MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s March 7, 2012 “See and touch” special event.

Last week, Apple sent out an invitation featuring a photo of a finger pressing an iPad screen with the text: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

The special event, which takes place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, begins right here on this page at: 8am – Hawaii | 9am – AKST | 10am – Pacific | 11am – Mountain | 12pm – Central | 1pm – Eastern | 6pm – London | 7pm – Paris | 9pm – Moscowv | 3am – Tokyo (March 8)

It is expected that Apple CEO Tim Cook along with other Apple executives will take the stage to unveil the company’s next-gen iPad and perhaps reveal some other things, too!

Live notes in reverse chronological order:

• End of event.
• AAPL: Down $0.15 to $530.11 @ 2:25PM EST

• Cook: 2012, a lot to look forward to and we’re just getting started.
• Cook thanks Apple employees. Cook says it’s the privilege of a lifetime to work with such innovative people
• Cook plays TV spot for the new iPad

• iPad 2 3G, 16GB: $529
• iPad 2 Wi-Fi, 16GB – $399
• iPad 2 remains for sale.

• Apple’s promotional video of the new iPad now playing…

• BTW: The new iPad has a physical Home Button and the normal Dock Connector.
• All of iLife now on iPad, iWork already all there, of course.
• Phil Schiller retakes stage: “Truly a breakthrough piece of photo software.” – US$4.99 (Ridiculous price. – MDN Ed.)

• Started thinking of Steve and getting teary-eyed

• iPhoto for iPad
• iPhoto for iPad app is amazing and complete. High quality. Very impressive.
• All editing is non-destructive
• iPhoto for iPad supports up to 19-megapixel images
• Randy Ubillos, Apple’s Chief Architect for Photo and Video apps, takes stage for iPhoto for iPad demo
• iPhone for iPad: Smart Browsing, Multi-Touch Editing, Professional-Quality Effects, Brushes, Photo Beaming, Photo Journals
• Apple unveils iPhoto for iPad “and it is amazing”

• iMovie updated; $4.99, free update; avail. today in App Store

• App demos…
• Available in iOS App Store today
• Apple updates Keynote, Pages, Numbers, GarageBand (Smart Strings, Note Editor, iCloud, Sharing). US$9.99 each; free update if you’ve already purchased

• AAPL: Up $0.59 to $530.85 @ 1:52PM EST

• Epic says iPad has more memory and screen resolution than either the PS3 or Xbox 360
• Epic Games: “Infinity Blade: Dungeons” demo; game “coming soon”

• Schiller: “Using your finger to draw on a display that you can’t even see pixels on is amazing.”
• “Professionals and everyday artists are going to love this device.” – Chris Cheung, Autodesk
• Autodesk shows off “Sketchbook Ink” for the new iPad, a new drawing app
• Game demos – optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display

• March 23 in 26 additional countries
• Pre-orders for the new iPad start today; available on March 16 in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia

• Black and white models available
• Same prices as iPad 2 models were
• 4G models: 16GB – US$629, 32GB – $729, 64GB: $829
• Wi-Fi-only: 16GB – US$499, 32GB – $599, 64GB: $699
• 9.4mm, 1.4lbs.
• Battery life: 10 hour; 9 hours on 4G
• A5X: quad-core GPU, dual-core CPU
• iPad can be personal hotspot (pending carrier support)
• Separate iPads for AT&T and Verizon due to different LTE bands; all of the new iPads, regardless of carrier, are 3G world-ready
• Initial LTE partners: Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T
• Demo of what it’s like to use these high-speed networks. It’s very fast.

• Bar the windows one the corner offices at the iPad wannabe headquarters!
• The new iPad offers 21Mbps on HSPA+, 42Mbps on DC-HSDPA, and 73Mbps on LTE.
• 4G LTE supported
• Voice dictation: US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese
• Video stabilization, temporal noise reduction, “perfect for Retina display”
• Video recording at 1080p
• Camera: 5-megapixel backside illumination, 5-element lens, Hybrid IR filter, ISP built into A5X SoC
• 44% greater color saturation
• 264ppi (pixels per inch)
• 2048×1536, 3.1 million pixels – the most ever in a portable device
• Crystal clear. Zoom all the way into text and there’s no pixelation
• Retina display: “Until you see it you can’t understand how amazing it is.”
• Phil Schiller takes stage for demo of the new iPad

• Cook: “We are redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad.”

• Apple unveils the new iPad: “Today we’re announcing the new iPad, and it is amazing.”

• Twitter for iPad is clearly superior
• Cook shows Twitter on “a Samsung tablet” (Galaxy Tab) “It kind of looks like a​ blown-up smartphone app running on a tablet, and that’s exactly what it is.”
• 200,000+ custom apps specifically for the iPad in App Store today
• Cook covers various media quotes about revolutionary iPad
• iPad. 15.4 million units sold in last quarter alone

• Cook retakes stage: Apple TV price: US$99. Available next week and you can order today. “I would encourage you to do that.”
• Just like we’ve done for music and TV shows, you now have access to movies you’ve already purchased in iCloud.
• Cue shows off new UI – scrolls through movies, settings, etc.

• Apple unveils new Apple TV: 1080p, new UI, full 1080p. Eddy Cue omn stage: “gorgeous” new UI.

• iTunes in the Cloud now supports Movies. Movies and TV shows now support 1080p

• iCloud: 100 million users; It’s simple, elegant, and it just works.
• 25 billion apps downloaded
• 585,000 apps now in App Store

• iOS 5.1 available today

• Siri for Japan announced – rolling out over next few weeks
• Siri has proven to be very popular. Siri from other parts of the world demo…
• 315 million iOS devices sold through last year; 62 million of those in last quarter alone

• AAPL: +$3.45 to $533.71 @ 1:05PM EST
• Video of Apple Store Grand Central terminal…
• Apple now has 362 retail stores which saw 110 million visitors in Q411
• 76% of Apple’s revenues in Q411 were from post-PC devices
• In 2011, we sold 172 million post-PC devices
• iPod, iPhone, iPad… Any company would be thrilled to have just one of those devices. We’re fortunate to have all three.
• I’d like to get started by talking about the post-PC revolution. Apple is at the forefront…
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage
• Lights dim…

• Forbe’s World’s Billionaires List is out: a href=”” target=”_blank”>Laurene Powell Jobs & family, #100, $9.0 billion, by way of inheritance, United States
• AAPL: Up $5.10 to $535.36 @ 12:52PM EST
AppleInsider reports that Liquidmetal has announced it began shipping commercial parts to unnamed customers in December

• Awaiting start of event…
• Apple’s ‘See and touch’ special event starts at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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