3 reasons for Apple investors to beware Bernanke

“It seems there is very little that can stop Apple. Less than 2 weeks ago, when Apple shares suffered a technically bearish ‘key reversal day,’ many analysts, investors and traders sounded the warning alarms, claiming that Apple has established its 2/15/2012 intraday high price of $526.29, and will continue trading lower in the near future,” Bachar Samawi writes for Seeking Alpha.

“We actually dismissed such predictions in our article of 2/21/2012, ‘3 Indications Apple Shares Haven’t peaked Yet,” Samawi writes. “We provided many factors supportive of additional gains in Apple shares, including the prevailing interest rate environment where the Federal Reserve has maintained near zero interest rates and has indicated it would continue to do so through 2014.”

Samawi writes, “On 2/29/2012, as Apple was establishing its most recent record intraday high of $547.61, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank chairman Ben Bernanke, in a testimony to lawmakers in Washington, dampened the prospects for additional monetary easing. Stock markets immediately started retreating. Apple shares initially maintained their gains, but at around 3:15 P.M., they came under tremendous selling pressure, dropping as low as $535.86 by 3:37 P.M. before bouncing to close at $542.44.”

“Although Apple shares continue to look quite impressive, investors need to beware Mr. Bernanke for 3 good reasons, as was evident on an intraday basis on 2/29/2012,” Samawi writes. “Naturally, such warning is not about Apple on its own, but a risk to the entire market, as it would be challenging for Apple to avoid a market wide sell-off.”

3 reasons for Apple investors to beware Bernanke:
1. Effect of No Monetary Easing
2. Effect of Possible Higher Interest Rates
3. Effect of Market Volatility

All three points are detailed in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


    1. Don’t worry, the Demotards will keep working hard to destroy the economy, jobs, the ability to do business, the dollar, the constitution, freedom, healthcare, and anything else good.

      Bernanke is one of them.

      1. At least get your facts straight before spewing from that mess you call a brain. Bernanke was appointed as head of the Feb by Bush, Jr. That means the vetting process would have gone through Chaney and his merry band of financial plunderers. Hardly the domain of “demotards”.

        1. Not quite. The President does not choose the Chairman, the FED does. Unlike most positions where the President can choose any citizen he/she believes is best suited for the position to be filled, when it comes to the FED, the President must choose from a small list of names provided to him/her by the FED. When it comes to the FED, the deck is already stacked in their favor. How else could they keep monetary policy so secret?

          1. Bernanke was both appointed to the Federal Reserve Board by Bush and chosen to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board by Bush. He went to Harvard and MIT and taught at Princeton and Stanford. His particular expertise is the Depression. He is clearly a wild clown who should not be in this position.
            Who would want him working on monetary policy when our Congressional experts like Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell could have their hands all over it?

          2. Unfortunately an incompetent useful idiot gets appointed now and again. The only reason he is still there is because he is a fellow comrade to Maobama.

      2. Like spreading lies? The Democrats ended the Bush debacle that turned the Clinton surpluss into the worst deficit in the history of the world and destroyed the world economy. Under Obsma the economy has recovered and grown every month. The bankrupt auto industry returned to profitability.

        1. what’s your basis? The improvement because the low unemployment numbers? Did you know people who have used up their benefits are considered off the radar? Tell the people that still have to work two jobs to just make ends meet. Oh what do you ah r to say about the gas prices going up, yeah it’s Bush and his oil buddies fault.

          1. How about the fact that we had negative GDP growth when Obama took over and this past quarters growth rate was 3%. Is that a good enough basis for you? Now you’ll probably give me some bs story about why the numbers are fake.

  1. I am not sure what potential the Fed has left to ease monetary policy. Money is almost free as it is – to companies, banks, and the big guys. Amazingly enough, credit card rates are still quite high even as savings account rates are near zero.

    Interest rates are near historical lows and have only remained so because of the extended recession. Higher interest rates are a certainty in the long term, and increases will slowly begin as soon as the economy starts heating up a bit.

    Market volatility, well some of it is natural and some of it appears to be generated by the people positioned to profit on it in both directions. The small investor can either buy and hold or invest in index funds. But the big guys have far too many advantages in terms of direct and near instantaneous market access and information.

    As long as Apple continues performing well, there is only so much the “market” can do to hold it back. It is not clear to me why Bernanke would be isolated as a threat, or why we should “beware” him. Sounds like FUD talk to me.

    1. You idiot – you don’t need to use Illustrator to see that they have superimposed a scan of the birth certificate over a green “security” pattern (like on a check). Who knows why – I suppose to make it look more “official.” it hardly means that the actual birth certificate that was scanned, was a forgery. If this is all that idiot sheriff is going on about today then he’s an even bigger idiot than I thought.

      1. Hey bozo, did you actually do it?

        You can find individual layers of different items in the form of different layers, the date, the signature etc.


        It is clearly not a scan of an original paper document. Forensics will establish this without a doubt.

        I have been working as a computer consultant / programmer for 20 years. I know what I am seeing.

        1. Forget the birth certificate – that’s just a red herring – why doesn’t somebody check the back of Obama’s head for a zipper? I have proof that it’s Cheney inside – wearing a tinfoil hat.

      2. Holy shit.
        I thought sure, it’s just not what he said. So I downloaded the PDF and opened it in Illustrator CS 3. Yea I need to upgrade.

        Once open, go to the Window Menu and select Layers.
        Once that comes up click the triangle next to layer 1.
        It will expand to just one layer called Group.
        Click the triangle next to that and it will expand to 10 more layers.

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        Sorry, a scan of a document is only one layer with at most a second layer for the green background.

        I have been in the DTP industry forever and know my way around Photoshop and Illustrator. There is no reason for this many layers.

        Don’t believe me, think the link is fake, go to the whitehouse website yourself. Search for birth certificate, the story will be in the top 3. In the story itself is the same link to the PDF.

        I can’t believe some retouch artist saved this as a PDF and forgot that an Illustrator file copy is included with all layers.


  2. Example Box 22.
    (Since spaces will not display in this post I will replce with _ underscore)
    If this was a scan of a document, how did parts of a date end up on 2 different layers?

    Together the layers read:

    Date Accepted by Reg. General
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    1. Exactly!

      A scan should be one layer. Two if you added the green background.

      I use Illustrator all the time and am familiar with the save PDF choice, then the option checkbox for “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities”.

      This looks like some idiot saved this out of Illustrator as a PDF and forgot that this option is checked by default.

      I remember this being a problem back in version 10 I believe. Everyone had to remember to uncheck that box or the PDF was causing trouble else where in the work flow.

    2. Box 17a – Two layers.
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      Yep sure looks like plain old scan of an old document. ; )

      I figure most of you here are in the DTP industry and have Illustrator handy.
      Check it out for yourself. Then ask why 10 layers?

      1. @Think, the fake is so obvious, anyone can check for himself.

        Imagine this would be discovered in the Bush White House, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. be talking about this 24/7 for at least for 1 week.

    3. …sure, and despite what his birth certificate purports, Santa Claus was born in Peru, emigrated to the North Pole, took over the ice monopoly, and now bonks his reindeer on really cold nights or when the spirit moves him.

  3. Here is a video showing evidence that the individual items in the form, showing up on different levels, have been imported into Adobe Illustrator and show up as linked, scaled and rotated items. Some items were scaled at different ratios. Illustrator imports each newly imported image on a separate layer and link.

    I have worked extensively with Illustrator and Photoshop for over 15 years, so yeah, this document is forged. There is no doubt about it.

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