Why Apple’s new iPad will lead through 2015 — and beyond

“Brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, after-sales satisfaction and more… These factors help make the Apple product desirable,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “The company’s move to offer the new iPad as ‘the new iPad’ underlines just how much hold it now has on the tablet market. The iPad is the tablet market, and the new iPad is an even better version.”

Some stats to confirm these claims:
• Apple is the world’s most-admired company, says Fortune.
• 74% of existing iPad owners say they’re “very satisfied”. Just 49 percent of users of other tablets and 54 percent of Kindle Fire users feel the same.
• 48 percent of existing iPad owners plan to buy the new iPad.
• The upgrade cycle is rabid — 16,000 older model iPads were listed on eBay in the last two weeks.
• Apple’s online store almost collapsed on weight of pre-orders in the hours following this week’s launch event.

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I love how all the iPad hype has taken the iPhone out of the picture… We’re probably only a few months away from an iPhone 5 launch, and maybe six months away from an Apple TV launch.

    With the new MacBook Pro/Air hybrids being dropped in there sometime as well.

    2012 is gonna be a crazy year! I’ve been calming down with my Apple purchases over the last few years (still have iPhone 4, original iPad, late 2008 MacBook Pro, original Apple TV), but I can see myself updating all of them throughout the year.

  2. … everyone will be tossing out their iPads to own a powerful Windows 8 tablet so they can get some “real work” done. Every consumer absolutely has to have Microsoft Office on their tablet to accomplish anything useful. Eventually, Windows 8 tablets will have 90% tablet market share like Windows desktop with full Flash support.

        1. Could be a syntax error– try

          The trailing bracket might be preventing the rich and lively sarcasm from parsing- thus preventing any *real work* getting done*

    1. “… everyone will be tossing out their iPads to own a powerful Windows 8 tablet so they can get some “real work” done”

      Steve Ballmer, will you quite using your fake identity and just own up to your comments?

    2. Yes, in the last 11 years Microsoft has been selling powerful Windows tablets with Office on board like snotcakes.

      We all know how well snotcakes sell.

    1. Also funny how none of the TechTard journalists who were wetting themselves over the Kindle Fire have:
      1) Ever found any evidence that the Fire made a dent in iPad sales.
      2) Ever apologized for their TechTard rants about the Fire taking over the tablet market.
      3) Every pointed out how Amazon’s stock value continues to drop, despite the all mighty Fire.

      Perhaps they are still choking on their words.

  3. This iPhone owner is making this his first iPad purchase. And also really looking forward to the upgrade of his iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 later this years. ヅ

      1. I skipped iPad 2, got the new iPad on order, and am selling my 1st gen iPad for 3,000 mex peso (about $230.00 us) and thinking about iPad 2
        For my 12 yo

  4. Brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, after-sales satisfaction and more…

    This is all marketing blether! Woopee WOW if you’re a marketing geek. But it’s all after-the-fact statistics.

    How about Apple the CREATOR? Apple INVENTED this technology. Apple made it INNOVATIVE. The iPad is the BEST IN CLASS in every aspect:
    All this stuff is ENGINEERED.

    So marketing kiddies: Get real and point at the SOURCE of everything good about the iPad! It’s NOT your numbers.

    It’s the creation itself.

    Everything else just follows…

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