Apple said to debut new full body protection Smart Case for iPad 3

“Apple apparently has been working on a Smart Cover-influenced case of its own for the upcoming iPad,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge.

“Said to be similar to Incase’s Magazine Jacket (and a host of subsequent alternatives that have appeared for the iPad 2), this new case has a folding magnetized Smart Cover on the front, and a rear shell made from fiberglass covered with PU/bicast leather,” Horwitz reports.

More in the full article, including talk that Appel continues to experiment with glass and ceramic rear shells for a future iPhones, here.


    1. It’s a fast paced world. Getting the stories out quickly is important. And yes its no excuse to make mistakes… however a slip of the keys or the spellchecker seems to believe you got thing correct… it downs know what you mean.

      And hey — I got to be the worst speller – lazy to check and proof myself… but thats all part of why i make comments also. To improve my clarity – see what people say back and try to do better the next time.

      I use a computer because I am human.

    2. Appel,

      Appel, Karel |ˈäpəl|
      (1921–2006), Dutch painter, sculptor, and graphic artist.

      And so – the dictionary and spell check does not know what you mean.

    1. Heck no, the 8″ is no mini… its a HD.
      No mini – no way – its an all new device that assists other devices – Allow me to explain.

      The measurement by which you refer to as the 8″ iPadMini will set stage as the “iSlate”. It will not be such a mini device but something greater. A self-recognizing device dependant on the location of other devices – this will assist those devices – but with a added spin.

      when near your iMac it is a virtual keyboard
      when near your AppleTV its a gaming controller
      when near your HDTV it becomes a Siri dvr/tv-remote
      the added spin…
      where ever else you take this device — its the iPadHD.
      Not a mini — It will be 8″ by 4″ – that ain’t small.

      1. God forbid you put it down on the desk next to your iMac in the room where you have your HDTV. Then it’s just confused. But you have a pretty cool idea here, so who knows? Apple can do all.

  1. The Zaggfolio cases (see advertisement above right), is really awesome. Just picked one up and it provides protection from any falls that can happen easily (have dropped two and a simple ‘dent’ on the corner of the malleable aluminum back then shatters the screen. Every iPad should have its back protected because of its fragility, plus it has an awesome bluetooth key board that is incomparable. Hope they don’t change the dimensions too much with this new iPad 3!

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