Apple Store currently offline

Apple’s online store is currently offline, displaying the familiar message that often, but not always, precedes new product additions:Apple Store Offline: We'll Be Back Soon

We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.

Apple’s “See and touch” special event is scheduled for later today. Check out our live coverage at 9am PT / 1pm ET here

Visit the Apple Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. The Apple Store is still down. Is it just me, or is Apple in the wrong business? They should put the customer first. I’m tired of hitting the refresh button on the site. My finger is starting to ache. Ok, I just switched hands, that’s better. FOR NOW. But I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. What? The Chinese are complaining about working conditions? I’m sorry, but customer’s first, PLEASE. Seriously, this careless disregard for a paying customer is nothing short of holocaustal. I’m starting to get upset now, just writing about it. Mama?

  2. My god, I just checked again and it’s still down. I’m sorry I used the h-word in my last post. I feel terrible. Maybe I should just switch to Android and avoid all these lines. People, I don’t want to compete with you. I just want my Apple TV first. Just an Apple TV. I’m not even in line for “The New iPad.” What’s up with that name anyway? Who cares about high resolution, or 4 times the processor speed, or 4G LTE, or the superior camera. It still doesn’t have an FM radio tuner. Which is OUTRAGEOUS. There I go, getting worked up again. Oh crap, I forgot to hit refresh on the Apple Store site. I’m so tired. Crap, my other finger is now getting tired. And my first finger really didn’t get adequate rest. I cannot shop in these conditions. THIS is a sweatshop. I propose a boycott of songs on iTunes for 1 full day. Seriously, send a message. Let’s do this. Ok, gotta focus on the refresh. Hit me back if you want to start something.

  3. Why isn’t anyone responding to my posts? I’m really upset now. MDN, are you trying to stop the revolution? Boycott the Apple Store. (Just for one day, and just songs on iTunes.)

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