Jim Cramer: I’ll buy Apple’s new iPad

Apple’s new iPad will be on sale tomorrow and Jim Cramer will be waiting to buy it.

Jim Cramer explains why he wants the new iPad with TheStreet’s Debra Borchardt along with referencing the latest reviews:

• WSJ’s Mossberg reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The best tablet on the planet’ – March 15, 2012
• NYT’s Pogue reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Incredibly sharp and clear; dazzling’ – March 15, 2012
• USA Today’s Baig reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The finest tablet you can buy – period’ – March 15, 2012
• The Verge’s Topolsky reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Otherworldly; easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at’ – March 15, 2012

Source: TheStreete


      1. In one respect or another, Ken, everyone is. Only a fool or a liar believes he (or she) is without sin or criminality to one degree or another. (Let me have an hour or two with your last 5 federal tax returns, and I’ll prove my point.)

  1. Wow what an endorsement! Most of what this blubbering idiot says is almost never right! Just track his recomendation performance. Would this really have made a news worthy story if John Smith made the statement!
    He really going out on a limb with this one isn’t he. Every well respected review has already given their stamp of approval on this great device. Pretty easy to be a me too!

  2. The bubbly, starry-eyed fanboy reviews of the new iPad didn’t impress me; I had been holding out for a Windows 8 tablet…but if JIM CRAMER buys the new iPad, I’m in!

    1. Your posts usually portray you as a thoughtful, intelligent person. I am very curious as to why you would want a Windows 8 tablet? What would you expect to do with it that you can’t do with an iPad?

      1. Oh, I’m so embarrassed. Sorry, 313c7ro! I forgot the /s tag for sarcasm.

        But I am interested to see if a Windows 8 tablet runs full-strength Excel properly—I’m dubious, though. And if Microsoft releases a decent version of Excel for iPad, that would be a boon, and also a smart move for Microsoft as they would be promoting Office on both hardware platforms; if they did that, they’d be signaling a return to their core business, software, instead of bumbling with hardware…we’ll soon see if Steve Ballmer can see beyond the end of his nose.

        1. Thanks janeshepard. I guess you have tried Numbers on the iPad and didn’t like it for something. I have used numbers for some very sophisticated and complex spreadsheets and was pleased.

          1. Oh, have you now? Perhaps I should invest some time looking into Numbers. No, I hadn’t tried it. What I meant to say was that I didn’t care to discard my hard-won Excel chops just for the sake of going mobile. I don’t fear a new learning curve, though. You have made me think. It is I who should thank you.

  3. I swear there is not a subject or person mentioned that is not attacked within minutes. What kind of world do we live in? I will add in Cramer’s defense that three years ago he was touting AAPL and I bought 1,000 shares. Well he is still touting apple and I am glad I listened. Perhaps he isn’t always right, but he was and is about AAPL. Pllus he is entertaining to watch. If you hate him you do not have to watch him. There are so many haters on Apple, haters on everything. Cheer up folks, everyone is not evil or stupid.

    1. Well said, HughB. A couple of years ago Cramer told everyone that AAPL was going to hit 300 in the next few months . . . and almost without dissent MDN posters crapped down his throat. 300? NEVER, they said, one and all. Well, whatever his past transgressions may be, Cramer knows AAPL. Period. And those who followed his advice with this equity are much richer for it. (Isn’t it wonderful, though, to feel superior in one way or another to someone who has earned more status and wealth than we have, such as Jim Cramer?)

    2. Being correct once in a while is not what those who criticize Cramer are talking about. He’s a manipulator. And, criticizing Cramer has NOTHING to do with “hate”. I don’t “hate” anything or anyone. I can’t even understand the emotion tied to “hate”. I watch Cramer, and I watch CNBC, but I think it’s important that people know Cramer for what he is, an entertaining manipulator. Criticism is not “hate”.

    3. Hugh…. That’s funny because he recommended appl and bashed it back and forth a few years ago. You must have been listening on the right day.

      I remember an interview where he sad almOst in tears, saying without Jobs, there is no apple…

      The next week he was singing a different tune.

      Two faced!

  4. What’s wrong with you guys. Rim is under valued.

    Apple is way over priced. The last time I used an apple product was the Mac 512 in elementary school when they had good products. Now all their products are crap.

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