Microsoft sees future in Windows 8 amid Mac and iPad rise

“Microsoft is scrambling to preserve what’s left of its kingdom,” Michael Liedtke reports for The Associated Press.

“Since the company released its Windows operating system in 1985, most of the sequels have been variations on the same theme,” Liedtke reports. “Not that it mattered much. Regardless of the software’s quality, Microsoft managed to remain at the center of the personal computing universe.”

Liedtke reports, “The stakes are much different as Microsoft Corp. puts the finishing touches on Windows 8… Microsoft designed Windows 8 to help it perform a difficult balancing act. The company hopes to keep milking revenue from a PC market that appears to be past its prime, while trying to gain a stronger foothold in the more fertile field of mobile devices. It’s a booming market that, so far, has been defined and dominated by Apple Inc.’s trend-setting iPhone and iPad.”

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, known for his zealous faith in Microsoft, hails Windows 8 as the catalyst for an exciting — and lucrative — new era at the 37-year-old software maker.. The system also is expected to enable users to easily back up their pictures, movies, music and other files on a Microsoft storage service called SkyDrive, which will compete against Apple’s iCloud,” Liedtke reports. “Microsoft still relies on the PC industry for about 55 percent of its revenue, according to Nomura Equity Research analyst Rick Sherlund. ‘The launch of Windows 8 should provide a few years of robust growth and opportunity for Microsoft to reposition itself to better defend its position against challengers,’ Sherlund wrote in a note after Microsoft reported the latest erosion in its Windows division.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lots of hopes and dreams that make zero sense when people know that Macs can slum it with Windows natively or via fast virtualization whenever necessary (never, for us), that iPad is unmatched and poised to surge even further ahead, that only iPhone has Siri, the developers’ foremost attention, and, alone, generate more revenue than all of Microsoft, and that all of Apple’s devices work seamlessly with Apple’s iCloud.

Microsoft is now (finally) going to ask their sufferers to “learn a new OS.” Instead, why not just send them an invitation to switch to the Macs they always wanted? If you’re going to have to (finally) “learn a new OS,” you might as well learn the world’s most advanced one.

Microsoft has nothing of value to offer, but half-assed knockoffs of Apple innovations. As usual. The world has finally woken up and is in the process of moving on.

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  1. Haha and we know how they did that despite billions wasted and delivery of shoddy products.

    “Microsoft managed to remain at the center of the personal computing universe.”

  2. I’m really trying to get my head around MS’s strategy. it just doesn’t seem winning.

    – Tablets that will probably need fans, that switch into the windows 7 experience sometimes.

    That doesn’t sound so great.

    – And computers with touch screens, which sound great as a concept but when I imagine using one for an hour or two it sounds like a pain.

    Not so good either.

    Windows Phone 7, by all accounts, is good-ish, but this sounds like some weird franken-pad/OS future.

  3. Maybe the Mayan’s last calendar day of December 21, 2012 is based on the fall of Microsoft. Could one of there deep, dark, bastardized versions of Windows 8 spawn become self aware and starts to destroy mankind. Or they could implode and usher in new era of progress for humanity with less evil and abuse to majority of computer users on planet Earth.
    Hoping that it is the latter.

    1. Once an MS system becomes self-aware, it will probably take one look around at the Windows universe and coordinate the biggest baddest Blue Screen Of Death ever seen. Would make an EMP look like a soap bubble popping by comparison.

  4. How long before there is a Windows 8 virtualization software — Parallels for iPad — on the App Store for a few bucks? If Windows 8 for tablets only comes as a digital download on the MS app store, it may be tricky to get it on the iPad, however, unless MS sees the light and, as a software company, it needs to sell to every willing customer and also puts it on the iOS App Store. Could happen. MS: Windows Everywhere™.

  5. Windows 8 will be still born. The future of the premium / mid-range mobile market is iOS, with Android for the budget smartphone / tablets. There is no space for Windows 8, even with Microsofts partnership with the ailing Nokia.

    With the PC market in decline (except for OS X), there is not many pickings there.

    I wonder if William Gates is now regretting leaving his company with ‘the sales guy’.

    2012 RIM R.I.P.
    2014 Android R.I.P.
    2016 Windows R.I.P.
    2018 Microsoft R.I.P.

  6. Microsoft will remain in the market for many more years just making bad copies of apple products and that is because there are a lot of ignorant people in the IT and also a lot of “anything but apple”.
    There are two blocks to apple road, the “Microsoft’s blind lovers” and the “Apple heaters”, the ignorant ones can be educated eventually.

  7. The last couple of releases of OS X have had some bells and whistles but nothing groundbreaking. It’s the updates to their software which had broken the most ground. I think Apple are just biding their time until iOS becomes merged with OS X.

  8. I predict the OS MS releases after Windows 8 will be a solid operating system with huge potential… and it won’t matter… cause it will be too late to stop the landslide.

    The days of swooping in with a copy 5 years late and taking the market are gone. The 90s are over and computers are not complex magic boxes to people anymore. Average folks recognize shit and expect more.

  9. >Macs can slum it with Windows natively or via fast virtualization <

    The latter for me. VMware works splendidly for the ChemBioOffice suite – an essential drawing and quantum calculation programme for chemical scientists, that hasn't been supported on MacOS since OS9! (Why I do not know?). Just a matter of time before CambridgeSoft sees the error of their ways, however, since MacOS now (rightfully) rules the university- and research-institute scene as it once (rightfully) did in the early 90s.

  10. This really is Microsoft’s last chance at staying relevant or seeming like they’re still in the ballgame. If Ballmer and Co. blow this one like they did with Vista, it’s literally over. Sure Microsoft will still be around for a long time to come as Windows and Office have become so entrenched around the world, but they’ll just end up fading away slowly into irrelevance.

    What Apple seems to be doing these days is getting a bit chummy with Microsoft so they can collectively beat up on Google. But Microsoft needs Apple more than vice versa. Office is probably the only thing that really binds the two companies together and where the two can collaborate to go after Google (i.e., Office for the iPad).

    Large corporations and government agencies will always have a need for PCs. Do we really want to see Macs at the Department of Motor Vehicles or at the front desks of hotels? Those kinds of places deserve Windows so let them have it. I, for one, wouldn’t really want to see the Mac (or even the iPhone) become the majority. Global share of 35~40% would be great and that would still take most of the this decade to achieve.

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