Why Apple’s iPad is more important than television

“In a predictable pattern, demand for Apple’s [AAPL] iPad is already ‘off the charts,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“That’s great for the company, but I think the iPad will also be remembered for having as seismic a cultural impact as the television set did when it was introduced, generating new creative industries,” Evans writes. “This is an opportunity to ‘Think Different’ about creativity. Apple now has a mobile ecosystem that’s second to none and this virtual world offers new opportunities for creative expressions spanning all the disciplines of the liberal arts.”

Evans writes, “This is important because it means Apple is potentially bigger than television.”

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    1. It really isn’t hard to understand. iPads can get media content any time any where from the media source using the internet and even using Apple’s iCloud. In general, your TV set is tethered to the cable middle man that smothers it with adds and forces you to watch the media when they say so. Things are about to change and the AppleTV iOS device can get it or get it pushed to it from your personal iOS devices or Mac computers so you can watch it on the big HDTV when you want to. So, media and more when you want it, on your terms, with less commercials, … It really isn’t hard to understand and anyone can be a media source with little money invested. Have you see Glen Beck’s GBTV yet? Source to internet to viewer.

  1. The ad that came up when I read this page was pretty ironic. ‘Dummies Make Everything Easier’, featuring Excel 2010, PowerPoin 2010t, Windows 7, and Office 2010. I can understand why these would be popular tomes for dummies.

      1. The information inside those books might be amazing, but I’ll never know because I can’t support something marketed as “for dummies”. The title pretty much states, “You’re stupid, so buy this.” How do recommend it to a friend without disparaging them? How do I keep it on my bookshelf or read it in public without advertising that I’m a moron? The brand is just too insulting for me to not seek alternatives.

        1. The books are branded and marketed that way.
          Yet, I do not believe it was intentionally insulting.

          I prefer to ‘think different’ and see the branding as – simplified knowledge – lowering the information to a level that is plain enough English so the masses can comprehend.

          And having done so, these books have been extremely successful. Interestingly; Apple has had similar success with iOS is a simplified OSX – the agenda was intended for the consumers – the computer or the device for the REST of US.

          So is that insulting too to you?
          I would imagine not.
          Some of the most brilliant people use Macs and Apple iDevices.
          And like the masses, they all agree, the things – just simply work.

          1. Astute to notice the similarity with Apple, I hadn’t thought of that, but still the brand has to be off-putting to a lot of people. Maybe they should run a new line rebranding their books as “for intelligent and sophisticated people who want to grasp the essentials of a complex subject but lack the time for an expert treatment, but would however benefit from a cogent summary of the subject’s main points of interest to society at large”—never mind.

        2. – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

          In grade school we made covers to protect our books; you could do the same and in public you won’t feel inferior.

  2. The iPad is definitely a revolutionary device, but will it have a bigger cultural impact than television? That’s debatable and it’s still way too early to tell.

    If anything, the iPhone would be the Apple device to earn that distinction. Remember the world of mobile communications/entertainment before the iPhone came out?

    1. I think Airplay between the iPad and the TV erases the boundaries between the two, and will do so more and more each passing year.

      It reminds me of how AAPL is shifting the “digital hub” from the PC to the cloud where the PC becomes just another device. In similar manner, the “content hub” (not sure what to call it here) that is the TV is being shifted or melded with the iPad and the cloud, and the TV is becoming just another screen option.

      Gotta kill a few incumbent players before that happens, but it’s moving that way.

  3. iPad, more important then Television.
    Its a wonderful thought. I have to agree.

    Then I have to wonder also, will Apple make a TV? Does Apple need too?

    For me the convergence already happened with the metallic iMac 27″. The SmartTV era is here. I accept the size and content off the internet for my entertainment centre in my home. Internet is my cable. And the iMac is a beautiful design truly welcoming to anyones living room. Why do I need Xbox, an HDTV and a iPad in the house, when I think the iMac is all those things already.

    If only Apple, offers, say a bigger iMac with Siri and add improvements like HDMI and other video connectivity (ie. cable perhaps) and add Audio expansion for surround sound… then iMac will please more consumers as the iTV or aTV.

  4. Television- the real time transmission of video and audio via transmitter and receiver, is a benchmark that will not be set aside. What commercial and other interests have done with this technology is another matter, and most of it does need to be supplanted, if not drawn and quartered.

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