Apple reaches for singularity in the post-PC world

“Steve Jobs is gone, but he would be happy to hear about the death of the PC, the desktops and clunky laptops that were the face of computing for decades,” Dan Farber writes for CNET.

“He spent the last decade of his career seeking to make digital devices that would supplant the beasts and feed the growing appetite for sleek, connected devices in the Internet era of computing,” Farber writes. “Jobs sought to emulate the revolutionary spirit and impact of the 1984 Macintosh, but garner the sales and market share that Microsoft’s Windows spawned in the same era. It was a quest for a kind of Apple singularity, embodied in customers around the world having an emotional connection with the company and its singularly named products, such as iPod, iPhone and iPad.”

Farber writes, “The new iPad and Apple TV introduced this week follow the grand tradition of modest innovation on a great platform. Jobs’ hand-picked successor Tim Cook understands this product cycle–continuous innovation perfectly timed for upgrades and new converts snapping up the new, shiny objects, and then every few beats a stunner that resets expectations. If Cook and team can continue this rhythm, Apple will keep its crown as the most valued tech company on the planet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs’ dent.

But if the technological Singularity can happen, it will.Vernor Vinge, 1993

If we are to be subsumed, or worse, let it be by Apple.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Blamer & Gates could imagine a tablet, … after Apple’s Newton…but they could NOT deliver.

    They were NOT hands on innovative human interface focused managers, which Steve Jobs was.

    There is a vast chasm between talking a good line and delivering the tight rope to get to the other side.

  2. LSD tends to create theories like this Singlarity as it exposes your mind to the quantum goo the universe is made of. That said, technology is only a small part of our existence so any changes here are unlikely to bring our species to a grinding halt. Less of course cyberdine systems get control of the nukes. I fear the govern ya more than the tech. Especially the Jewish and Christian fundamentalists. There track record on human life is far worse than the Muslims.

    1. Religion is an extremely effective tool for tricking the ignorant to be inhumane. But, it’s certainly not the only tool. Economics, eugenics, even science (or should I say pseudoscience) can be just as effective at tricking people into murdering one another. Shit, Americans kill millions for “freedom” and democracy. Freedom isn’t bad – what I’m saying is just about any idea can be twisted into justifying inhumanity. In a world without religion, people with more power than morals will just use a different tool to trick people into violence.

      I don’t think Abrahamic religions are a good thing – they should become relics of the past because all three of those religions are clearly superstitious bullshit. But getting rid of those religions wouldn’t solve nearly as many problems as you think.

        1. Not a serious question is it. Ducks, giraffes and humans, like every other creature don’t cease to exist when they die. Their brains stop working and they stop quacking, eating tops of trees and posting on Facebook. That is what dying means. After a while, they recycle back into the environment in any number of ways. I guess at that point you could say they don’t exist anymore, but they are really just scattered about. I suppose if someone died in a horrible anti-matter experiment they would cease to exist.

      1. “I don’t think Abrahamic religions are a good thing – they should become relics of the past because all three of those religions are clearly superstitious bullshit.”

        Why don’t you give us an update once you’re dead.

        1. So you are challenging someone who doesn’t believe in any of the afterlife religions to come back to tell you they were right? Hmm. A combination circular and self-contradicting argument. Nice! Or just expressing sour grapes? Its hard to tell. Think before you click(tm) that “Post Comment” button! 😉

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