Apple informs customers new iPads now shipping en masse

Many, many MacDailyNews readers have begun informing us this morning that Apple is sending out shipping notices for their new iPad (Early 2012) orders.

We received a smattering of emails about iPad shipment notices yesterday, but a flood arrived today.

As of now, all of them state that their iPads are in Chengdu, China and that their scheduled delivery by UPS is March 16th “by end of day.”

Thanks to all who’ve let us know that their iPad orders are shipping!

Have you received your shipping notice from Apple, yet?


  1. Ordered Apple TV 4pm CT, and iPad 9:45pm CT Wednesday. Both still show as “Processing:Items”., with “Delivers on March 16 Standard Shipping”.. I keep checking to see if they changed my dates. With this news today of shipping notices going out, I am hopeful to get some status change today.

    1. Reminds me of a couple of years ago, ordered a MacBook and cover for a daughter headed to collage, the cover/case arrived 1st, kinda spoiled the surprise

    2. No delay for engraving (don’t ask me how they can swing that, but they do). Mine are engraved & on their way. Smart covers arrive tomorrow (thankfully no ones having a surprise spoiled) and iPads next Friday!

      My wife’s text after the announcement: “Order two”
      That’s why I love her (plus a bunch of other stuff!-)

    3. Just received notice that new iPad is shipped. Expected delivery is March 19h (Canada). First parcel will be here March 13th. Still no activity on Apple TV.

  2. We ordered a Black one for me and a White for my hubby. Received notice that the Black one (mine, he he) has shipped via FedEx, not UPS, with the delivery date of March 16.

  3. My new iPad is now at a UPS regional Center in Middletown, PA with a future delivery date specified. It appears that this iPad shipped from Chengdu, China prior to my pre-order. Anybody else have that experience?

    1. Wow, I wish. Mine is sitting in a distribution center in Nashville, TN, with a status of “Future delivery requested” and delivery date of Friday March 16th, per Apple’s request.

      Maybe yours will slip through and get delivered early!

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