. ATT 64gb 4g. Bars usually show the same but speed tests against multiple wifi hit spots consistently show my iPhone 4s is faster on wifi than my iPad (3rd gen).

  5. Competitors love to start these viral-esque rumors, all it takes is for 1 or 2 dozen employees to kick things off. Now back to making some bacon and eggs on my new iPad!

  6. Everything’s been working fine for me, ATT 4G has been rock solid and fast, and wireless is, as expected, working like a Swiss watch.

    Could this, pray tell, be Apple’s competitor’s spreading FUD once again?

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