Foxconn: The fire that wasn’t

“Over the past month, media reports have made Foxconn the icon of Chinese labor suffrage,” Brad Hall writes for TheStreet. “Headlines from The Telegraph (March 7) read ‘iPhone Workers Beg Apple for Better Working Conditions.’ Daily Tech wrote, ‘Employees at Apple’s Hellish Foxconn Factory Feel Life is ‘Meaningless’.’ Sounds like a scary place.”

“My office building shares a property line with Foxconn’s largest plant in Shenzhen. Every night I see Foxconn employees at restaurants,” Hall explains. “They seem happy, but after reading many articles, I’ve come to view them with pity. Yet, friends who work as consultants to Foxconn tell me that working conditions are quite good.”

Hall writes, “One thing is certain — the media is not telling you the truth.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Elsic1975a” for the heads up.]


    1. Jeez, this is a shock. Maybe Apple’s competitors had something to do with it as well? MS? Samsung? It was obvious to anyone with independent thought that this was rigged to make Apple look bad. That and a bunch of camping/defecating #occupiers that wanted to save the world from evil Apple.

  1. Really? OMG, I’m so shocked!

    When was it ever the media’s job to report truth? Truth rarely sales or causes hits. It’s the train wreak theory, no one really wants it but we just can stop looking.

    I’m so shocked.

  2. A long time ago, journalist had ethics. They took time to research and verify information.
    In the age of blogs, no one cares about ethics or factual information.
    Run with rumors, “print” whatever will generate hits(therefore increasing ad revenue).

    Who is naive enough to believe any “news” organization isn’t just throwing out biased pap designed to generate ad revenue without offering any informative value or truth?

    1. I hate to burst your bubble, but “journalistic ethics” has always been a bit of a contradiction in terms. Newspapers have been hyping sensationalist stories for as long as there have been newspapers.


  3. Mainstream journalism? With headlines blaring “hellish” factories, “meaningless” lives, worthy of Mr. Upton Beall Sinclair and Mr. William Randolph Hearst? Biggest scoop since Watergate?

    Due diligence, my ass.

  4. Ethics have always played a poor second to circulation in Journalism. Historically the highest circulation papers were those that sensationalized, even fabricated, the “news”. Yellow journalism is alive and well. Both publishing icons (Pulitzer and Hurst) thrived on yellow journalism. It is ironic that the Pulitzer prize is given for “true” journalism.

  5. The arrests being made over the phone hacking in scumbag Murdoch’s shitty little news rags here in the UK show how low ‘journalists’ will crawl just to get a story and sell papers.

  6. Who cares about their work conditions. Theyre Chinese for crying out loud… That is the way of life in China.. If they want a better life, they should all skip out on a raft and taker over another country like the parasites they are

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