Apple working on new device with 5-inch Retina display, says source

“Apple is developing a new device with a 5-inch Retina display, according to Japanese site Macotakara, citing a Chinese source,” iPodNN reports.

“The new hardware will allegedly ship in 2013, and have a resolution of either 1280×960 or 1600×960,” iPodNN reports. “Apple is also said to be working with LCD suppliers to prepare for the device, but even the category it might fall under is still unknown.”

iPodNN reports, “Apple could theoretically be working on a larger iPod touch, or the long-rumored ‘mini’ iPad, though in the latter case recent reports have specified a 7.85-inch screen.

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  1. I predict this year the new iPhone will come out and it will be faster, have a redesigned body. I also predict there will be updated Macs, they will be faster! I also heard they are working on a black and white retina 5 inch tv. No one would see that coming….
    How about this one, the new Mac Mini will feature a larger but thinner case and on the top of the case will be an iPad. It will be a hybrid computer/pad, desktop when you need it and iPad for on the go! 😉

  2. 1280×960 is a 4:3 ratio which is consistent with the aspect ratio of Apple’s iPad displays (2048×1536 for new iPad or 1024×768 for iPad 1 & 2). Going to 1280×960 would provide 56% more pixels than the old iPad display and would also support 720p HD (1280×720), so it seems like a viable possibility for a new iOS device such as a smaller iPad/larger iPod touch while the new iPad resolution of 2048×1536 would be used for iOS displays of 9.7″ and up.

    1600×960, however, is an oddball 10:6 (or 3.33:2 or 1.67:1) ratio, which is somewhat similar to the iPhone 3:2 display, but not exactly. This display resolution does not fit in with anything that Apple is currently doing with iOS (4:3 or 3:2), nor does it match the HDTV 16:9 (1.78:1) ratio. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  3. In a stunning move today Apple has decided to go with a half inch by half inch display. This display will have 4 times the pixel depth of the current iPhone and twice that of the new iPad. A spokesperson from Apple who has requested not to be named has stated the following.
    I can’t believe we did it we got everything down to the size of the average grape. Without sacrificing anything at all. The one thing I did notice were his bloody fingers which look somewhat mangled. I commented to him about that and he said that Apple will require everyone using this device will need to use a pencil sharpener on their finger tips so they can work the display. In addition to corrective glasses. Apple will also be getting into the eye glasses business since they already have a presence in malls across the world and will offer glasses in about 15 minutes which is 4x better than the glasses in an hour that some companies claim.

    I think as long as we are making shit up my bullshit is far better than his.

    Gotta love those Industry ANALCysts

  4. Wikipedia has a nice article on Graphic Display Resolutions, for those who are interested.

    The new iPad is QXGA.
    The old iPad is XGA.
    The current iPhone is DVGA.
    The original iPhone and iPod touch were HVGA.

    Interestingly, pixel doubling the iPhone again to 1920×1280 leads to a blank spot in the chart. You have to move slightly off the 3:2 ratio to 1920×1200 (1.6:1).

    What a strange system of nomenclature…

    1. Consumer Reports has already released their review of the eyeTV. They take issue with the fact that a person still needs to blink while the device is in use and are blaming that entirely on Apple.

  5. All these are ridiculous, everyone knows that apple is working on a eyeglasses as a display device the screen would only function as a keyboard or touchscreen. Eye glasses would connect via BlueTooth. 🙂

  6. Nonsense!

    “have a resolution of either 1280×960 or 1600×960″

    Apple works hard at keeping new screen sizes to a minimum, to avoid fragmentation.

    Offhand, a 5″ device has twice the screen area of a 3.5” device, so a retina display will require twice the pixels to maintain the pixel density; and if held at the same distance as the iPhone, maintain retina display density. So, it would have to be the 1280×960 size. The 1600×960 size is not in a 4:3 proportion. Nor, is it in an iPhone’s 3:2 proportion. That screen size is definitely a non-starter. Still, Apple will not fragment unless absolutely necessary.

    1. yes correct, this does not make sense.

      a larger iPod touch would have to go from 960×640 to 1920×1280!. while the screen dimensions increased by 57% for a 5.5″ screen. so the current 326 ppi would have to jump to 415! that would be amazing, but i don’t think so …

      or if they didn’t double the resolution, the ppi would go down … to just 207 ppi (it was 163 ppi until 2010) or so for the first models).

      for comparison, the 5″ new Sony Vita – which a bigger touch would compete with head-on – has a OLED display resolution of 960×544 and a 220 ppi.

    1. I agree with the car concept. Apple has gotten so obsessed with data mining that I wouldn’t put it past them to release some sort of GPS device meant for cars and the like.

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