Major League Baseball, the perfect sport for an iPhone or iPad app

“Apps for football, basketball or hockey fans suffer from a nagging built-in problem: who wants to stop watching the game to take in more information through the app? Nascar fans can at least take a quick break and sift through some ancillary racing data without missing too much action. And then there’s Major League Baseball,” Bob Tedeschi reports for The New York Times. “If ever a sport was built for a mobile app companion, this is it. Between pitches you can watch a batter step out of the batter’s box, adjust his jock strap and spit four times, or you can check a mobile app for useful information about the game or league.”

“The people at, Major League Baseball’s interactive division, seem to understand this implicitly, and they were the first of the major sports leagues — or the major media companies, for that matter — to produce a stellar app,” Tedeschi reports. “MLB’s AtBat (for Apple and Android), which comes in a free limited version and a full-featured $15 version, is now in its fifth season, and returns with a few nice refinements to complement a core of fun and useful features from years past.”

More info and more baseball apps also covered in the full article here.

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store: At Bat –

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  1. You mean, that time consuming game with seven to ten minutes of action on the diamond, and two hours + of tugging at caps, spitting and scratching of private parts?

    Football is the only way to go – yes, the real football – the one that’s played with the feet. It is the only real universal language.

      1. We sure do! 90 minutes of non-stop action beats the roughly 40 minutes of action spread over three hours that we get with the more popular form of “football” in this country!

        As for baseball, it’s no wonder the younger generations are abandoning it. All these kids with ADHD can’t possibly pay attention to a game that slow.


  2. Is this app intended for watching at home or at a game, or both? I can’t as much as send a text message when near a stadium on AT&T, so a live stream seems laughable.

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