Microsoft retail store moving in one door over, Apple Retail Store moving on up

“On the day that Microsoft announced the grand opening of a retail store one door away from the Stanford (N. Calif.) Apple mini-store, there is confirmation that the Apple store will eventually pull out, and move into a full-size space about 500 feet away in the same mall,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“The double-move demonstrates Microsoft’s strategy to directly confront Apple as it expands its retail chain, and Apple’s intention to expand or renovate its targeted stores to maintain a balance of power,” Allen reports. “Today Microsoft said its Stanford store will open April 19th, attended by former NFL player Jerry Rice, and followed two days later by a Maroon 5 music concert. Tickets to the concert will be given out during the Microsoft store grand opening.”

MacDailyNews Take: Free concert tickets are the only way Microsoft can generate fake crowds for their fake stores.

Allen reports, “Last year tipsters said the Stanford store would move into the former spaces of Williams-Sonoma and two other smaller retailers, occupying about 8,400 square-feet. A lease plan now shows ‘Apple’ in the new space.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Took a whole lotta tryin’,
Just to get up that hill.
Now we’re up in the big leagues…

Well we’re movin on up…
We finally got a piece of the pie.


  1. MS management and employees are the butt of jokes regarding these so called MS Stores. People who walk by snicker and just laugh at this whole stupid effort from MS. LOL…. Pathetic!!!

    1. Once Apple leaves this side of the mall with the Microsoft Store will resume it’s normal cricket concert. It’s a wonder why more Microsoft Store employees don’t kill themselves more often out of self-loathing and realizing you’ve hit bottom. I mean you gotta have no self-respect to work in a place like the MS Snore, err, Store. Only thing it’s good for is to catch a few winks in all the peace and quiet.

  2. Between this insane retail strategy and the kludgy mess that is Windows 8, it really seems like Microsoft has a death wish. They are working almost as hard as RIM to commit corporate suicide.
    Buh-bye, MS.

  3. While the current Apple Store at Stanford Shopping Center is really like a small closet, they have conducted classes under some beautiful shade trees near flowing water and a fountain. We took an iPad class there and enjoyed it very much. However, it will be nice to go into a much bigger store and be away from Microsoft.

  4. Now, tell me that Balmer will show up and be the main attention shouting “Developers, developers, ahhh…Oh!, Customers, Customers, Customers.”

    Then once Balmer, the rock show and freebees are finished off, Balmer is long gone and the MStore looks like a graveyard.

  5. That’s the first I heard that Apple is moving to a new location at the Stanford Shopping Center. At the same time, they’re moving the one on University to the old Z Gallery location. That’s going to be two new full sized stores less than a mile from each other.

  6. I remember Maroon 5 had a free performance at the Apple Store in SOHO some time around 2008.

    It is funny how Micro$ucks is 4 years behind and not so much creative as they are copying what Apple does… It is one thing to be #2 but it is another knowing that you are only #2 because you are just blindly trying hard to follow the #1.

  7. It’s like the stalker moving next door only to discover you moved first.

    Of course once Apple moves they’re banking on people thinking they’re Apple since they’re in almost the same spot… That’s funny right there.


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