Foxconn glad Mike Daisey’s lies exposed; says media hasn’t gone far enough in reporting truth

“Foxconn Technology Group, Apple Inc.’s largest supplier and the target of allegations of poor work conditions, welcomed a retraction of a U.S. radio program episode it said was based on lies,” Tim Culpan reports for Businessweek.

“‘I am happy that the truth prevails, I am glad that Mike Daisey’s lies were exposed. But I don’t think that the reports about this have gone far enough to find out what exactly is the truth,’ Louis Woo, spokesman for Taipei-based Foxconn said by phone,” Culpan reports. “‘People will have the impression that Foxconn is a bad company, so I hope they will come and find out for themselves,’ Woo said.”

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  1. Let’s see if Bill Maher retracts the story – he had Daisey on his show back in January, I think, trashing Apple and Foxconn.

    Worthless porker!

    1. I’m a fan of Maher but was disgusted by his interview with that lying greaseball, being completely taken in and not once considering the possibility he was full of s***. Than again, in Maher’s defence, he’s a comedian, not a journalist. Which doesn’t excuse those who are.

      1. I wasn’t disgusted but wondered about Daisey even before Bill had him on.

        lets hope he retracts, or at least acknowledges that Daisey was full of it.

      2. There are many things I agree with Maher about, but he strikes me as a royal pr!ck, misogynist, Likud Party apologist (talks up going to war with Iran), etc. I could never imagine being friends with someone like him. Blech.

      3. So he’s a comedian, (in your opinion) so that gives him license to be a total lying bastard? Rush Limbaugh was lambasted (rightfully so) over stupid comments but he’s not a journalist either. He’s simply an entertainer just like Maher. Maher didn’t verify anything Daisey purported to be factual because he doesn’t give a shit. Maher is a dick. And he’s an unfunny dick.

  2. Foxconn’s public indignance seems to be coming a little late, suggesting there was a kernel of truth to the story. Let’s see how open they really are. The sudden presence of their “bring it on” bravado may come back to haunt them!

    1. I doubt that Foxconn had ever heard of Daisey before this week. Apple is who should have brought it up sooner. Oh, wait, they did, too, to the people who were reporting his drivel as fact. As for the “bring it on”, that happened a few months ago, too.

    2. if Foxconn or apple had publicly said anything before American Life’s retraction they would have come off as bullies against one small guy or as fools defending themselves against an actor…

      there would be more idiots like those ‘grannies against apple’ marching outside apple stores defending ‘dear Mike Daisey the Hero standing against the giants’ and bonks more news shows would have Daisey as a guest and he would have sold more tickets.

  3. Don’t hold your breath the media in this country sucks? It’s either the lefts slant or the rights slant and neither side has an interest in the truth as its all political posturing. The reality of what is, more often becomes “we feel this is the case” so we just report how we feel. Nothing new here. It’s a sad joke news in the USA is controlled by so few. Could Apple make it stop sure do what google does and fill the pockets of the people that control the ink and talking heads. Not cool at all. I’m sure it is far worse in other places in the world.
    Just sad to see it here in this country to such an extent.

  4. The part that really gets me is how many people really believe Bill Maher in anything! The bigger the lie the more people believe him and the more money he makes.

    Thanks HBO for Bill!

    1. Are kidding? You know how many high school and college students think The Daily Show is the nightly news? I think Jon Stewart is a funny guy, and I love satire. It just saddens me when there are so many that take Stewart’s bits as real news, not realizing that it’s all a big setup for the punchline. Jon never let’s truth and accuracy get in the way of a good punchline, and Maher is just the same.

  5. It’s too bad there way too many people who actually believe that whatever a comedian says is true. A comic is a comic, which means that he or she is usually full of shit. Mauler need to retract and from now on, open his monologue with a statement: “Hi I’m a comedian. Not a scholar, not a scientist, not a Mayor, Congressman, Cop, CIA, FBI, INTERPOL, MI5 no I’m a comedian. Which means that what I do is full of shit to make you laugh. So please do not to take me seriously even when I try to use my popularity as a comedian to push my political agenda.”

  6. Sadly, people are focusing their venom on the wrong targets. Dxxxxx Daisey is continuing his show, claiming the interpreter forgot things which he, two years later, now remembers. I heard her interview in full and there is one comment she said I don’t remember but it’s highly unlikely workers from small provinces would speak English. So he continues his rant, and, sadly, he will never be sued for libel, fined and jailed (and deprived of ding-dongs).
    Speaks well of Apple that they didn’t go after him, a very smart PR move not to give him a bigger platform than all the media is now offering him.
    He’s a perfect subject for North Park, SNL, Adult Swim, Simpsons, Limbaugh (a huge Apple fan), Maddow and so many others. Wonder if any will step up to the plate…(hah)

  7. the really sickening thing about Mike Daisey is that he is criticizing others for being not ethical when he has no ethics himself.

    the gall of that man!

    Imagine a pastor STILL going up on stage condemning adultery when yesterday he was found to be cheating on his wife with numerous women…

  8. The thing that I can’t understand, is why his monologue show is receiving rave reviews.

    I haven’t seen the show, but have seen excerpts (presumably highlights) on TV. He seemed to be really whiney. Why anyone would sit in a theatre listening to a fat, ugly slob sitting at a desk whining endlessly about Apple for hours, is beyond me.

    Before Daisey was exposed as a liar, I knew he didn’t give a crap about Chinese workers. He was like a blogger whoring for page hits. All he was interested in, was using Apple to put bums on seats to his god damn awful, whiney show.

  9. LOL, I’m no saint, but this moron is making money about ethical behavior and he gets busted for unethical behavior? LOL I don’t know who’s dumber. The news media that fell for his shenanigans or his audience that continue to give them their money and applaud him. It’s like saying to the world: “Hey I’m really stupid and can’t tell a lie from the truth, here is my money so you can make me look even more stupider” ahahaha

  10. The employees at Foxcon, (Foxcon makes nearly all the different brand of computers etc. that are sold in the USA) are happy to work at all.
    Would the employees rather live in a cave?

    More than 30 million Chinese people live in caves, many of them in Shaanxi province where the Loess plateau, with its distinctive cliffs of yellow, porous soil, makes digging easy and cave dwelling a reasonable option.

    Each of the province’s caves, yaodong, in Chinese, typically has a long vaulted room dug into the side of a mountain with a semicircular entrance covered with rice paper or colorful quilts. People hang decorations on the walls, often a portrait of Mao Tse-tung or a photograph of a movie star torn out of a glossy magazine.

      1. So is Socialism, Marxism, LIberalism, Progressivism, Democratism, Statism, Dictatorshipism….. They all head towards the same thing – COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!

        Conservatives will put a stop to that this November by voting the wanabe commies out!!!!!

        1. Yeah, and then we can have bald totalitarianism with elitism on top hiding a behindconservative facade instead of a liberal facade, which of course makes all the difference and is the solution to everything.

        2. Like ‘Conservatives’ didn’t invent Fascism, Totalitarianism, Theocracy, Neo-Con-Job-ism, Corporate Welfare, Corporate Oligarchism, Miss-Spell-ism (heeheehee).

          Stupid rulz BOTH ends of the brain dead 1 dimensional political spectrum. Have fun with that ‘truism’.

  11. Louis Woo, spokesman for Taipei-based Foxconn can BITE ME. I don’t give a crap what nasty Foxconn has to say about anything. IT’S APPLE who improved working conditions at Foxconn over a year and a half ago. So please Mr. Woo, STFU.

    Fact: Foxconn are building future factories out among the peasantry of China, criminal nation, where the people don’t have such high expectations of pay or working conditions. IOW: Foxconn are exploitative of workers and have NOTHING to do with improvements at factories building Apple equipment. Foxconn is merely a happily complying vehicle of the Slave Wage Labor Movement we Americans insist upon for our cheap goods. Happily, Apple expects a bit more than Foxconn’s standard form of slave wage labor. Thank you Apple.

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