Hands-on with Apple’s new iPad and why to consider a WiFi-only model

“I always thought that the iPad 2 had a great screen — until I got my hands on the new (3rd generation) iPad,” Larry Magid reports for forbes.

“Now, all of a sudden the text and graphics on that ‘old’ iPad seem a little fuzzy,” Magid reports. “No complaints — the iPad 2 remains a great tablet, as does the first generation, but after viewing it next to the new one, I can see why my colleague Walt Mossberg wrote that ‘Using the new display is like getting a new eyeglasses prescription.'”

Magid reports, “But before buying a 4G model, consider getting a Wi-Fi version and a separate device that allows you to generate your own Wi-Fi signal. All the major cell carriers offer devices like the MiFi which are capable of picking up 3G or 4G signals and creating their own hotspots. The advantage is that one device and one service plan provides data service to all your devices — your iPad, your laptop, even your home PC or game console if you want it to. Of course, it’s a bit less convenient than having 4G built-in, but it’s cheaper and more versatile.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


          1. I think the iPhone’s GPS will send coordinates to the iPad one every minute or something. I could be wrong, but I recall reading that somewhere. Then again I also recall reading that someone tested it and it didn’t work, so I don’t recall, but I think that’s what Johnny Appleseed was referring to.

  1. Except that you have to sign a contract to get the MiFi or similar devices, whereas with the iPad you can elect to use it one month and not the next if you choose.

  2. Ok, so yet again drag out another device…
    And another cord to charge said device…
    And 99% of the time I’m on the iPad cause…. Get this… I’m not using my MBP or iMac… Shocker.

    I bring the iPad so I don’t have to carry the MBP with me. My iPad damn near replaces my MBP. So now I should only get the wifi, and leave it at home.. Drag my MBP and a 4g device and set them up…

    Ok I considered the wifi only like the article asks. And decided I don’t want to go backwards.

      1. and toss my unlimited plan..

        But I’d you didn’t have the unlimited plan, it’s cheaper to use the iPhone with tethering than pay for an extra device..
        The guy is just an idiot.

  3. Two things I’ve noticed so far..it gets pretty warm..and some apps (iBooks, Jump) are buggy with the new resolution. Real Racing HD is pretty choppy too. Can’t wait till developers optimize over the next few weeks.

  4. Most people don’t consider the battery life the MiFIs. Nothing competes with the battery life of an iPad with 4G/LTE at 9 hours. My mobile hotspot from the cell companies has never gotten even 2 hours of battery life and it’s a mess to carry the charger. Absolutely get a 4G/LTE iPad if you can.

  5. Must be nice to get your iPad, but for those of us who were relying on UPS, not such good news. They’ve been deliberately delaying delivery, in some cases sitting on the packages for as long as 5 days in en-route locations. NOT what Apple wanted or intended, I’m sure

    1. I feel ya. I’m sitting at a FedEx waiting for the driver to get here. This after spending the day at home, waiting, with the signed leave at my door note I downloaded from Apple/FedEx, and another note explaining that I am home but that the call box doesn’t work, do just knock. Then I checked outside every 20 minutes and the last time I checked there’s the FedEx slip next to my note saying sorry we missed you come get your package after 5:30.

      At least I’m not alone. There’s now a huge iPad line forming.

      1. when I placed my order I saw the “pick up in store” option.. It took me about 3 seconds to decide to pick it up at the Apple store.
        Too many UPS/FedEx F-ups to deal with them on the iPad.

        Walked into the Apple Store today about 5, and had zero problems.
        I have not purchased iPhoto for iOS yet so I was playing with it on a new iPad. Impressive to say the least.

        Retina on an iPad, you don’t even have to put an iPad 2 next to it to see how great it is… But when you do put them side by side. um… iPad 2 looks bad 🙂

  6. You guys need to learn to read. What Larry gave was an option. I use my iPhone as a hotspot and it is super convenient. Once you make the connection the first time, all future connections are simple. The cost of having multiple data plans (if I understand it correctly) is basically doubling your cost. So, at $30/mo that equates to $360/year. In two years you just paid for an iPad.

  7. The iPad + 4G is a mobile hotspot.

    Mobile Hotspot Service is $50 a month (5GB) for 24 months. That’s $1200 without taxes. The iPad + 4G has no contract options and hotspot capabilities up to the 5GB a month plans and no need to carry a second device.

    1. I was thinking exactly this when I pre-ordered my 3rd Gen 64GB 4G unit, with the iPad there is no contract and with the other device you have another monthly charge, I would rather only pay if I need the data which I don’t usually because most places that I go have Wi-Fi.

  8. Even though I rarely use 3G, my ISP offers subscribers an iPad SIM for $1 a month with 150MB of data – perfect for those odd occasions when I need it, plus plenty cheap enough to keep activated all the time.

  9. Ok, consider it a lining time ago, my complaints:
    Mifi device:
    -Another device!
    -Another charger to haul. iPad uses my iPhone charger or the iPad charge my iPhone.
    -Battery life is not great. iPad built in lasts longer iPad.
    -Service contract for two years. iPad Month to month.
    No GPS. Have maps I use during hiking or camping.

    -Sorry, but I think not. This is the kind of numnuts

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