Apple Store Fifth Avenue sells over 18 new iPads per minute in first 12 hours

“During today’s call on cash dividends, Apple CEO Tim Cook wouldn’t divulge any sales figures for the new iPad launch,” Ross Miller reports for The Verge.

“He did, however, call it a ‘record weekend,'” Miller reports. “While we still don’t have anything quantitative by way of Cupertino, we’ve spoken with multiple trusted sources who have ballparked some figures from Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store.”

Miller reports, “Within the first 12 hours of the iPad’s launch — between 8AM and 8PM local time — the store sold over 13,000 new iPads, an average of about 18 per minute.”

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    1. Consider that they are skinny.

      Also consider that there was a line still at Apple’s Rockaway store in New Jersey where I got my wife her iPad Saturday night and Sunday late afternoon, there were still lines at the Willow Brook Apple store where we went to get her a cover for her iPad the next day. And Apple still had stock and kept selling those iPads for 3 days in a row.

      They always tell us, we could have sold more if we could have made more. I believe them!

      1. apple could have easily rented an empty store for a week/month just to store them. and just transported a pallet at a time to the store.

        Someone can measure the iPad box, and figure put how many fit on a standard 4′ pallet… 13000 wouldn’t take up that much space.

        1. Would it be unreasonable to assume pallet of iPads would be 24 units high, and 6 x 4 units wide? 13,000 units would be about 23 fairly small pallets. That’s not a lot of space, under 400 sq. ft if not stacked vertically, but I bet its about 8 million in sales.

          1. just using a standard 48 x 40 pallet, and your numbers (pretty damn good guess IMO.)
            23 pallets, would EASILY fit in a typical Semi Trailer. single stack..
            thats not hard at all to deal with.

            iPad box dimensions for anyone wanting to do their own math.
            10″ x 7 3/4″ x 1 3/4″

            24 units high wouldn’t even be 4 feet tall.. 576 iPads per pallet.

            Granted we both are pretty much pulling numbers out of our ass… Apple could be shipping them on a different size pallet, and more/less than the figures we are screwing around with.

            Bottom line: 13000 iPads in one store in one 12 hour period?
            I believe it.

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