Apple TV imminent, say sources as retail availability shifts to March 7th

“According to sources (as well as Apple Store stock counters), the current Apple TV is becoming increasingly sparse at stores around the country, with most locations reporting no availability at all right now,” Joshua Topolsky reports for The Verge.

“More tellingly, at all of the stores where the device is out of stock, availability is listed as starting on or after March 7th — the day of Apple’s big iPad event — which seems to suggest that something new is indeed coming,” Topolsky reports. “This follows on the heels of reports of new Apple TV SKUs appearing in Best Buy databases, as well as news this week that Apple has been forging ahead with plans to partner on new TV services.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. That may be enough, or perhaps the best we can expect. There are a myriad of TVs out there, whose respective technologies offer differing strengths and weaknesses, and in differing sizes. To get deep black levels one often sacrifices white levels, and thus overall contrast. Or one accepts limited angles of views. Or color renditions. Does Apple have some magic technology for their mythical TV that will dispense with the compromises? Unlikely.

  1. I hope this is true as I moved my original gen one to my bedroom and I’ve been holding off buying a new one for my living room hoping for an update.

  2. Little off subject, is there a way to DL the synced on a 1st gen ATV to your Mac?

    My movie library was stored on an external drive that crapped out.

    I have seen software to do the same with iPods

  3. Maybe an AppleTV with HDMI input as well as the current HDMI output? Only way we can get our current programming before its all incorporated with the content providers. Definitely full iOS apps

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