Three iPads later, other tablets still dead on arrival

“Apple unleashed the original iPad two years ago, selling millions and silencing tablet-market naysayers,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNNMoney. “As Apple prepares to unveil the third version of its tablet on Wednesday, its rivals are still stuck at the starting line.”

“Competitors initially scoffed at the idea of a tablet — Google’s Eric Schmidt said in 2010 that there was no ‘difference between a large phone and a tablet,'” Pepitone reports. “They were left scrambling after Apple sold almost 3.3 million iPads in its first quarter on the market. One year after the iPad’s debut, more than 100 non-iPad tablets were on sale or in the works. But by then, Apple was already onto the iPad 2 — and most of the would-be contenders never even made it to market. Those that did were almost all dead on arrival.”

Pepitone reports, “Apple sold a record 15.4 million iPads in its latest quarter.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Add in on those 100 all the tech reports reporting this is better than Apple… Funny same deal with people reporting on Apple Stock going to tank….

    Heck.. Some of those units were not more than a large screen Media Player that could only play a video at best until they could get their crude OS on line…

  2. And that’s the way we like it. Windows H8 tablets will sell under double digit numbers and be the only serious contender. Amazon will probably drop out with cheaper iPads and a smaller iPad tablet on the market. Retina Display kinda changes the traditional Steve Jobs view on smaller tablets. I would own the regular and smaller iPads too if offered.

  3. People are no longer fooled by the hardware. Anyone can pull together hardware. People want it all. The software, apps, service, reliability, generational stability revision after revision, syncing with the other devices and computers, billion dollar server farms, easy app developer software, iBooks, … These clueless idiots are still talking about iKiller hardware.

    Old timers like me called it “Turn Key” devices. Does someone see a non Apple “Turn Key” device iKiller somewhere?

    Clueless idiots.

  4. If or when Apple releases a “Mini” iPad, I believe it will be targeted as a media consumption format. A large replacement for the iPod touch. Since screen size will be better served in that context. Which would support Steve’s original view for a Tablet. The current iPad can be used as a near replacement for the Netbooks and Laptop computers. The minimum screen size is just about right for that, smaller would not be pleasant. My view is the current iPad is what Steve envisioned and a smaller “Fire” size is more of what Apple accomplished with the iPod Touch. Not a wholesale change in Apple’s product design or application.

    1. People do a lot of the same things on a much smaller iPod Touch or iPhone screen and seem to manage so anything between an iPad and iPod Touch size will still be successful. Retina Display will still make a smaller iPad a joy to use and kick the Kindle solidly in the marketing nuts.

  5. Crazy that the whole news industry has been talking about this event all week. Go back 10 years and they didn’t even cover Apple’s earnings reports.

    Ahhhhh, feels good to be smug.

    Proud Mac user since 2000.™

  6. It’s probably time to quit crowing about his wonderful market dominance. It won’t last forever. Our products are amazing and the R&D in place to continue this dominance is awesome, but all the smugness can come back to haunt at the worst times. Dignity, pride, and innovation.

  7. Apple owns multi-touch, the iOS and the market share. Consumers love, iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch, iPodMini. Not Android even though Android offers some eye-candy and some ideas Apple has not offered; Apple is perfered.

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