Oh, no! What will Apple do when the Indium runs out in 2017?

There’s “a slightly silly piece at the BBC that claims that Apple and all other electronics companies are going to have terrible problems when indium runs out in 2017,” Tim Worstall writes for Forbes. “My apologies but these sorts of articles make me rather angry: this isn’t as bad as some, I’ll give the BBC that but it still ignores the most basic thing that you need to know about metals and minerals: about all the things we dig up out of the ground in fact.”

“Now the reporter, Gaia Vince, has in fact got correct what will happen if we actually do run out of indium: we’ll substitute for it. However, we do need to make clear that to an economist substitution doesn’t mean just using something else,” Worstall writes. “There’s a serious error made being made here though about ‘running out by 2017.’ We don’t in fact run out of minerals, we never run out of minerals or the metals that we extract from them. They just become more expensive. That might well prompt us to substitute them which of course means again that we never run out of them.”

Worstall writes, “Published reserves are those amounts that everyone knows are there, are recoverable at current prices. Further, the amounts that someone has spent the money to prove are there. And it’s that last which is the reason that published reserves of everything seem to run out in 30-50 year’s time. Because no one bothers to spend the money proving minerals reserves available for longer than that. Why bother (and it’s an expensive process) to prove absolutely that there’s 150 years, not 50 years, available at this one mine?”

“What you do is say here’s the reserves I’ve proven and then over there, well, it looks like there’s a lot more but we’ll spend money to prove it in a decade or two’s time,” Worstall writes. “Which in turn means that published reserve numbers for any metal or mineral are not what we should use if we want to talk about binding resource constraints. For that’s not what they are, they are economic constraints: here’s the amount that we know absolutely is there at today’s (or likely future) prices using today’s technology to extract it.”

Worstall writes, “Umm, yes, I do get angry, angry at length obviously, at journalists (and environmentalists) not understanding this point.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


          1. November 2012-Headline, Liberal “Masterminds” shown the exit door after landslide loss for their DEAR LEADER. Reality has come crashing down on their liberal-utopian-fantasy world! Hissy fits and limp wristed hands flailing in the air. They may never recover. For all our sake let’s hope so.

  1. Tell it to the idiots who think we only have X number of years of oil left.

    The U.S. outer continental shelf holds an estimated 100 billion – with a “B” – barrels of oil and natural gas. Canadian oil sands alone can fuel all of humanity’s needs for 100+ years.

    Obama is trying to jack up the price of oil in order to spur “alternative energy,” but it isn’t working. And, in some cases, it’s counterproductive, i.e. electric cars consume fuel from generators that burn coal. Gasoline cars are cleaner for the environment than Chevy Volts.

    If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say Obama ignored the BP spill in order to stop the production of oil from the gulf and move his “alternative energy” thrust that much further. Still, it goes nowhere, but bankrupt.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    $50 dirty Mercury-filled light bulbs. Stupid, crappy batteries on wheels made by Government Motors that nobody in their right mind wants. Obama thinks he can control that which he cannot. Egoist. Narcissist. Statist. And a really awful, divisive, spiteful president. I believe history will see him as one of the very worst.

      1. Indium, a soft whitish metal, naturally occurring in found in such metals as zinc, atomic number 49.
        And, who is to say Apple does not chose another metal later on or as with AppleTV return to plastics.

        Personally, if you have drop your iPad, you will wish it was made of high impact plastic rather then this soft white metal.

    1. Excellent comments. Expect to be picked apart by knee-jerkers with off-topic rants about George Bush working X number of days at his Crawford, Texas ranch and other assorted stupidity.

      This is how they operate. See the “contraception issue” which nobody on the right had discussed until the Libs planted the issue with Stephanopoulos at a debate. Now it’s a “issue,” designed only to distract.

      Distract from what, you ask? Why from Obama’s abysmal record, of course. Can;t run on that, so they have to manufacture “outrages” that get their moronic “base” out to vote against the “evil” Republicans.

      When, if ever, will the country wake up and sees the obvious machinations the desperate left has to go through in order to get votes?

      1. Between JeanPoole (and her friend Kunt) and yourself, I have never seen such a bigger collection of assewipes. yeah sure, Obama controls the price of oil. Probably wakes up in the morning, eats his commie toast, and sips his America hatting coffee and figures out how to take money form the rich to give to the worthless poor, gays and unwed mothers.
        After all that he probably decides how much a gallon of gas will cost then gleefully goes off to say his muslim prayers.


        1. Typical liberal. Off-topic rants. How about addressing what I wrote? Oh, right, you can’t. So you make up “issues” to rant and rave about like a lunatic in order to distract from my points. Just like I said, typical liberal.

          1. Ok, I’ll play. What makes you say his ‘dismal record’?

            The Congressional Budget Office with regards to the economic stimulus Obama signed into law found that the stimulus raised real GDP between 0.8% and 2.5% and lowered the unemployment rate between 0.5 and 1.6 percentage points, compared with what would have occurred without it ( added in the second quarter of 2011)

            Also if one looks at the quarterly Gross Domestic Product, it’s gone from -6.7% in the first quarter of 2009 and -0.7% in the second quarter of ’09, to positive territory ever since — including 2.8% the past quarter.

            The latest job creation results are 227,000 new jobs last month. Here in Canada we only had 8000 and our economy was thought to be doing better than yours. Not anymore.

            There is more but I grow tired of the sort of crap you come out with. You are locked into your hate Obama phase and would ignore the fact if ANY democrat could walk on water (which they can’t)

            1. You are out of your mind commie boy Blister! Those numbers are so phony it’s beyond belief. You haven’t figured out yet that everything they publish is propaganda??? Lemming.

        2. Buster, what liberal love you show. But you are right, Bush controls the price of oil like he always has, isn’t that right?
          But to make fun of BO’s commie toast is to display a hole in your knowledge. Do you know what political party BO belonged to in Chicago before realizing he would never get elected belonging to it? And just who had an ‘insider’ whose favorite philosopher was Mao? That’s right, something stinks in Washington, you better carry more water to counter the stench.

        1. The only thing he said about it after being badgered about it out of the blue by the commie media was that he didn’t think we should pay for it. You are scum.

        2. This contraception issue is a made up red herring by the media to take attention away from the horrific job the DemoCommies are doing on the US. On purpose!

          November 2012!

        1. WarAss, not the case and is only because Maobabma stopped the QED, for now. Don’t worry they’re dreaming up something else to destroy us all with while you brain dead, mouth breathing, lemming-zombies go right over the cliff with them. Screw You!!!!!!!

    2. -2, viz:

      – the $50 light bulb you reference is an LED bulb; it contains no mercury. CFL bulbs are the ones with mercury.
      – the $50 bulb is also $50 because it is Made in the USA. The mostly identical Made in China version (also from Philips) is $25. I have 10 and they are worth every penny. How often do people on MDN rant that Apple should make stuff in the USA? Here is a chance for folks to put their money where their mouths are, though of course most won’t.

      I’m not going to try and change your view of Obama, but the whole light bulb vendetta seriously sounds like someone in 1910 ranting that a car costs more than a horse without giving any thought to the costs of oats, stabling, or cleaning the shit off of everyone’s streets. If you calmed down and did the math (actually the bulb companies do it for you right on the package) you might find that both
      the financial and environmental issues are pretty similar. Something is not necessarily a dumb idea just because Obama supports it. I’m a liberal, but you don’t see me hating on Apple products every chance I get just because Rush likes them. Many (not all) energy-efficient products are actually smart buys from a life cycle cost perspective… It’s really too bad people like you can’t see through the political spin pushed out by (who else) the people who sell you all that coal-based electricity you’re so proud to waste.

      1. Typical tactic. Concentrate on the light bulb and ignore the real meaning of the post.

        And, as anybody who’s watched him in action the last three nightmare years can clearly see, Obama truly is an egoist, a narcissist, a statist, and a really awful, divisive, spiteful president.

        1. So your argument comes down to Obama “is an egoist, a narcissist, a statist, and a really awful, divisive, spiteful president.”. Hard to argue with that since that’s your subjective opinion. Typical tactic.

          1. And yes, that was intended to be *won’t* – just in case unaddressed typos bring on petulance too. But seriously, rethink your posting -I doubt you’re winning any Republican votes this way.

            1. Who gives a flying crap about your freaking typos you liberal lemming.

              This we’re running out of this and that crap is a known tool of the left to garner control. Screw you!

        2. So F2T2…you whine I do not come back with Fact. Then I do then you do not say anything.

          You have made it crystal clear to me and to all others (except those morons who like to call people commies …that is so 1950’s by the way) that you have no interest in anything other than spewing hatred.

          You are such a waste of DNA. Why do you not go elsewhere and stand on your box and spout your political rants elsewhere. Normal people like to read MDN…N-O-R-M-A-L get it? Good.

        3. Do Republicans really believe the shit they shovel? It really comes down to the overall strategy that Republicans are more concerned with themselves and Democrats (liberals) are more outwardly concerned about humanity and their fellow human beings.

          1. Do Demotards really believe the shit they shovel? It really comes down to the overall strategy that Demotards are more concerned with themselves and Republicans (Patriots) are more outwardly concerned about humanity and their fellow human beings by promoting capitalism and personal responsibility which always results in a better standard of living for EVERYONE. What do you think got humanity out of the stone ages?????? It definitely wasn’t LiberalProgressiveDictatorCommuMarxism or whatever the fck they call themselves. Always trying to disguise what they are really up to. No Free Rides!!!

        1. That’s right, Biz. I bought a 420 lumen LED bulb for $15 a few months ago. It is roughly equivalent to a 40W incandescent, but consumes only 7W (60 lumens/watt). Newer LED designs are even more efficient than that – 90 to 100 lumens per watt or higher. Very soon you will be able to buy a 100W equivalent LED bulb that uses only 10W or so.

          LED bulbs are far superior to compact fluorescents, which I have always loathed. Well-designed LED bulbs provide broad and uniform illumination and can be obtained in cool or warm varieties, depending on your preference. And they are instant on, instant off, and dimmable. The LED heat sink does get hot, and heat is the enemy of electronics. The LED bulbs currently on the market appear to be designed for substantial convective cooling, so I do not plan on them in recessed lighting fixtures because I suspect that they would fail prematurely.

          I am gradually switching my home over to full LED (with the recessed lighting caveat noted above). It makes sense financially, both for me personally and for the nation as a whole being able to avoid building a lot of new power plants. It also makes sense from an environmental standpoint.

          As far as the hybrid car and electric car issue that some trolls are blathering about in this forum — consider the fact that the Federal Government finally recently demonstrated the guts to substantially increase CAFE standards. The demonstrated success of hybrids and other advanced gas and diesel ICE vehicles showed that it is feasible to do so. Indeed, it would be foolish not to do so. And the plug-in electric cars can be charged using PV, wind, wave, hydroelectric, and/or nuclear power. Try pouring electrons into your gas tank. You have no vision. SJ would never have hired you.

          1. The electric car point is that most of America’s electricity comes from very dirty coal fired generating stations. The CO2 produced to run an electric car in most states is far higher than the CO2 from most gasoline and diesel cars.

            1. I’m wondering if you mistakenly believe liberals are in the majority. Proven fact, they are in very much in the minority. Maobama is losing hugely in the most recent polls to any Republican. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, lemming.

            2. If you Envrio-Freaks want to go and buy a curly cue light bulb for $50, $25, $15, whatever go for it. But go to hell about forcing the rest of us too. INSANITY FROM THE LEFT!

        2. Some versions are… The $50 one in question is one that the us government paid $10 million to invent. You should read the news.

          And something I found out today, incandescents are NOT totally banned. There are 2 companies in the US that can make them. Only the general service bulbs are “outlawed” the rough service ones can still be purchased, and approved by the DOE.
          I only use the cfl’s outside, can’t stand them inside. I have a stockpile of the old bulbs downstairs at home.

        3. You can get A19 size LEDs, 9 watts for under $10 now at HD. I bought 6 for my rustic chandelier which hangs from a 26 ft ceiling. Better to change them once in 20 years!

      2. The light bulb law is out of control. No one needs to tell anyone what type of light bulb, toilet, car, news, healthcare etc. they can buy with their hard earned money. You commie trolls just can’t help yourselves. You are so obsessed with absolute power and control it’s insane. We hate you and will vote you out!

        1. So your opinion is that govt should not mandate that food processors sell safe food? Or that chemical company’s not pollute our drinking water? No regulation on what you spend your hard earned money would mean that you could buy ( or sell) anything. Human hunting? Sure says the Republican. That’s what poor people are for. Slavery? Sure, it’s my hard earned money.

          As I said earlier, Republicans are all about hate and liberals are about a better world for the rest of humanity.

          1. You are such a complete jack ass and that entire argument you desperately tried to type out is complete BS as usual. That is not what would happen. You liberals are disgusting, slithering, slime!

    3. Obama has no control over the cost of oil.

      We do have X numbers of years of oil left, and there will be oil in the ground the day we stop drilling for it. Quite simply at some point it will become too expensive to extract the stuff.

      The US has not produced enough oil to satisfy the needs of the nation since 1970. We rely on imports to make up the difference and we are stuck dealing with the world market prices for oil as a result.

      The US would need to start producing 6-10 million barrels of oil per day in order to gain any kind of real control over oil or gas prices, and that would be strictly in the short term as we’d be back in a position of needing to increase daily production within 2-6 years! That is not going to happen and I do not care how many holes we drill in the ground. We’d need an oil field the size of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil field to pull off that stunt.

      Sure we may start extracting from Shale and using energy intense methods to destroy the rockies and buy us some time but the bottom line is that the days of cheap oil are gone.

      1. The bluster surrounding the current Iran issue – especially that spouted by Republicans – is what is really driving up the price of oil right now.

        1. Oh I agree there are price swings due to hyperbole, hysteria and speculation. It is all tied to fact that we are at the mercy of the world market because we import to meet our needs.

          I doubt concerns over Iran have had an effect on gas prices in Saudi Arabia or any country that produces more oil than they need on a daily basis.

            1. Stuffit Cubutt. You commie. In your world it would be all about how much butt you kiss and who likes on whether or not you were “allowed” to wipe your ass with permission from your dear leader. That is not how the US was founded and you creeping commies have been trying to destroy it for decades. WE are on to you.

      2. Maobama could cut the taxes on fuel, stop blocking companies from expanding the source pool, allow conditions to thrive for business, stop trampling on the constitution for starters. If we don’t start now it will always be that pathetic argument of 6 to whatever amount of years to get any impact from it. Every year we put it off by communist dictates it’s that much further out of our grasp. This is all done obviously on purpose.

        1. The federal tax on gas is roughly 19 cents per gallon and that funds interstate highway construction, maint and now apparently mass transit projects. How much should we cut the federal tax rate on gas? If we cut the full 19 cents will that have a big impact at the pump and how will we fund interstate highway projects?

          We are producing more oil right now than we have in years, the higher price of gas has opened up old wells that were not economically viable in the past. If geophysicists from the oil companies themselves are claiming we can’t drill our way out of this mess than what is the incentive to destroy alaska and other wildlife habitats ? We can’t become energy independent as a nation using oil, that is the point of trying to find alternative energies. There needs to be a balanced plan and a balanced set of actions. You can’t just start tearing up every inch of the country and fraking the hell out of everything hoping it will all work out.

          It does not matter how much we drill, we can’t fill the gap. The guys who study where the oil lies in rock formations have been saying this for years now but every half brain dick and tom on the street seems to think we are sitting on 1000 years of black gold and its all some kooky cooked up conspiracy!

          It is an election year, if Obama had any real control over gas prices they would be lower now than at any point in his term. High gas prices can kill a re-election campaign!

          It is not in anyone’s best interest to have high energy costs. Not even the oil companies want high energy costs, that just means it costs them more to extract less oil and over the long haul it means we find alternatives and create a world without them.

          1. BS, the money taken from the gas tax is not used for fixing roads you lemming. It’s syphoned off all over the place and throw in state commie taxes too and it’s a nightmare. Next have Maobama and friends artificially drive up the costs more for there Marxist Utopian take over and we are all screwed. But keep drinking the Kool Aid, dude.

    4. It is rare to see someone who is willing to show their entire knowledge in such a short space. The ‘facts’ that are included in the post show that there are people in the world who would like things to stay the same as they were in your youth and refuse to see that the world is changing every day.

      If you are serious about your comments, I can see that you care nothing for others and likely don’t have children or don’t care about what they inherit from our world. We may think that technology has all the answers but in fact, there is a limit (mathematically) to the number of cars that can fit in a city and the size of the city.

      The world has to face the facts that we aren’t getting to the places we need to go any faster than we did in the days of horse and buggy due to the sprawl of the cities. Cars and the support systems take up about 25% of the space in the cities and the roads are full. If we add more roads, the city will have to remove many buildings that we want to live in or go to.

      The definition of conservative is to keep things the same. Progress cannot happen if things don’t change.

      1. Well, if you’re hell bent to clean up the CO2 output, you must first shut down the coal fired electricity generators and replace them with nuclear power plants. Then, and only then can you replace the internal combustion engine equipped cars with scooters running on batteries.
        That’s the only way to fix your traffic problems. Americans demand personal freedom.

        1. I think that you don’t see that the number of cars on the road are the problem. I didn’t mention CO2 at all. The biggest problem I see is the statement you ended your response with: “Americans demand personal freedom” As typical, Americans don’t show personal responsibility. Mature cultures in the future will know that responsibility and freedom go hand in hand.

            1. Again, I did not mention global warming. I don’t buy into Al Gore’s theory. I mentioned city sprawl and traffic problems caused by our love of INDIVIDUAL freedom and our lack of a sense of responsibility. Perhaps you are used to ‘reading’ when there is a picture in stipple tones to show the action.

          1. You are such a freaking Master MInd troll 313c7ro. You need to seriously read The Law by Frederic Bastiat. You assholes have zero right to or brains to try to tell the rest of us what to do. The only thing you are “progressing towards” is Commie-Dictatorship. You know it we know it.

            1. Please show me where I told anyone what to do? I did not. I also use polite language and use short words so you can understand me. I hope you can take the time to read all of the words and remember to pause when you see the period or comma. If it helps to move your lips when you read, feel free to do so. I think it would help to strive for meaning when you read.

            2. “The world has to face the facts that we aren’t getting to the places we need to go any faster than we did in the days of horse and buggy due to the sprawl of the cities. Cars and the support systems take up about 25% of the space in the cities and the roads are full. If we add more roads, the city will have to remove many buildings that we want to live in or go to.

              The definition of conservative is to keep things the same. “Progress” cannot happen if things don’t change.”

              Typical brain dead, lemming, thinking they know all the answers to society’s problems. But without their wise intrusions on our daily life we would all be lost and come to stand still waiting for these geniuses to tell us what to do next.

              SCREW YOU!!!!! Stay the fck out of our lives you freaking commies. You are absolutely wrong in every way 313c7ro.

      2. Indeed. Funny how these apparent tech fans have no appreciation for science. Even if Stephen Hawking does get his groove on at a sex club, if the man (undoubtedly one the greatest minds of our time) says we need to get our sh!t together or else we need to shop for another planet, it’s time to listen. Ironically, with the tech he uses he could be getting some motor-boat action and still be dictating some wicked thesis. lol

            1. Yes what would be wrong with not agreeing with everything that someone who is particularly brilliant in one area when they are clueless in another area. Just because a football player is really good at football doesn’t mean they have all the answers. The same goes for Stephen Hawking NUMB NUTS!

            2. Yes, a physicist and cosmetologist speaking about planetary survival as well as the use of energy and matter, clearly he’s speaking about something unfamiliar to him. FAIL. Try again.

            3. *cosmology

              Good God, that would be a hoot if he were a cosmetologist speaking about issues of planets and space. Your point would be made if that were the case. Regrettably, for your argument, the very thing he’s talking about is the very thing he specializes in.

            4. Einstein is being “proven” wrong daily on numerous things he hypothesized on. So what. He was still a genius but not always correct. Neither is Stephen SEX CLUB Hawking. LIbtard.

          1. Lovely. Since we disagree on whether scientists would be best suited at studying and hypothesizing about their expertise I must be a political enemy? Your logic is stunning. As in, stunning that you make it around in the world from day to day without frothing at the mouth over a shadow in the corner. Actually, the issue of being conservative about what we use is not new nor does it require a degree in astrophysics to understand. The oft quipped “greatest generation” that persisted through WWII lived and breathed by it. Many I know who lived through that time often have tendencies to reuse items and be mindful of indulging beyond what was/is needed. It’s recorded as a time in which the country unified and understood that a common sacrifice was needed for the nation to prevail. Clearly they were commie pinko libtards given your logic. Good luck with that.

    5. Well, DBD, you started out good then you went off half cocked and shot yourself in the foot.

      Yes there is lots of oil and coal out there. But it gets harder and harder to get. Are you wanting $20 a gallon gas??

      And ps a chevy Volt is not a resource. Its a car. And you could fuel it with your home solar cells so its renewable energy that does not polite the air. Gasoline cars produce lots of pollutants that electric cars do not. So its clear that your engineering skills are lacking.

      So too are your political skills. We all know that republican officials NEVER make a mistake cause GOD is on their side. And democrat officials ALWAYS MAKE EVERY mistake cause they are off the Devil. Just look in any republican religious bible and take every 213th letter and there you go. 🙂

      And yes, I am part of a world wide conspiracy to make people like you suffer and not get rich and powerful. We have your name and we know you still live with your mother in the basement. And don’t bother looking for the hidden camera, we hid it very well… (we are watching you even now).

      Just a thought,

      1. elderidiot,

        When fuel really costs $20 per gallon the alternatives will appear through the free market. Not from commies trying to do everything in your power to artificially raise the costs through the roof. It’s not just fuel. It’s everything you touch you slithering slime balls.

    6. I tell you what, if Obama is capable of half the stuff you guys attribute to him let’s hope he gets voted back in. A Moriarty style genius such as he must be would be very dangerous to upset. Sharks with fricking laser beams would be the least of our problems.

            1. Keep up the delusional dreaming Preparation H. Landslide loss coming at you and your boy Maobama this November.

              Read it and weep, loser.

    7. While the supply argument suggests that we have enough of a particular raw material, it does not take into account the following: The cost of extraction and refining, the damage to the environment, the cost of public policy in gaining control of these resources.
      These costs are all real. The problems are huge. No matter what fossil fuels cost, they still have a net effect of driving CO2 emissions into an irreversible change in climate.

      Your claims as to what is cleaner needs further analysis.

      1. They have nothing to do with the climate you brainwashed little communist. Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you think your doing some type of good whether the masses like it or not. Get the hell out of our hair. Why have temps risen on other planets. Do some research lemming.

    8. Clearly you should go sit in your closed garage with your gasoline car running to think about this some more, particularly about the coal that’s not burning while you mull it over. Seeing as how your gas car is all clean and environmentally friendly and the byproducts can’t possibly be harmful to the environment, I look forward to your comments after say, at least an hour of contemplative time under the noted circumstances.

    9. Government Motors has passed Toyota to once again be the world’s larger automaker.

      Granted, most of their designs are butt ugly, but lots of somebodies are buying them.

      1. Government Motors is the result of a lawless take over from Dear Leader, Maobama, where the bond holders were shafted and the company handed over to unions to then launder their dues money back to the Democriminals party.

    10. I have always like Federal Motors. Sounds like general motors, and it’s in line with how banks are renamed to federal bank when the fed has to step in.

  2. A good point, although neglects to discuss the difficulty or cost of substituting, which is obviously critical. If substituting means any large increase in the cost of key end-user functionality, then from the user perspective it may be the same as “running out.” Has New York City “run out” of space for convenient city living close to all the happening downtown destinations? Depends what you’re wiling to pay but a lot of folks “substitute” by living someplace that everyone agrees is less desirable. Cf the price of gas. Yes you can “substitute” other ways of getting around when the price goes up but if that means walking or relying on seriously underbuilt public transit, you might feel like we’re “running out.”

  3. Worstall’s response is funny. It has no depth. No facts. It’s knee jerk. What I love are the amens in the audience here. It’s just like going to church… lots of nodding heads in a vacuum of critical thought. Worstall may or may not be correct, but he has not presented a real case.

  4. “…the whole light bulb vendetta seriously sounds like someone in 1910 ranting that a car costs more than a horse without giving any thought to the costs of oats, stabling, or cleaning the shit off of everyone’s streets.”

    This statement reminded me of every time someone tells me that Macs are “so much more expensive than Windows PCs.”

  5. What the author didn’t mention is that there is another big reason why they don’t go find a bunch of potential sources of an element or metal and announce it to the world: price of product.

    If mining companies went out and, instead of spending the time and money to survey the mine they are mining for Indium to tell people they have 50 years’ worth at XX amount processed per day, found 50 sites and surveyed for 50 years’ worth at YY amount processed per day, the price of Indium would plummet.

    You would have all the companies which need Indium applying intense pressure to mine it all right away, or competing companies mining. Instead of selling for $1 per oz, it may sell for $0.01 per oz. because it is known that there is plenty of the stuff.

    Too much supply satisfies or kills demand, which drives prices down. So mining companies are simply providing resources but managing prices at the same time.

    Just like OPEC does with oil production.

    1. If you are talking about common metals like iron and aluminum, then I can agree with you.

      However, indium is a very rare metal and there are simply no mines for it. All the indium we use is extracted as a by-product from lead and zinc mining and the amount that can be obtained from them is small as there is only a small proportion of indium in those mines. Worldwide production of indium is less than 400 tonnes a year.

      Even if you want to dramatically increase its production, you may not able to simply because you cannot find enough of them. And as others mentioned the demand is rising all the time, so the price of it can only increase.

  6. Minerals and geology is what I do. You folks need to understand resources of the planet are not infinite. One cannot just walk around the block and find more indium or oil for that matter, despite what talking heads say. Asian demand for these resources is rising rapidly and their population is much larger. When demand rises competition for the product rises, then price rises.

    1. If they rise due to market force then that’s how things are supposed to work and work arounds will appear. Liberal tampering in everything makes everyone infinitely worse off. You brain washed nitwits will never figure it out. Sad.

      1. Screw politics, screw economics! What’s more interesting is people. Aren’t you more interested in Kate Middleton, who became a (hot) Duchess? One of my hobbies is collecting the different spellings of Catherine. Are you a Katherine or a Kathryn? Some girls don’t care for the hard K; it’s a bit too Eastern European. Not you, you’re feisty, do you have a Ronald Reagan tattoo on your ass? I have one on my inner thigh. We both know that these things are the real market forces…

        1. Jane, apparently you like the word screw……

          Hardly interested in any of those Red Herring topics Jane. That’s what the Marxist powers that be would hope we’re all only paying attention to. Not the real issues, like how they are at all out war with our way of life.

          So you can waste brain space with that type of past time. I have no time to waste with that type of brain washing.

          Tatoos are disgusting. I’m sure you have a few you condescending witch you.

          Go back watching Bill “Scum Bag” Marr Jane.

          1. I should not have lashed out at you as I did, Kathy. The whole thing was made up, of course! The tattoo joke was lifted from the one-woman autobiographical play “Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia in Star Wars). It was funny during the play, but is out of place in a tech forum where serious political issues are being discussed. Poor judgement on my part. I will work on that.

            The only true part was my interest in people and my hobby of names, there are over one hundred spellings of Catherine, if you can believe it!

            I actually believe as you do, economic meddling drives me crazy. Please don’t take my foolish ranting too seriously.

            1. Jane – you’re not funny. you are, like every liberal trying to change the subject to hide what you Lemmings are doing, which is to destroy our wonderful way of life at all costs. So keep changing the subject to lame topics about nothing. We will focus on like lasers on what you Marixist-Tards are doing and vote your pathetic, little brained, asses out this November.

              Dumb down everyone so they won’t know what’s being done to them. Tactic of the left!

            2. I could care less about your little past times Jane!

              I care about what is being done to the US by “progressives”.

              It has to stop and we are completely fed up.

              So go talk about UGGS, Pippa, Voodo, or whatever you nut and let the grown ups take back over and clean up the Colossal mess you Democriminals have created.

  7. Once again, it’s sad to see people that I like and respect for their humor, intelligence, specialized knowledge, and critical thinking skills degenerate into Morlocks salivating after Eloi. Talk about Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde! Talk about insisting on having the last word, even though your reputation is singed! The fourteen-year-olds in the crowd are easily spotted, except when they can get a rise out of you; it’s a trick, and you know it, but you can’t resist firing back because you have a bunch of killer links to planted political stories you’ve been dying to deploy, and you award yourself points for headshots. OK, that’s my rant. I’m done; it’s time to go back to the day room, where I can continue my sculpture therapy under the caring eyes of the nurses. The clay figures that I had fashioned into twisted visages of current political figures, I will mash together and reform into new effigies: the lot of YOU, who by the full moon, or even at the drop of a tricorn hat, transform into POLITICAL TROLLS though you know it not. Beware the power of Voodoo, and prepare to become once again impotent in every way until the next midterm election. Where did I put that bottle…? All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

      1. You are correct, Christian. God is all powerful. I have contrary thoughts, and moments of despair. Maintaining faith is ever a struggle for many of us. Thank you for your thoughts.

  8. More often then not, I do not get involved. However, given if I am in a black mood and I see morons Like F2T2 and the usual, maobama, commie hating crowd avoiding the subject of the thread or twisting it by some warped logic into another hate spewing rant, I get sucked in…sort of like touching your tongue to a sore on your inner cheek. You know you shouldn’t do it but you do anyway and regret it after you do,

    Ironically I am Canadian and I shouldn’t even be commenting on it. I guess I am anti-hate and pro-discussion and that transcends borders.

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