Apple’s new iWallet patent hints at new killer app

“iWallet may be to iPhone 5 what Siri was to iPhone 4S,” Nigam Arora reports for Forbes.

“As the world is focused on the new iPad from Apple (AAPL) and most of the speculation centers around iTV, the next big thing for Apple may be iWallet,” Arora reports. “Apple already has millions of credit card numbers on file. Apple may introduce the next big killer app iWallet along with iPhone 5.”

Arora reports, “On March 6, 2012, without much fanfare the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple Patent Number 8,127,982. The patent is disguised under the title ‘Parental controls’ and perhaps this is the reason it has not received much attention. A careful reading shows that iWallet is more of a reality than generally thought.”

Read more in the full article here.

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