RUMOR: Apple’s new iPad to feature Senseg’s groundbreaking haptic display technology (with video)

Pocket-lint has had it all but confirmed that the iPad 3 will contain some never before seen touch technology. Senseg isn’t a company you will have heard of but it makes a technology that promises to turn touch screens into Feel Screens and, come tonight, after the Apple event, it looks set to have a home in the latest must-have gadget,” Stuart Miles reports for Pocket-lint.

“‘We won’t be making any statements until after Apple’s announcement,’ a company spokesman told Pocket-lint with a timing that’s just too obvious to be anything else after we asked them the direct question of whether Senseg is involved in the iPad 3 launch,” Miles reports.

Miles reports, “To get the full picture you have to rewind back to June 2011. In an opinion piece, ‘How Finland Brought Down Nokia & Revived Itself,’ for Trusted Reviews, the UK freelance journalist Gordon Kelly wrote: ‘Senseg is a haptics technology company founded just five years ago, the start of Nokia’s decline. Unlike haptics until this point, Senseg is working on creating complex textures rather than simply buzzing your fingertips. The aim is to make a corrugated surface feel corrugated, a rough surface rough, a soft surface soft. The first products will ship by the end of this year and again Nokia is not Senseg’s first port of call. ‘We are currently working with a certain tablet maker based in Cupertino,’ reveals Senseg senior vice president Ville Mäkinen.'”

CNET, January 2012:

Apple March 7, 2012 special event invitation

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MacDailyNews Take: “And touch.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. If what you have to say is only worth two cents then don’t bother saying it. If you really believe in it, then just say it and stop being such a poultry feces. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  1. I would be really surprised if they introduce this today. I’ve tried out various haptics technologies that are in development, and they’ve been pretty cheezy so far.

    That said, Apple might surely surprise everyone.

  2. Awesome! And I agree with Tyler- if Apple integrates this into iDevices (and even Macs, why not?), they should buy the company. No need letting Android license this too…

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