FUD Alert: Consumer Reports to ‘investigate’ reports of iPad and ‘excess heat’

“An influential U.S. consumer watchdog is investigating online reports that Apple Inc’s new iPad throws off an unusually large amount of heat and will publish its findings later on Tuesday,” Reuters reports.

Consumer Reports, which reviews everything from electronics to cars, noticed comments on online forums and on Apple’s website about excessive heat from the new device, which went on sale Friday, and decided to look into the issue, a spokesman said,” Reuters reports. “The group will publish its findings on Tuesday after finishing a battery of tests, the spokesman added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: FUDtastic! This charade couldn’t be any more transparent.

Hey, whatever it takes to put AAPL on sale, right?

What took you so long, Consumer Reports? Your Hoverounds not charged up this morning? Misplaced your dentures? Bet when they heard about the “online reports” (read: FUD planted by Apple’s roadkill and/or stock market manipulators), everyone at Consumer Reports promptly filled their Depends.

“Influential U.S. consumer watchdog.” Who does Consumer Reports really influence, exactly? The media echo chamber never questions or reports, it just regurgitates and amplifies whatever horseshit the fake iPad maker and/or hedge fund planted, so we’ll tell you who Consumer Reports influences: Grandmas looking for their last vacuum cleaner.

We can’t wait to see Consumer Reports’ tests. “When placed on a heating pad turned up to 10, the iPad exhibited a noticeably hot surface. When rested on a hot water bottle, the iPad threw off an unusually large amount of heat. When set on a hot-plate upon which we had just boiled our daily prunes for mashing, the new iPad became strikingly hot to the touch. Therefore, even though the new iPad ranks highest in every category we measure (and several that we don’t), Consumer Reports cannot in good conscience recommend the new iPad. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which does not get hot during normal operation, remains Consumer Reports Top Pick, especially since neither we nor our readership can even see the iPad, much less its so-called ‘Retina display,’ nor do we know WTF an “App” even is.”

For the umpteenth time: Consumer Reports is a garbage publication, bird cage liner for bird-haters, an anachronism looking to ride Apple’s coattails to gin up free publicity as their readership is rapidly dying off and/or is already dead. Their ability to judge electronics of any kind is nil. If you subscribe, cancel immediately. Tell your friends and family to wake up, too.

Because we’ve been doing this for well over a decade now and have seen anti-Apple FUD deployed repeatedly to no avail, we told ya so already (twice):

Can’t compete? Spread bullshit that will ultimately have no impact on Apple nor assuage the pain of your abject failure. Like Mac Cube mold lines termed “cracks,” iPod “scratches,” iPhone antennas, Chinese labor, iPhone antennas again (try and try again and fail both times), trojans misrepresented as “viruses,” etc., this is nothing more than white noise that loudly announces the beginning of yet another new stretch of Apple roadkill.

This is the heat they really fear: Apple sells over 3 million new iPads in three days.

As we already wrote [even] earlier this morning:

FUD, Inc. works like clockwork. Watch for reports and forum posts that take what is a normally-operating, warmer-running iPad and conflate it into “overheating.” Anyone who does so works for Apple’s so-called “competition” or their PR firms/departments, or is being manipulated by them, or is simply seriously misinformed.

We’ve used both the original iPad and the iPad 2. We now use the new iPads and have been since Day One. They run slightly warmer because they are significantly more powerful and capable. Even after hours of continuous use, they are not “hot” to the touch, nor are they not performing as intended.

If this is the best the FUDsters can come up with this time, they are even more doomed than usual.

Here’s the statement that Apple just released this morning: “The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.” (via AllThingsD‘s Peter Kafka)

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  1. Big Apple fan and my first iPad changed my life. My new 64gb LTE version gets too hot. I don’t care about any measurement of the heat other than how it feels in my hands. Bottom line for me is that the device is no longer transparent. After emailing Apple, I received a very polite phone call and after discussing how I use the device they asked me to exchange my new iPad. The coolest part? They’re totally setting up the whole thing so I have zero downtime and almost no inconvenience.

  2. Apple has already sold over three million of the new iPads. If there was an actual over-heating problem that affected even 1-in-100 (1% of) customers, that’s over 30,000 angry customers. Even 1-in-1000 (over 3000) would cause a major stir…

    There would be reports of lines at Apple Store Genius Bars. There would be reports of Apple’s tech support phone lines being overloaded. People would be lining up to get a refund, not to buy. And you know the media would be all over it.

    It’s the same as “antenna-gate.” ACTUAL customers are happily (and quietly) using their coveted iPads, not complaining about non-existent problems.

  3. There was a time when CR was a useful and reliable resource. But as I reflect on that, that was 40 or 50 years ago, and I make the same judgment with regard to the credibility of the rest of the mass media outlets. FUD it is. Of course we can rely on the SEC to closely watch such stock manipulation. Right.

  4. I thought MDN was overreacting, but it seems they were right.

    Consumer reports is jumping on the FUD train already, because one report said the new iPad was a few degrees hotter than the previous model (but still within well within its safe temperature range in its specs), before doing any ‘investigation’ of there own. They must be more tech illiterate than Walter Isaacson!

  5. Be forwarned of any articles claiming a x% change in temperature. A reputable article will simply state the actual temperature change, and let the user determine if it is too hot. There is no % difference in temperature unless you wish to use the Kelvin scale (Absolute Zero as a baseline for zero energy), even then you will have many emails from physicists.

    Example of equivalent temperature changes expressed as a numerical percentage:
    80˚F to 90˚F = 12.5%
    27˚C to 32˚C = 18.5%
    300˚K to 305˚K = 1.7%

    I’m not sure if anything can feel “twice as hot” much less “10% hotter”. Those are extremely subjective terms. If you’re going to write about a scientific or mathematical fact, then go grab a scientist or mathematician, not your Calculator app.

    1. I am glad that you brought it up. I was just about to post the same thing. Percentage does not apply well to temperature unless you use the Kelvin scale but in this case, you are right that it is the human perception that is at play and it is about whether it creates any sensation of pain.

  6. Rush L. giving away iPads as prizes, Consumer Reports jumping to “investigate”, and Apple worth 18 times Dell … welcome time traveler to the post PC era!

  7. Lets get some perspective :-

    New iPad, operating temperature = 32˚C
    My Girlfriends body temperature = 37.5˚C

    My girlfriend’s too hot to handle, certainly; my new iPad on the other hand is positively frigid.

    1. When they couldn’t change their stand on antennagate after Apple proved that all cell phones had the same problem, they lost the right to be innocent until proven guilty.

  8. I have had not one issue with my iPad and am really starting to believe that fandroids just bombard Apple’s boards with exaggerations and lies just to provoke and agitate trouble! Even with my Yoobao leather case on my new iPad, running it all day and night, I have yet to feel this thing even get slightly warm, so where are all these complaints truly coming from… I also noticed that there some trying to claim they get horrible battery life, as well… I don’t know what the hell they are running, because I used my iPad from 7am, to 12am, and still had 34% juice to go, so what the hell are these people talking about… ?

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