Some workers strike at Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant as Apple’s iPhone 5 nears production

“Hundreds of Foxconn workers from a factory in Shanxi Province in northern China have gone on strike in a pay dispute which is still under negotiation. The strike is taking place at a plant in the Xiaodian district of the provincial capital Taiyuan. A manager from Foxconn confirmed that some workers had downed tools,” Star Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget. “He declined to specify how many workers are involved but stressed that the factory was talking with the protesters.”

“The protesters said that Foxconn had promised to raise pay for all staff,” Chang reports. “However, the company raised wages for managers and technicians but not for entry-level workers, prompting a number to go on strike.”

“Meanwhile, the Foxconn plant at Taiyuan is holding heavy recruitment to meet the production of the Apple new iPhones. Yes, you read that right, not iPhone 4/4S, is the next generation iPhone!” Chang reports. “According to local news report, the factory urgently needs 20,000 more workers because Foxconn has already received orders for the production of iPhone 5, Foxconn will responsible for 85 percent of the manufacture and about 57 million set[s] have to be produce[d] for each year. Taiyuan Foxconn will become the main manufacturing base for the iPhone 5.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. There are truckloads of people that would be extremely happy to get one of those jobs.

        Leave it to Western liberals to spoil the mood of a few over there and make them not want to work! Pathetic.

        1. The ‘Western liberals’ you mention would be Apple. Is that what you meant to say?

          Real, actual capitalism is a venture process between three interacting and cooperating entities:

          1) The business, as created and ideally maintained by an entrepreneur. That would be Apple’s executive staff.

          2) The worker employees. That would be the vast majority of people who work at Apple as well as those whom Apple contract to work for them.

          3) The customers. That would be most of us here at MDN.

          Mutual respect among ALL three of these basic entities or capitalism FAILs and degrades into BS, such as Marxism or Corporate welfare or Short Term Greed, Long Term Disaster, etc., all of which are extremely familiar to those who pay attention to history.

          It helps to use the brains you’ve been given by our miraculous creator in order to allow the world’s systems to actually work successfully. Being stupid, hating your human intelligence (anti-‘egg-head’ etc.) just makes your personal world as stupid as you are.

          Is that too difficult a concept to grasp, kids?

    1. Köh. 57*4=228. 93+57=150. 150/4=37,5. 57 Million per quarter would be excellent though. 😀 I say that figures are 200/100 this year (calendar year, not Apple fiscal). 200 Million iPhones and 100 million iPads. 🙂

  1. “A manager from Foxconn confirmed that some workers had downed tools …”

    I thought only chicks trying to break into Hollywood did that kind of stuff. Yuck!

  2. The numbers are too vague to calculate the worker minutes to assemble one phone.

    By published reports I think it takes about 3.7 hours per worker on an overall average to assemble the iPhone, but I don’t know whether that includes overhead.

          1. oh look a little neo-con-job lemming.

            lick that Corporate Oligarchy Overlord Boot and LIKE IT! 👿

            You don’t have to be a loony leftist to treat people with kindness, caring and respect. You DO however have to be a Neo-Con-Job RadicalRighTard to be outright psychopathic like our miss-spelling expert ‘Wellinton’. 😛

            1. Oh-Look it’s that Commie – Egg Head – Freak Show, Derrrrrrreck.

              You idiots in WI ruined the state. The adults came back in and set things right again. Unions organized trumped up BS protests and spent a fortune waisting money that could have been spent actually helping the “needy”!

              Conservatives are the kindest people on the planet. Helping people help themselves and man kind in the process.

              Liberals do the exact opposite. Detroit is a prime example. Liberals destroy everything they touch and spread misery for all. Liberals hate freedom. Liberals are HATER-RACISTS!


            2. It’s amusing that I entirely agree that Marxism is, proven by repeated world experience, on ‘auto-destruct-pilot’. It’s also amusing that people are so brain dead that they actually believe in ‘if you’re not with us you’re against us’, tossing all people who disagree with their deluded thoughts into the opposite political waste bin. No kiddies, reality doesn’t work that way. It’s a 3D world. Wake up and look around.

            3. “Why aren’t you descending upon Mecca on mass?”

              Oh, you mean like the CRUSADES of the medieval ages! That’s a Neo-Con-Job thing to do.

              I have Islamic friends who thankfully consider beating and controlling their wive’s lives is also medieval. They know perfectly well I would not respect them if they believed otherwise.

              You see kids, the world is not so simple as you wish it to be.

            4. No no! I get off on the term ‘Neo-Con-Job’ because it is so precisely descriptive of everything Neo-Conservative. Remember that it was Ronald Reagan himself who named the Neo-Conservatives “THE CRAZIES”. And they are! And you’re just as crazy if you buy into their con-job.

              I personally prefer REAL Conservatives, who actually think before they speak.

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