Consumer Reports’ bombshell: New iPad runs hotter than predecessor but ‘not especially uncomfortable’

“Responding to numerous customer complaints, Consumer Reports has issued a report saying Apple Inc.’s new iPad runs hotter than its predecessor but that it was ‘not especially uncomfortable,'” Ian Sherr reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The new iPad can get as hot as 116 degrees Fahrenheit while performing processor-intensive tasks such as playing videogames or downloading files,” Sherr reports. “That temperature is 13 degrees more than the iPad 2,” Consumer Reports said.”

Sherr reports, “The results did vary a little when the device was plugged in, but Consumer Reports said it didn’t matter much. ‘During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands,’ Consumer Reports‘ Donna Tapellini said in a statement. ‘When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period.’ Consumer Reports‘ statement about the iPad’s heat didn’t mention whether or not the publication would recommend the device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You mean to say that even Consumer Reports‘ massive investigation and oh-so-scientific testing couldn’t turn up anything? The American Association of Class Action Ambulance Chasers are going to be mighty disappointed. No beach houses paid for by Apple this year!

Meanwhile, the subscribers of Consumer Reports await the announcement of the publication’s meaningless recommendation with full Depends.

What’s FUD, Inc. going to do now? Get Greenpeace and on the horn!

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  1. 13 degrees? Really. Would that higher temperature, if it truly was that, be so detrimental? I am sure there are other devices that could and have spiked higher than that amount.

    1. Um, 116 degrees is no walk in the park. It’s “not uncomfortable if held briefly”. That says a lot.

      Is it a game changer? No. But it’s worthy of mention and let’s face it, pretty darn hot.

      1. Yes. If its true then it’s true. Don’t know if it’s a game changer but it sure has the fanboys upset. But let’s face it, fanboys are hardly objective. Must be tough in their sheltered little world. Dumbshits.

          1. Well I’ve owned Apple products since the early 80’s and the stock for many years. Options these days as opposed to stock as it’s much more profitable at least has been for me dumbshit. Unlike something like you would come up with, I don’t claim to have purchased AAPL at $7. I doubt you even know the price of AAPL let alone how to purchase same? But really, being a fanboy is nothing to brag about. Fanboys have no objectivity regarding their obsessions. Thus they are immature. I’m a fan,supporter and owner of alll things Apple. Have been probably long before you were born, dumbshit. Hey, I think your mom’s calling you for lunch.

          2. Oh, and I’m using my new iPad to post this dumbshit. Works just fine. Just sharper than my original iPad and iPad 2. I have used Mac’s in my profession for 30 years how about you? But I guess you get the employee discount at Taco Bell? Nice! AAPL $609.02. My April 21 calls are ready to harvest. Tell mom you want her to upgrade the dial up.

  2. After rigorous, scientific testing — since our announcement this morning, we used it for most of the day without any gloves at all — we have determined that the new iPad gets warm.

    – Consumer Reports labs

  3. I’ve been using mine all morning. Cool as a cucumber.

    All of the usual news outlets have jumped on the bandwagon, of course. But this isn’t about FUD really anymore. It’s about media ratings. Pure and simple.

  4. Yeah, CNBC was pounding the table with the outrage this afternoon, Mandy the Aussie, and Brian the Irishman, were expressing the outrage and wondering if there would be a “recall”, as Brian kept saying it was “significant”.

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