Are Apple and Baidu about to team up against Google?

“There’s plenty of evidence that Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on China, and for good reason, too,” Evan Niu writes for The Motely Fool. “CEO Tim Cook recently called it the company’s ‘fastest growing major region by far,’ adding that Greater China contributed 12% of revenue in fiscal 2011, up from just 2% in fiscal 2009. That came out to more than $13 billion in sales for the year.”

“Apple has been working to integrate various popular Chinese Internet services into its different operating systems as a way to broaden its appeal within China,” Niu writes. “The Mac maker recently released a preview of its next major operating system, OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, which included OS-level integration of popular services such as dominant search engine Baidu.”

Niu writes, “Supporting these services might not be limited to OS X, as CNET is reporting that Apple’s mobile iOS is also set to include Baidu integration as the default search engine. That would displace Google’ current default spot… While the iPhone’s Chinese market share still lags Samsung’s by a wide margin, it’s bound to grow as Apple continues to expand carrier partnerships. If Baidu gets some special treatment along with expanding iPhone market share, that could be a big hurdle for Big G.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.” – MacDailyNews Take, March 09, 2010

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  1. Maybe Apple should make a special iOS version for the Chinese.

    It could even allow more than 20 apps in a folder… Imagine that!

    This way they wouldn’t have to have 6 folders called Games, like we have to have.

    1. I have 22 folders of Games broken up by varying categories and alphabetized:

      Action RPG
      Board Games
      Card Battle
      Death Worm
      Dual Stick
      Party Games
      Star Wars

      Every time a category grows too large, I split it into a new folder. Sometimes, that category is no longer a genre, but rather a developer (which is the reason that Com2Us, Gameloft, Gamevil, and Square-Enix each get their own folders) or a series (like Star Wars).

      Also, this is on my iPhone, so I don’t even have 20 items available to each folder, only 12.

      Would I like another method for organizing my apps? Sure. This isn’t optimal. But it also works and well enough that I can always find exactly what I’m looking for with little or no effort.

      When Apple feels that they’ve got a method for folder organization that improves on this one that is both a) simple for beginners and b) powerful enough to merit change they will release it. But they aren’t going to make changes willy-nilly, just because a small percentage of users want more. We power users are NOT Apple’s bread-and-butter. We may be early adopters and we may be vocal proponents of the brand. But the non-tech-savvy individual that wants a product that “just works” are why Apple has the largest profit margin of any technology company in the world.

      1. I do have a life and don’t have time to waste on shit like that, just because somebody at Apple doesn’t know how to count above 20.

        Maybe I need to look at Android to be treated like an adult.

        1. I apologize if you felt that you weren’t being treated as an adult. I was simply pointing out that your needs are not necessarily the ONLY needs, nor is your preferred method of doing things the only reasonable option. There is a method to Apple’s madness and you are always welcome to try alternatives if you feel your specific needs aren’t being met.

          However, rather than getting defensive or spouting nonsense about trying Android, you should try all your options first. For example, jailbreaking your iPad will give you a remarkable number of options that you don’t currently have, including the ability to have nested folders or folders that scroll up and down. Try these options first and if you still feel like you would be better served with an Android tablet, then be on your merry. Be warned, however, that the Android tablet experience is nowhere near as robust or complete as the iPad, and isn’t looking to change anytime soon.

          Also, the reasons for Apple limiting folders to 12 items on the iPhone and 20 on the iPad are a matter of aesthetics and simplicity, not an issue with being unable to count or even a technical limitation. The method of folder implementation Apple has chosen was very carefully constructed to contain everything in a single designated area that allows the user to see the folder open and attach the contents of folder to the very interface that existed before (thus the visible parts of the home screen which remain in the background to ensure the user doesn’t become confused and believe that “their screen went away”. Adding more icons to the folder would diminish the amount of “recognizable landmarks” that remain for the user to recognize where their folder contents fit in the grand scheme. Alternatively, it would require some method of scrolling or swiping that might confuse some users.

          Certainly, Apple is hard at work at improving and refining the folder methodology so that they can meet both your needs and the needs of the less tech savvy at the same time. If you do not wish to be patient for their implementation, then please try either of the suggestions above (jailbreaking or Android).

          Apple will never please all users equally and if you feel that they cannot please you adequately, they will completely understand if you choose to go a different route.

          1. Look I appreciate your effort here to try to make sense to this. Unfortunate it does not make sense if while tring to keep things simple, you make things al lot more complicated.

            Limiting folders to 20 may have made sense when users on a an iPhone have a few games.

            But when I have an fully decked out iPad with 650 apps on it, where I can’t find the location of an app unless I manually look thru dozens of folders. And don’t tell me search works, it only works if I remember the name of the app. Even if I know the name of the app I can only launch it from search, by not determine the location it, to eg delete it.

            The iOS file system is turning into a f&$$&ing mess.

            How would you feel if you went to Macy’s and after buying one item get escorted out of the store?

            I have 250 updates pending on my iPad and every time I update an app, I get kicked out of the store and must open the store app again to start all over again, to get zapped by a refresh after starting over AGAIN.

            This is just f&$@ retarded and an insult.

            1. I’m sorry that you’re not having the experience that you’d like and I truly empathize with you. A few points first:

              1) Search will actually allow you to find an app based on keywords, as well, provided that the developer utilizes them. It’s not perfect, but it certainly does allow you to find the app you’re looking for, even if you don’t remember the name of the app. However, you are correct that deleting the app requires the finding of said app.

              2) If you are having an issue with updating your apps, then there may be an issue with your iPad’s software or hardware. I often update apps through the App Store by simply pressing the “Update All” button and never have to manually update them one at a time. If this is not working properly for you, then I suggest ensuring your data is backed up and then doing a restore of your device. This often fixes the majority of problems, but can take some time if your device has a lot of apps on it. If you are currently syncing your iPad with a computer, performing the updates there first and then syncing with your device will also likely speed up the process.

              I understand your frustration, but your experiences are quite atypical. I strongly suggest that if a restore doesn’t resolve the issue, you contact Apple Support (preferably by visiting your local Apple Store, but if that’s not an option then by phone or online).

              As for the usefulness of the folder structure: I agree that the current setup may not make sense anymore in a world with hundreds of games and apps on every iDevice. I disagree that complicating the UI is the solution, but I also don’t have a better solution. I look forward to the day that an Apple engineer has a solution that will make us both happy, but still keep less tech savvy users (like my wife’s grandmother, for example, who would be overwhelmed by anything more complex than the current implementation) from feeling as though it’s too difficult to use.

              If you believe you have a method for folder implementation that would solve your issues, then I suggest visiting and letting Apple know. A great many OS features implemented by Apple throughout the years came first as suggestions from users.

              As someone that has had first-hand experience with both iOS and Android implementations of file structure, I can assure you that the Android implementation is not easier. In fact, their folder implementation is a lot more like Microsoft’s Start Menu, with nothing more than shortcuts to apps located on the home screens. Some might prefer that. I, however, do not. Different strokes, and all that.

              I assure you that if you take the time to visit an Apple Store with your iPad and explain the troubles you’re having, you’ll find someone capable of listening to exactly what issues you’re having and finding a solution for your issue, if one exists. And if it doesn’t, then they’ll be happy to suggest workarounds or alternatives that you and I may not have considered.

              I hope you find a solution that works for you and enables you to enjoy the time you spend with your iPad, rather than feeling as though you are struggling with it.

              If you DO visit a local Apple Store, then go online and set an appointment first so you don’t have to wait around for someone to become available:

              Good luck!

            2. Update all does do shit for me, as I will never know what features were added to the app. So nice try but no.

              You can twist and turn this issue as much as you want, it is just bullshit.

              I have been a Mac consultant for 20 years and a Apple developer, hence I usually know more than any Genius Bar dude that has been working with Mac a decade less than me.

              The fact remain.

              iOS search is crap.

              The app store is crap.

              The iOS folder system is crap.

              It works great from my grandmother that has 20 apps in total that she uses.

            3. I, too, am an Apple developer, a Mac consultant, a Mac technician at a high school with a one-to-one program and over 1200 Macs in use every day by students and teachers. I am also a former Apple Genius and can assure you that your years of experience are wasted when compared to proper training and education.

              You clearly have no desire to seek a peaceful resolution to this issue, but would much rather complain and prove to everyone how superior your opinion is to alternatives.

              Here’s a solution. Go buy an Android tablet and get the hell off my lawn. Those that refuse to seek help will never find it.

            4. Hey Ubermac, you want to be treated like an adult? Then quit playing so damn many games and whining like a spoiled six year old. Zeph made the mistake of trying to converse with you as an adult, which was clearly an error on his part. Bet that won’t happen again.

  2. currently Google makes more money off iOS than Android.

    Google says two thirds of their search revenues comes from iOS. So they other third is divided between Android, Symbian, Black Berry etc phones. Lots of android phones are already loaded with Bidu, Bing etc.

    don’t know if the stats include app etc revenues but they can’t be much as most android apps downloaded are free.

    People say that android is a threat to Apple without realizing Google’s mobile profits depends a lot on Apple’s cooperation.

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