Verizon pushing Microsoft Windows Phones over Apple iPhone?

“Evidence is mounting that Verizon may be pushing Windows Phones over iPhones to customers not sure on which smartphone handset to purchase,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “Whether these are isolated incidents at a few stores, or a nationwide push by Microsoft to force their way into the smartphone war is not yet clear.”

“Microsoft attempting to inject themselves into markets they completely missed or believe is critical to the company is nothing new for the Redmond giant,” Reschke reports. “The likely game this go around is to spiff local Verizon representatives with per-handset bonus cash or via weekly/monthly sales totals.”

Reschke reports, “One T-GAAP-er just told us they went seeking a smartphone and were leaning towards an iPhone. The Verizon representatives highly suggested she should get a Windows phone instead. When the customer (she) decided upon an iPhone and wanted to know the difference between the iPhone 4 and 4S, the sales person became rude, rolled her eyes, and simply went through the motions to sell the phone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, Apple would be wise to nip this in the bud as this has “Sears,” written all over it. (As in, salespeople from Sears et al. for years pushed shitty Windows PCs over superior Macs – which they neglected and often never even turned on – in order to cash in bribes (spiffs) paid by Windows PC makers.)

Has anyone else witnessed Verizon Wireless salespeople pushing Windows Phone or other phones over Apple iPhones?

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  1. This has been going on for years. Surprised to see this as being news. The sales people will seek whatever makes them money.

    People can be easily persuaded by aggressive sales jerks.

  2. This would more than explain the drastic difference in market penetration when comparing iPods vs. iPhones. A store will want to get rid of whatever is taking up room on the shelves and not selling. So offer more commission or those products.
    Not like Apple products have to try…

  3. I wouldn’t get all excited about this if these are merely isolated reports. However, if Verizon is deliberately promoting Microsoft phones over iPhones this tactic will eventually bite them in the ass. Firstly, the customer will be dissatisfied and disappointed, and regret their association with Verizon. Secondly, Apple will find take notice and things will get very ugly indeed for Verizon.

  4. Verizon is planning to offer the most beautiful Nokia Lumia 900 in May, this year. 🙂
    I hate iphone, it has 3rd class battery.
    iphone fans, I can see the smoke coming from your As*


      1. She/He (?) may be an ass, and the Lumia 900 can’t possibly compete spec-wise with an iPhone (206 ppi screen? Single-core processor?), but the Lumia 800 is a great smartphone, and I would’ve bought it over my 4S if it didn’t have PenTile and a 16GB limit.

    1. Actually have heard good thing about the 900, from reviews on specs, as well as from reps. Will have to check it out when it arrives. Meanwhile, iPhones are in my household, thank you. And to clarify LuLu; no battery issues on any of the 3 I own so far. As for usability, it tops any phone I have ever owned. This is what I concern myself with. As for hating anything, I’ll leave that to others. Peace to you

      1. LOL

        You know what? Whole world knows that you guys are the biggest terrorists.

        One more thing, for your IT needs, you guys come to India to get fucked by Indians. 😉

        You guys are borrowing money from China, and paying half of it to India. hahahaha

  5. My local ATT store manager told me that her regional manager told the local staff to ditch their iPhones in the store and to use and push Microsoft phones instead. She was not happy.

  6. The main reason why carriers are pushing android phones and windows phones over the iPhone is mainly because they receive only $1 in commission, which is peanuts, an AT&T salesman told me that. They received the least amount of commission and that’s why the iPhone is a nightmare to carriers, well the people working there.

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