What’s next in store for Apple?

“Is Apple losing its shine? Has the gloss rubbed off? I could go on, but you get it,” Mark Jones writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“There’s a distinct lack of unbridled excitement for iPad 3 (‘new iPad’ really is a very silly name),” Jones opines.

“Think of any other iPhone or iPad launch,” Jones writes. “Wall-to-wall gushing in the press, in pubs, dinner parties, offices.”

Jones scribbles, “Now? Not so much.”



MacDailyNews Take: Here’s a good rule for writers: If you’re going to attempt to B.S. your hapless readers, at least try to make it somewhat credible. The iPad reviews are the very definition of wall-to-wall gushing:

• Rush Limbaugh reviews new Apple iPad: ‘It is amazing, it really is; and we’re giving one away each day’ – March 20, 2012
• DisplayMate: New Apple iPad Retina display decisively blows away all other tablets – March 20, 2012
• Computerworld reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Gorgeous; the new king of the tablet hill’ – March 19, 2012
• Paul Thurrot reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The best tablet on the market by far; the only tablet currently worth considering’ – March 18, 2012
• PC Magazine reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The finest large-screen tablet; a truly gorgeous screen; Editor’s Choice’ – March 17, 2012
• Daring Fireball’s Gruber reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Pixels pixels pixels. Battery battery battery. Speed speed speed.’ – March 15, 2012
• Fox News’ Morris reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Easily the best tablet I’ve ever seen; a giant leap for connected mankind’ (with video) – March 15, 2012
• The Verge’s Topolsky reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Otherworldly; easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at’ – March 15, 2012
• NYT’s Pogue reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Incredibly sharp and clear; dazzling’ – March 15, 2012
• WSJ’s Mossberg reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The best tablet on the planet’ – March 15, 2012
• USA Today’s Baig reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The finest tablet you can buy – period’ – March 15, 2012

Jones writes, “So what’s going on? Is it the post-Steve Jobs era, where suddenly his magic has faded? I don’t buy it. The innovation machine at Apple is well oiled. My take is this: we’ve got gadget fatigue.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, you’ve got gadget fatigue. Apple’s got over 3 million new iPads sold in the first three days.

But Apple is “about to have their dominance challenged,” Jones writes. “The issue is that large companies who collectively employ millions of people in Australia are getting the app store bug. In their world, if you’ve just spent a tidy sum developing a custom app for employees, why on earth would you give Apple money to manage the process of getting it out to their mobile devices?”

“You wouldn’t, hence the birth of the company app store era. Deloitte, a multinational professional services company, is one of the companies that’s sniffed an opportunity here and recently acquired US-based mobile app developer Übermind. To me it’s a sign of a healthy market for both enterprise apps and private app stores,” Jones writes. “And the appeal of a private app store is clear: own the store, control the devices. For IT managers, long starved of control since the consumer gadget revolution ripped away their purchasing power, it’s like a breath of fresh digital air.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Next time, Mark, just write about what you’re writing about and don’t attempt to pad it upfront with five paragraphs of totally unsupported B.S.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. I do refer to the new iPad as the iPad 3. It is much easier to distinguish between the different models. To some degree I understand Apple’s move to erase the number. But since the iPhone and iPad are still such hot sellers (not that the iPod touch and iMacs etc. are just collecting dust on the shelves), I consider it beneficial if there is a number to keep them apart.

  2. I thought companies could deploy custom apps to iOS. Do they have to go through Apple to deploy custom apps? Do they have to go through the app approval process?

    1. A lot of companies make their own in house Apps. Apple does not approve them or charge 30% for them. No secret leaking there.

      The American armed forces, for example, do not let outsiders near their Apps until they’ve been translated into Arabic.

  3. To keep their jobs, reporters have to write a story every day. Most of the stories are what journalists call Moose poop. You don’t have to know what you’re talking about. Just invent a phoney controversy. Trust me, before I retired I was a reporter, a world class Moose pooper!

  4. You don’t understand those writers, they don’t write for normal people, they write for people that no mater what, they hate apple or they are in love (or Stockholm syndrome) with their company.
    So this so called “writers” they just write to give some “hope” to all those “anti apple” people.
    For normal people, those are low budget journalist of just people felling sad and lonely, but remember that for all the “Anti Apple” people, or fandroids, what ever those as sholes write, is Hope.. even if they are well aware it is all lies..

  5. Typical FUD from the small minded “tech” journalists at the SMH.
    They love their android crap & always look to have a shot at Apple.
    Embarrassed that he’s an Australian. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing he’s using vastly inferior crap, and may he continue to do so for many years to come. Actually, here’s a thought, wouldn’t it be great if FUD writers could be digitally scanned, iris, fingerprints & then software built into apple’s iOS that barred them from using any iOS product in the future. I can only dream.

  6. MDN is responsible for more Apple BS on a daily basis than any website I know. And now your complaining about others? Take a look in the mirror MDN – you’re a bunch of pathetic nobodies who can’t get proper journalist jobs so you write this shite day after day. Why not just have a huge banner at the top of your site “Beware we think the sun shines out of Apple’s arse”.

    1. Billy Goat Gruff has found another Troll.
      The truth is, we know the sun shines out of Apple’s arse & so do the consumers & investors.
      Now, get back under the bridge where you belong…..

  7. I think one of the issues with dropping the number is in the accessories. Example: I’ve been looking for a case for my 3rd gen iPad. I search for “new iPad case”. I get articles that are about the new iPad but they are old articles referring to the 1st gen before it came out, the 2nd gen right before it came out and also the 3rd gen. They were all considered the “new iPad” during the time the article was written.

    You can’t search for simply “iPad” because you get all 1st gen. I ended up typing iPad 3 and got many more specific hits. Just an annoyance and you get through it and you still have the best tablet on the market.

    Side note: as i’m searching for cases i get a kick out of the website menus that say “iPhone iPod iPad and then a seperate drop down menu for tablets that have kindle, nook, etc.”

  8. you don’t have to dig too deep into the apple dev program to find out that companies can deploy private apps without going through the apple store by purchasing a $300 dev. license. This guy is purely talking out his ass without doing research.

  9. Ok take this from an apple fan. In the family first gen iPad 2nd gen iPad 3rd too. Ok phone 3GS 4 4s. Ok then 3 various macs. Plus an original touch that’s just the stuff I have not retired

    Given that lets be real as to what to expect. Every year apple is going to introduce a new phone ad amazing as the first every year. Come on get real. You do not disrupt the entire phone biz every year. What you do is do,it once then you keep innovating and it you look,over thee years wow. Compare the first iPhone not the 3G which I had and upgraded to a 4s and wow what a difference. So g
    Let’s set expectations high but be reasonable. Still compared to the rest of the market Apple sets the standard. That is what matters.

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