Apple runs out of launch-day new iPads in US; pushes delivery date to March 19

“Following international stockouts, the US Apple Store now dry of new iPad stock,” Electronista reports.

“Orders for any version, regardless of capacity, color, and wireless, now only have a promise they will ship by March 19,” Electronista reports. “The date is roughly the same as in other countries and points to Apple having a second major shipment ready for most countries.”

Electronista reports, “International shipments have seen the gap widen to as much as two to three weeks for numerous countries, not just the UK.””

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN,

    The headline is wrong, the delivery date on current orders isn’t March 19, the “ships by” date is March 19. There is a big difference between ship date and delivery date.

    1. Not going to happen. MDN just blasted the NY Times for fixing one of their incorrect headlines. Apparently, they have some strange opinion that says misinformation in headlines should remain unfixed.

    1. A record breaking million. There’s your answer.

      Either it’ll be more than apple has ever sold, or they will have been gobbled up in record time.

      Both would indicate epic demand 🙂

  2. Either demand isn’t up the iPad 2 levels, or Apple significantly ramped up production on the new iPad to avoid the issues that have plagued the last two launches.

    My hunch is the latter.

  3. For once, I am an early adopter! I couldn’t wait. And several people have already made me promise to bring my new iPad to work on Monday the 19th so that they can try it out.

    Apple is going to sell a whole lot of new iPads this year. A Whole Lot…

    1. Yes they are. I’m going to keep my 1st gen as a loaner, to get people hooked. I’m afraid when my DW sees the new iPad, her iPad 2 will become very available as well. Just hope she lets me buy her a new one, instead of just swiping mine, like she did with the first gen. Took months to sell her on having two.

  4. Didn’t the same thing happen with the RIM Playbook & Shamstung Galaxy Tablet when they came out…? Oh waitaminute – NOPE!!! (Cut to: Lonely warehouses stacked to the brim with shipped but unsold cobwebbed tablets & sound of crickets.)

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