‘iPad HD’ will surpass laptops on key features

“With the iPad HD, it will become crystal clear why Apple’s tablet is the fastest growing ‘PC’ segment,” Brooke Crothers writes for CNET.

“The iPad HD, aka iPad 3, is expected to have: Eye-popping 2048×1536 display (versus the iPad 2’s 1024×768); 4G via Verizon’s LTE; Faster graphics silicon, among other chip enhancements – and all in roughly the same extremely portable package of the iPad 2,” Crothers writes. “In short, the iPad is on a tear. Market research firm Canalys made news recently when it said that the iPad has made Apple the largest PC vendor in the world, surpassing Hewlett-Packard. Market researcher DisplaySearch has also made this case.”

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  1. It’s because they’re selling in such vast numbers that so many people go to great lengths to them called anything but computers. That’s why terms like media consumption tablets were devised.

    If they are counted computers, the sales figures for the established PC vendors look very sick indeed.

    1. The news media will continue to downplay the fact that the iPad is disrupting the computer industry. I’m not exactly sure why, though. To stop market panic? To deliberately hold down Apple stock value? It’s hard to disguise that Apple is doing a great job with the iPad and winning over so many consumers in such a short time. Why is there even a need to classify the iPad as not being a computer? It will continue to take away from Windows computer sales, no matter what the iPad is classified as.

  2. “4G via Verizon’s LTE”

    i’ll have to wait… Verizon 4G here… gets beat by AT&T 3G and by Sprint’s 4G.

    A guy at work just bought a droid max/uber/badass/wtf they call it now. my 4S beat him on speed test..
    and his battery drains fast if he has it in his pocket… It keeps searching for a signal with his cover he has and in the pocket. On the desk it’s fine, but as soon as it goes inside a pocket.. dead zone. quite funny.

      1. Or maybe there’s penile inductance interference. He need to go to Virginia and have a trans-penile ultrasound procedure to be sure his battery’s working okay.

  3. I read an article on NPR’s “Planet Money” website which I felt obliged to comment on. The article talks about the slowing of sales for the Mac desktop and the increase in sales of Apple’s “mobile devices,” and I do not think that “mobile device” is a helpful term.

    We count laptops as PCs, not “mobile devices” and yet isn’t the whole idea of a laptop “mobility?” My iPad can make word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, movies, and run a wide variety of sophisticated computer programs (“Apps”) and yet my iPad is not a personal computer?

    I say that we should call any consumer electronic device which can run software written in a standard computer language a “personal computer.” The key to Apple’s success, I think, is that they keep inventing new forms of the personal computer.

    1. Sounds like a troll. Desktop computer sales are sluggish for everyone but Apple. Sure, iPhone and iPad sales now dominate, but perhaps someone can correct me if I’m wrong … Mac computer sales are up and market share is up. (Least they were last report I saw, a while back)

  4. Let the Windows PC people call iPads and iPhones whatever they want. I say let them use charts to their advantage, deleting them from this matrix, adding them to different charts to make themselves look better.
    They will just get a larger shock in the future, as in asleep at the wheel! What a future shock it will be!

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