‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ supporter NBC rips off Apple’s Xcode artwork

“Reality TV is a harsh business. One minute everyone is glued to Jersey Shore, the next you’re looking at a canceled series and a backlog of ‘GTL’ shirts cluttering up the company store,” Matthew Panzarino reports for The Next Web. “One of the perennial favorites of the genre is Extreme Home Makeover, an ABC property that has a team building a house for a needy couple in a week, people love the construction drama.”

“So it’s not all that surprising that competing network NBC Universal is firing up a new reality series called Home Transformers… NBC Universal has even set up a nice little website that it is using to stump for designers and builders to apply for the show this weekend,” Panzarino reports. “But wait, what is this clever hammer-and-blueprint logo that they have displayed on the page? That looks familiar.”

Apple's Xcode icon
Apple's Xcode icon

Panzarino reports, “That’s the logo for Xcode, Apple’s main suite of software for app developers, and it has been since it was introduced in 2008. But hey, it makes for a great graphic that represents construction, design and planning, so why not just steal it? … And see, NBC is one of the biggest supporters of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). In fact, it was caught strong-arming its suppliers into supporting the act, which has since been stalled by massive online protests.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. … folks that chose the icon were not aware it was “borrowed”. It was offered, along with dozens of others, for generally clueless executives to choose from. “Xcode? What’s that? Like Cobol, maybe?” And, of course, they didn’t check and nobody told them. DUH!

  1. As I had written on MacNN…

    I am an unemployed artist, and seeing such blatant copyright infringement by a brainless and uncaring “professional”, knowingly putting his/her employer into legal and financial harm, should be fired immediately.

    But, I’d fire him just for being an incredibly lazy idiot to use Apple as the source for copying. It would be incredibly easy to use it as a source of inspiration, and create your own original art.

    I cannot express how much it burns my bottom to see such overpaid, untalented, idiots as I sit here eating the last serving of generic oatmeal for breakfast.

  2. Funny, I’m having trouble coming up with a single NBC show that I watch. You might think that they would WANT someone to steal their stuff, just get somebody to watch it. When they innovated (there’s that word again) they had hit after hit. When they moved to just coping someone else’s successes, they failed monumentally.

  3. I thought maybe they came up with something that looked close to the xCode icon and people were just being over sensitive but nope, its literally Apple’s graphic. I can even see the word xCode on the lower right on the NBC website! WTF!

    If SOPA had passed would NBC be volunteering to have themselves blacklisted from DNS? hehe

      1. … you two! So, not only did the executive who accepted the art fail to recognize “Xcode” – which might be common – and fail to wonder why someone would write that seemingly extraneous text on THEIR logo, but they (like me) failed to note the Apple logo. Genius! Or is that taken, as well? 😉

    1. About like Rush Limpballs volunteered to go to prison after he got caught, using drugs after years of ranting on the radio how druggies needed to do jail time.

      Hypocrisy is rampant.

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