Microsoft files motion to quash Samsung subpoena in Apple v. Samsung lawsuit

“Samsung is scrambling to get Microsoft to produce documents and testify in deposition in the case relating to Apple v. Samsung,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Samsung believes that Microsoft is in possession of prior of a touch device that will kill Apple’s case. But after reading the patent, Samsung seems to miss the boat. Microsoft’s patent clams don’t even mention touch technology as being a core value,” Purcher reports. “Secondly, when touch is mentioned vaguely in the patent’s description, it’s not about Multi-Touch technology which is at the core of Apple’s iOS based devices.”

Purcher reports, “The type of touch technology vaguely mentioned in Microsoft’s patent is equaled to the kind used with a stylus. This is what Microsoft supported back in 2006 when the patent was initially filed.”

More in the full article, including Microsoft’s patent application illustration, here.


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