Apple: Samsung violated court order, give us the source code of patent infringing devices

“Apple has accused Samsung of failing to comply with a court order handed down last year, after Samsung was forced to hand over the source code to Cupertino relating to its patent infringing devices, like the Galaxy Tab 10.1,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet.

“Samsung ‘only partially complied with’ a previous court order, Apple said in a filing in a San Jose, California federal court, after only one of the devices’ source code was handed over to the technology super-giant for inspection,” Whittaker reports. “The deadline for handing over the code was December 31, but with a trial date set for August 25, it doesn’t give Apple enough time, the filing said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Heel-dragging slavish copier.


  1. It takes Samsung a long time to decipher Apple’s source code they stole, then figure out how to change it in such a way as to appear to be their own creation. Global renaming and whitespace reformatting != original code.

  2. Just one of the myriad tactics employed by Android OEMs to keep their knock-offs on the market. Whether it’s not complying with court orders, countersuing with patents irrelevant to Apple’s claims – or buying them from Google – or bombing Apple with Korean language documents days or even hours before hearings, these scumbags need to be dragged kicking and screaming into compliance. I’m glad Apple is doing what it takes to keep the pressure on and I can only hope the courts are taking notice of how antagonistic these manufacturers are being throughout the process.

  3. I must say that I have difficulty reconciling in my mind that the SAME COMPANY – Samsung – is involved with Apple in two diametrically opposite ways: 1) Competing and suing aggressively and 2) a supplier of Apple components and, as we now understand, of very critical “Retina” displays for Apple’s new iPad. While “business is business,” this seems like a very strange relationship – one that I really don’t understand. While the contact between Apple and Samsung may be through different divisions, it is still the same name, same corporate management, and same ultimate ownership. It would be difficult to carry on a loving marital relationship and, at the same time, beat your wife – I would think.

    1. DaleE… that is OK if you don’t understand. You have to look at it in a different way… Apple is not suing Samsung but rather the part of Samsun that has to do with Tablets/Phones that are based on Android. Apple has nothing against Samsung but rather with parts of Samsung that has Google’s finger prints on them.

    2. As a New Yorker, one may hate Bostonians, refusing to have anything to do with them, but still have nothing against Massachusetts, and may even have a general fondness for the United States of which they are all a part. Samsung’s mobile phone and tablet operations are like the Bostonians.

    1. Not for awhile. Many of the patents Apple has been successful with thus far are easily worked around, such as the slide to answer patent.

      The important thing to remember is that Android is not just Samsung or HTC or Motorola smartphones, but millions of lower-level Android handsets are sold in Asia, the Middle East, and other developing countries. They don’t do all the things Android on Samsung does, for example, and most of those users aren’t buying apps either. But because Android is free, it is snatched up and installed on those phones.

      While that serves to inflate Android’s worldwide sales numbers, it doesn’t put much money in anyone’s pockets. So Apple really doesn’t care about the low end phone market, because Apple has no intention of selling anything iOS related there.

  4. Anyone else notice this language…

    the technology super-giant

    Poor little Shamedung gets manhandled by the technology super-giant

    Leave it to ZCrapnet to spin.

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