petition calls for to retract petition against Apple; says based on Mike Daisey’s lies

A new petition created by Paul Dost on calls for to retract their petition against Apple over work conditions in China at plants that assemble Apple and many other companies’ products.

The petition, “ Retract your petition against Apple,” states:

The original petition is based on the testimony of Mike Daisey which has been shown to be primarily fabrications and fantasy. The power and efficacy of is diminished by allowing petitions that are based on lies.

Apple is already doing more for worker rights in China than any just about any other IT company that deals with Chinese suppliers and they have been acting responsibly since well before anyone else took notice.

The petition, and the signature form, can be found here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DustyMac” for the heads up.]

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      1. And this has what to do with:
        •this thread?
        •Daisey’s lies for personal gain?
        •image impact on people who follow the media but don’t think or check things out themselves?

        Bringing a personal off topic agenda to an issue at hand is one way to kill a chance for a focused response.

  1. Though I usually don’t do petitions, I did this one. Seems around 250,000 people have signed so far. The more the merrier to sink the “Good Ship Daisey” and hoist him higher on with his own petard.

    1. Um, correction: it seems around 250 people have signed. That’s “two hundred and fifty”. As in, 25 times 10. Not 250,000. As of 5:00 PST, 21 March.

      Granted, I hope that millions sign the petition. But right now, people need to get out the word.

      1. Um, correction to your correction, although it’s more important to get signatures than bicker..but…at 11PM PST there are 500,000 sigs. The first figure is how many are “recent signers”…as in “287 out of 500,000” and they may be rounding off the numbers, and I won’t respond in like sarcastic fashion, about what one number times another is, as I think the goal is to get the word out. That’s pretty impressive and from what I’ve read, is beyond what they got on the original faux petition.

        1. Sorry to be snarky; it was the end of a long day. Now I’m genuinely confused. I go to and I see the Daisey petition has 332 supporters as of 2:45 PDT. For reference, go to the Trayvon Martin petition. It shows 1,320,208. I think 500,000 was the number of signatures desired, rather than the number that actually signed.

    1. I have tried to sign the petition several times. I keep getting thrown out because of some bogus error. Normally these things are very easy to sign. In this case I suspect some meddling by

  2. And that’s why sites like are pointless. Anyone can take 10 seconds to click on a petition, but no one takes any time to verify any facts claimed by the creator of the petition.

    Just another reason to ignore online petitions even more (not for the petition to retract the petition against Apple, but for the original petition).

  3. As usual, this is no surprise to those of us on the right.
    Most of the far-left’s stances are based in lies.
    Or bullshit.

    I’m sure somewhere a ‘documentary’ film maker just lost his gig…

  4. Thank you Paul Dost for not criticizing, bashing, or doing something childish but creating an opportunity for to step up and do the right thing.

    IF this organization hope to gain any respect,they will.

  5. THIS petition from I signed!

    I also added to my signature my usual rant about the importance of doing our homework before we express an opinion, in order that we can KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. We see plenty of the same ‘Oops, I’m ignorant’ garbage around here as well, including from MDN itself.

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